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A face only a mother could love... and overly ass enraged Tumbltards looking for the next big/ugly thing to grasp at straws over in order to try and feel overly self-important and meaningful in their otherwise pointless little lives. Mariah Anderson is a genetic abomination which God would have rightly exterminated in the womb if it hadn't been for meddling medical professionals intent on creating living abortions for the sake of study and God hating amusement.

If you don't find this hideous product of a nigger infested family stump to be the very pinnacle of gorgeous beauty and cuddly cuteness then there obviously must be something wrong with you as you're not able to see the "true beauty" that lies beneath the horribly disfigured facial features. This of course makes you a horrible person and you should feel absolutely ashamed for not going against your natural genetic predisposition to find beauty in that which isn't horribly deformed by faulty genetics.

Mommy Dearest[edit]

Isn't she cute?! ಠ_ಠ

The mother of this horrible human monster is one Kyra Pringle who passed on the last name of the dead beat dad, that took one look at his little gene swamp and bailed, simply out of spiteful vengeance for leaving her forever alone with a living case of post traumatic stress disorder.

Like all parents of horribly deformed children Kyra decidedly set out to find the silver lining to her little black raincloud of retching, repugnant retardation. As such she set out to troll the Internets with pictures of her little bundle of abomination along with Jew gold fundraiser accounts in the hopes of getting rich quick off her Franken-pringle monster. This endeavor however proved to be less than fruitful, primarily because she forgot to check her lack of privilege as a poor ghetto living nigger.

Realizing her grand plans were failing she suddenly remembered the teachings of Martin Luther Nigger-King and decided to try and play the "victim card". After scrounging and scrapping around for a few of the most benign, random and completely innocuous of troll posts she immediately set out to churn up a pity party and to shame the Internets for being so mean and uncaring! Oh noes!

This of course in turn triggered the Streisand Effect which immediately sky rocketed her claims to victim fame, largely by directly encouraging and creating the very problem she tried to pretend existed before the blow job of every major news media outlet online.

Media Whoring For Monies[edit]

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Genetic Abomination In The Making[edit]

The father.
The grandmother.

Looking at lineage it's not terribly difficult to determine how this Darwinistic deviant came to be shat out like a brown stain on the proverbial mattress of evolution. If nothing else this only serves to prove that black people were better off as slaves when they had someone specifically in charge of their breeding patterns and thoroughly inspected their man-animals for signs of genetic fault. A truly caring slave-master would only allow choice breeding of nigger-stock while quickly and quietly eliminating of any aberrant chromosomal deficients.

Unfortunately since slavery was abolished these sub-human animals have been allowed to breed rampantly out of control which has not only created horrible deformities such as this case, but likewise AIDS and Ebola as well. Such horrible rapes of nature were of course nonexistent prior to the end of slavery. There is no question as to why or how such ungodly gruesomeness came to be.


Remember not to show any fear or it'll strike like an angry wombat!
Like ever time someone talks about a monster the comment section is plagued with virtue signallers
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