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Meme Detection is a very important skill (rather, a scarce talent) to have on the interwebz. Without it, almost all of today's rampant memes wouldn't have seen the light, and most likely would've drowned in the vast, bottomless sea of internet obscurity.

A person enjoying such a skill can detect lulz in otherwise obscure layers of media, facial expressions or even art. By vigorously wading through normal-looking graphics posted on a daily basis on blogs, forums, news articles or even imageboards, one can occasionally stumble on some potentially lulzy stills requiring little to no modification to emphasize.

Prominent Examples[edit]


The above clip contains approximately 1000 frames. It took exactly one frame to create an irreversible process of causing thousands of further implications and greentext everywhere, even in the video comments section itself.

My body is ready[edit]

By taking a simple phrase uttered at the 2007 E3 expo, and discovering how exploitable Reggie's face is when the expression is plastered across it, a timeless legend was born.


The original (and lesser-known) version of the popular advice animal meme originated on The Critic, a shitty Simpsons ripoff from 1994. Image macros from this scene can still be found on 4chan, on threads where btards are asked to theorize about something.

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