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This user is a filthy fucking furfag.

You can help by hunting them down, deriding their psychological maladjustment to life, turning them into roadkill, and performing taxidermy on them.
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Megapi Central, Powerword: Fransisco Boon is...well was a cancerous Sonictuber. He was one of the main people who founded the group filled with faggots called Silver Team Productions (what a fucking gay ass name) but he got butt hurt over someone who gave some constructive criticism so he started to nuke the entire Discord server but he was caught.

The face of many gays

Beginnings of his Insanity[edit]

Megapi is well know for being a stupid faggot, not thinking before talking. One of his biggest controversies is with his old team "Silver Team Productions." This team was made because he was pissed that he did not get the role as Silver the Hedgehog for a project that never got anywhere. Sonic Misadventures is a project that was made by Tails Channel. He made this team with WinderBeast, a animator using the broken animation program, SFM. Most of their early stuff is on Megapi's channel that is now privated. But finally on Oct 23, 2016, they made Silver Team a separate channel.

But now let's go into the year 2018. Megapi got some constructive criticism from one of the Silver Team Managers about his videos, but because he had a fragile ego, he demoted that manager down to a user. After that, he locked the logs only to the Directors and one user who is making changes to the bots. After the team realized what happened, they had a meeting talking about what is happening and then a fight broke out between two Directors: Megapi and ZealousFoX, the main writer for the team. Then, he was forced by many members of the team to just leave the team. Before leaving the team he left a message of why he was leaving and hoping for the team to work more on stuff. But after a few days, he made allegations that ZealousFoX was a pedobear because he likes.... *GASPS* Tails porn (we all know that Tails porn is the worst porn), yes, because he likes a fictional character, he is now called a pedophile.

Life after Silver Team[edit]

Well after that whole breakdown, his channel started to go down even harder then the twin towers on 9/11. He went from some accepteble views and subscriber numbers to...Holy shit, this channel is dead, NIGGA.

His numbers.png

Sometime after Megapi's channel became a homosexual humpbox, he started copying better more subscribed Sonictubers such as Premydaremy and TWIP by doing gay "Sonic News" videos where he showed his faggot face. One of those videos was a retarded video called, "Is Sonic Sexist?," which was so terribly made that two of the WORST Sonictubers of all time made fun of it. Apparently, Megaqueer made the video due to a photoshopped quote by the executive producer of Sonic Team saying that Amy Rose needs to shut up and get back in the kitchen instead of going Super like the other male characters, which tickled Mega's neckbeard and brought out his inner Anita Sarkeesian to bring this topic to the attention of his dead audience. As we mentioned before, two Sonictubing butt buddies Dillin Thomas and JesseFagjamas made reviews, parodies and critiques of the video, which sent Megapi into a butthurt frenzy, to the point where he even claimed he may have had CANCER in order to guilt trip people into stopping to make fun of him.

Megapi after rebranding himself

His "Rebranding"[edit]

Since Megapi got "bullied" by Dillin Thomas, he became a sneaky goyim and gave him a DMCA strike on one of his videos and went silent, but now he is named "Cisco." Yes, his name is from a brand that makes network equipment. What a fucking idiot, he can't even come up with a better name.


Suing over memes[edit]

Megafaggot has also became known for trying to sue a JewTube shitposter because he didn't want to have his video on his channel after he made fun of someone with depression. He asked Megapi nicely for his video removal, but all Megafaggot said was fuck you and blocked him, so of course, he thought he will never do it. So the shitposter just hit him with a DMCA as it was his work. But then he started to not only talk shit about the shitposter, but he was continuously saying that he'll sue him over a fucking meme, so he lifted the strike, then Megapi finally BALEETED the videos.

The Mega Life[edit]


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