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Mars Defden (Kelley Harold)
Her article on TS Wiki. You can almost taste the ass on your tongue.
Mars is sick of all the hate... for the lulz *facepalm* [1] BALEETED
The general consensus from's forum about the Administrator's AIDS

What happens if you cross a moralfag that loves to use memes with an average loser? The answer is Darksidered992 Mars Defden, Twilight hater extraordinaire and who is ironically trying to save nuttymadam, doing it for lulzinternet humanitarianism. Mars is the owner of the site and at face value, it seems like a pretty cool thing she’s got going for some lulz. Unfortunately, like many newfags and moralfags, she and her autistic userbase do not understand the true nature of the lulz, and many are surprised that they haven’t started babbling about how lulz was actually created by the LightSide yet. She is anti-lulz incarnate and as you will soon see, she and her failed site will never understand lulz.

The Nuttymadam3575 PayPal Scam

Mars getting pissed off at the fact that she got ripped off. See moar gayness
Lulz > Anti-lulz
Donation Priorities
1.) Paying for college or any educational materials: NO
2.) Pay back mum for the laptop: NO
3.) Put it towards the house that she can't afford: NO
5.) Internet connection, moar fangirl videos and blowing it all on merchandise at conventions: HELL YES!

Nuttymadam trying to keep her audience on tenterhooks

Nuttymadam3575, a well known fan girl of the Twilight trilogy made an epic video of herself crying about how she fucked up her life by spending all her cash on Twilight merchandise. While many were satisfied with the lulz that had been produced, one bitch with a serious case of troll's remorse started shitting bricks over the fact that her OL crush might have to go without an internet for over 9000 days. This, in her mind, was VERY serious business; and so she got in contact with Nuttymadam and joined forces to keep her crush from leaving the internets by starting a PayPal account [2]. What she failed to realize, was that epic lulz had already been sourced, and that she was inevitably going to bring massive amounts of moral faggotry to both the twilight haters and fans alike.

This coalition between the twitards and the anti-twilight communities resulted in a lulzy mix of remorseful haters and twitards kissing Nuttymadam's ass and has elevated Mars to a shining white knight status among both communities. Of course, to those who are not so naive to all this ass kissing, understand that this is an attempt to cover the cracks in the already shattered glass that a handful of anti-twilight fags have been trying for a while; which is to make a coalition between pussy trolls and twitards, and to separate themselves from fellow trolls who actually do it for the lulz. Make no mistake, NO lulz will ever come of this faggotry.

See, there's three kinds of people on the internet: trolls, Mars, and twitards. Mars thinks everyone can get along, and trolls just want to fuck your shit up all the time without thinking it through. But then you got your twitards, Chuck. And all the twitards want to do is shit all over literature! So, Mars may get mad at trolls once in a while, because Mars get's fucked by trolls. But trolls also fuck twitards, Chuck. And if they didn't fuck the twitards, you know what you'd get? You'd get your trolls and your Mars all covered in shit!

YouTube Favicon.png The video that started it all

YouTube Favicon.png Can’t we just stop all this hate for the lulz?

99% of the comments on the "Sorry" video are like this
Yes, you all got ripped off

Fun Facts

  • The fundraiser was made before anything had even happened to her financially.
  • A fundraiser had already been started in 1977 for her. [3]
  • Nutty's mum is going to put an axe through her door if she doesn't give back the laptop.
  • M is for gluttony.
  • With the impending loss of her job looming over her, she has decided to attened the September convention anyway, rather than get her money back or sell them for soup for when she's under the bridge. [4] [5] [6]
  • Nuttymadam has stated that the evil eBaumsworld are responsible for all the anti-retardation sentiment.
  • Both sides recognize that it is a waste of money, and that there are better and much more needy causes out there.
  • Mars now goes by Emery Lafis, and its facebook is

Backpedal Time

Nuttymadam sorry video update.PNG

After people started to question the underhanded activities of Nattymadam and Mars, and generally calling them out on their bullshit, Nuttymadam changed her annotations on 08/22/09 to say that she would be donating the cash to a charity of some actual worth. No details have come out on whether Mars is actually happy with this change of cash expenditure, as she is currently in hiding for looking like a total tit, or if the other people who have already contributed under false pretenses can withdraw their donations. Looks like eBaumsworld has exposed their scam and have proven themselves to be more honest than they are (which is saying a lot considering they are pure evil). Not that you will ever hear Nutty or Mars ever admit it because they are the good guys. A few weeks later Nutty made an update video entitled "You want the good news or the bad?" where after a month of acting like a fat attention whore, admitted that she mannaged to keep her job and then dramatically added some internet tough guy remarks to the "trolls", all of which were obviously from 4chan and not just YouTube users who think she was, and still is a stupid attention seeking cunt.

I brought a new digital camera with the money that I was saving for... panic stations, really. I thought "fuck it, I'm going to a convention, I'm having a digital camera." So some of the money that I saved went towards buying that digital camera, which was only £50 off E-Bay. SO IT'S FINE!


—It will never learn

Disregard that, the PayPal has been closed due to AIDS, so Nutty, Mars and the children of Chernobyl all lose!
Thx for not being a cunt.jpg


Mars and Nutty discussing the current state of affairs

Oh yeah, I went thar.


—Mars after tellling everyone about how Nuttymadam gladly sucked the vaginal secretions out of Mars's underdeveloped pussy.

We are not heartless savages.


—Plenty fucking stupid, but definitely not savages.




Together, both the fans and haters of Twilight can be a strong support system despite out many differences.


DOING IT WRONG on so many levels.

Put yourself in her shoes. Opinions aside. If I were her, I'd want someone to help me to relate to my downfalls and to pick me back up again.


—Just a quick reminder of the banner, "We're in it for the lulz."

Let's band together and make a possitive change in someones life. Can you do it?



Although we too are 'Twilight haters' we are NOTHING like those 4chan fucks, she obviously didn't go out of her way to inform herself about us.



I attack people's appearance sometimes, especially SMeyer but I don't do it in her face, and I DON'T do it for the sole purpose of making her suicidal or to hate herself.


—Troll's remorse :'(

She's said hurtful things to haters in the past, but I honestly didn't feel that those things were directed at me.



She appears to be mentally unstable, I just don't want her to commit suicide over this. It's not worth it, I need my lulz DX

Plus if we're helpful to her despite our differences it'll show that we're not behind our computer screen laughing manically and egging her on to jump in front of a bus.

I think she'll be fine in the long run, but a little support or at the very least attempting support I think will really lift her spirits. Do not turn Nutty emo T_T dear God in Heaven please don't!!!

I also feel bad when I laugh at (most) of the mean comments on her 'sorry' video.

[slaps self] bad Mars bad!!!



Conspiracies and Rumours

In the aftermath of the shit storm that was the Nutty scam, many conspiracies and rumours have been thought up about this drama.

Mars did it for the lulz

Mars was actually a troll (no shit Einstein) all along and that it was all meant to be newfag drama over her one dollar that she placed into the fund (ego, amirite). Unfortunately, if it was meant to be an ’epic trolling’ of newfags and twilight fans alike, very little lulz actually came of her participation in donation, as seen in the rest of this article, as most of the drama came from Nuttymadam’s last minute change in spending of the funds. So if she was just doing it for the lulz, it was a shit attempt. Of course, noone will ever know.

Will Nutty do the right thing?

Many are still speculating on whether Nutty will actually give any of the cash to charity, being that she is a greedy cunt. As of yet, the fundraiser is still going, and documented proof of her ’give to charity’ has yet to been revealed.



God did all of this for the lulz

Some say this is God’s wrathfulness for her filthy idolizing of S.Meyer and her affront to common decency.

Mars Lives a Double Life

Mars Defden is in Sweden.
We only raised 63.50$ for hosting costs last month. More information can be found here. Better yet, why should you donate to get a cell charm when you can buy it?

Ever since May 15, 2008, Mars Defden claims to have moved to Sweden. However, three checks of the domain information of ( , , and reveal that she never moved to Sweden and was still there when TwilightSucks was made on May 31, 2008. Even worse, a reverse search email check still reveals she WAS NOT IN SWEDEN.

The following online profiles she has reveal that she was never in Sweden and that her true real name is Kelley Harold. Names are not that much of a deal on the internet, but in this case, it reveals Mars Defden is not who her asslickers think she is. There is even suspicion that Mars Defden isn't a hater of the Twilight series but in fact a diehard Twitard with duel personality syndrome and daddy issues.

If the maximum amount of money she needs for maintain the site is around 20$ a month, where could the mysterious 60$ remaining be? The answers?

Oddly enough, if you mention this section, they accuse you for using GoDaddy as an invalid source even though it's the host of Mars Defden's site. The address in the domain name checks for TwilightSucks are the billing addresses, which brings up two possibilities:

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Mars Defden is Toothpaste

Type in Kelley Harold in Google and you will discover that Mars owns a moped, works at a place called Robert's Feed, and that she works as a treasurer of that place. Now google the email address from the moped link and you will discover she set up a shop with the name of toothpaste. Turns out the asslicker writing an alternative version of her article is Mars Defden, too busy protecting her reputation.

This whore either needs to update all of her social networks or GTFO. It can also be said that this whore spends all her time slouched over her computer jacking off to Stephenie Meyer nudie pics she made in Photoshop. I smell an hero!


External Links

Oh god, it even draws

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