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Maureen O'Gara

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Hack writer of Linux BusinessGram, and exemplar of plastic surgery gone wrong, Maureen O'Gara touched off one of the most paranoia-inducing sagas of the SCO/IBM case when she went on a stalking rampage in an attempt to uncover the identity of Pamela Jones, webmaster of Groklaw. In doing so, she went beyond the call of duty, publishing her phone number, email address, and pictures of her home, in a stunning imitation of a /b/tard. While she was at it, she harrassed Pamela Jones' elderly mother, commented on the ugly interior decor of her home and revealed -- to the horror of all -- that Pamela Jones is indeed a Jehovah's Witness.

This raised protests at LinuxWorld magazine, and culminated in the mass resignations of the senior editors. Sys-Con, publisher of LinuxWorld, has refused to apologize. This, in turn, has caused DDOS attacks on its site, advertisers withdrawing their money, and mass cancellations of LinuxWorld subscriptions. And also hilarity, which the linux world is sadly lacking.