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WTF Kramer is a Freemason???

Cosmo Kramer is a prominent sitcom neighbor, social advocate and Hegelian synthesizer of the pseudo-opposites of Judaism and Aryanism. Not since Friedrich Nietzsche have the best traits of Judaic and Aryan cultures been intellectually recombined. His passionate appeals for justice in the face of the negro hordes have been an inspiration to the Aryan Nation. The ever-shrinking but Darwinistically dominant white-minority of America was hypocritically stunned to have a notable celebrity express its own subconsciously festering thoughts and race-consciousness in such a dignified, thought-provoking and elegant manner. Though still a filthy kike, he understands that the extermination of all colored peoples is contingent upon active cooperation between Jews and Nazis. In this regard, Kramer/Richards exemplifies the best of the Hegelian synthesis: Westernized Jew + Aggressive White Racialism=VICTORY FOR CIVILIZED EARTHLINGS AGAINST THE DEMIURGIC BEAST-MEN (cf. Miguel Serrano). Last Thursday during a comedy act he was interupted by a black person. Many lulz soon followed. With this, the shit hit the fan, and like any self respecting person of fame he attempted to "Right his wrong-doing"

KKKramer On Niggers:[edit]

  • "Sir my Message is simple: niggars, Jews, homosexuals, Mexicans, A-rabs, and all sorts of chinks, STANK and I hate'em."
  • "Shut up! Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass!"
  • "Throw his ass out! He's a nigger! He's a nigger! He's a nigger!"
  • "That's what happens when you interrupt the white man!"
  • "I love to fuck a nigger-bitch every now and then!"
  • "Niggers are good-for-nothing tricksters, crack-smoking swindlers, big-butt-having, wide-nose-breathing all the white man's air, they think they're the best dancers, they eat up all the fried chicken, and they stink, but yeah sure, I love to take a nice nigger-bitch out to dinner every now and then!"
  • "Let's talk about Chinese people,with their kung Fu,and their Ching Chang Chong talk,I can't understand you, go back to your country,white power!"
  • "That Beyonce is a beautiful nigger-bitch."
  • "Hey, that black person just stole my bucket of extra-crispy, Jerry!"
  • "Elvis Presley was a good-for-nothing wigger!"
  • "The filthy fucking niggers are responsible for the spread of AIDS!"
  • "The best way to resurrect your career is to publicly call a black person a nigger!"
  • "Carlo Beasley is nothing but a filthy Nigger-loving Jew-Lover!"
  • "If you have hate in you r heart let it out."
  • "The only good nigger is a dead nigger"
  • "The funny thing about this is that i am not a racist."

Disclaimer: Some or all of these quotes may or may not be real. We here at the Encyclopedia Dramatica feel the best thing for everyone would be to let the good contributors here decide for themselves.

On Jews[edit]

Kramer also made seemingly anti-Semitic comments during an unfunny attempt at comedy earlier in 2006, as confirmed by Richards' publicist. Experts believe that these comments cannot possibly be in fact anti-Semitic, because he knows a Jew guy and because he pretended to be Jewish for the Televitz once.


The Original

The Kramer Rap

The music video off of his 2006 multi-platinum album, Lynching' .

Death Metal Kramer

The second single of "Lynching"

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