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A marquee is a useful tool trolls use to flood or otherwise annoy other people. Several marquee wars took place between some of the original LJDrama staff in 2002 and 2003, primarily between jameth, Quasidan and Mediacrat (when he was still selfsufficience). Others such as Jackola were also involved.

<marquee>testing</marquee> Marquees became a great source of lulz in the liberal community when people began posting comments and pictures as a marquee scroll. Albeit an old meme, the marquee is still a great lulzortunity whenever azad_slide posts anything anywhere.

Note: marquees (besides the simple marquee, see below) often do not display properly in Failfox.


Simple Marquee

A simple marquee is charming yet easy to create.
<marquee>marquee text</marquee>
Due to its simplicity, simple marquees are often looked down upon by experienced trolls.

Marquee Properties

Experienced marqueeers (aka marfags) use these to create beautiful marquees.

  • width
  • height
  • direction - RIGHT/LEFT/UP/DOWN
  • loop
  • bgcolor
  • scrollamount
  • scrolldelay

Advanced example:

<marquee height=100 direction=down bgcolor=red behavior=alternate scrolldelay=10>

<marquee height=100 direction=down bgcolor=red behavior=alternate scrolldelay=10>



Nested Marquee

You can have a marquee within a marquee to make it go diagonal.

Super advanced example:
<marquee direction=left behavior=scroll scrollamount=50 scrolldelay=250>
  <marquee direction=up behavior=alternate scrollamount=5 scrolldelay=100>
      <img src="homo.png" />

<marquee direction=left behavior=scroll scrollamount=50 scrolldelay=250>

 <marquee direction=up behavior=alternate scrollamount=5 scrolldelay=100>
     <img src="homo.png" />


For Lazy People

You can use the marquee creator


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