Matthew de Grood

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Matthew de Grood
Matthew de Grood pic.jpg
Born c. 1992 (22 years old)
Nationality Soviet Canuckistan Canada
Score Killed 5, wounded 1
Style FPS, Single Player (knives only)
An Hero No (caught by dogs)

Matthew de Grood is a psychology student who was attending an all-day party that proved to be boring, even by his standards. Having nothing better to do, the 22-year-old went to the kitchen and grabbed a non-threatening kitchen knife, having decided to switch from produce to meats would be a good idea while allowing him to explore his new found love of butchery. That early April morning, Matthew killed 4 men and a woman, resulting in an unimpressive high score of 5 points. Bonus points were awarded since two of the guys were members of Zachariah & The Prophets, ending the fledgling band's hopes and doing the world a favor. Matthew was caught 40 minutes later by a K9 unit, his father who is an Inspector of the Calgary police was embarrassed because his son was too much of a wimp to kill himself with a kitchen knife.

Graded Score[edit]

Graded score
Kill count: 5/20
Accuracy: 15/20 5/6 Stabbed died. It's a knife, it's not hard.
Style: 18/20 Hitman: Silent Assassin.
Butthurt: 11/20
Bonus: 20/20
Hard Mode: Melee Only!
Total score: 69/100 (D)
Best modern attempt on Hard Mode to date! Still Sucked!
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Wanted Level

Mall Cop


great kid full of love, kindness and respect for others


Matthew de Grood's parents

He seemed to be normal by all accounts, socially well-adjusted, and well-liked


Ted Slone


We struggle to understand what happened


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See Also[edit]

  • Marc Lepine - Canadian Rambo against Feminazis
  • Kimveer Gill - Armed to the teeth and yet did 4x worse than Matthew
  • Elliot Rodger - another early-90s birth who went on a stabbing rampage
  • Alex Hribal - another idiot who tried to go for the high score using knives; failed horribly.
  • Anton Lundin Pettersson - armed with a sword and pwnd a few mudslimes.

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