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Michele Bachmann

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Michele Bachmann is a batshit insane republitard congresswoman from the frozen shithole better known as Minnesota. Recently, after a marathon session of sucking her husband's cock, she contracted a severe case of syphilis and decided that she was worthy of usurping the throne of the emperor. Since that day, graet lulz have flown forth from her diseased piehole, leading her to rival Ron Paul in being the most insane motherfucker to attempt winning the presidency of the USA. She is married to flaming Christfag Marcus Bachmann who enjoys having little boys take dumps on his chest. By all accounts it is a very happy Christian marriage.

This will torment you forever.. you're welcome


Fun Facts about Michelle Bachmann

The only image that ever should matter

Eat it, Bitch!

The Insanity

She plans to ban Islam and faggots. VOTE BACHMANN!

She plans to make wimmenz inferior. VOTE BACHMANN!

She beleives that niggers were better off during slavery than they are now. VOTE BACHMANN!

She wants to ban porn. VOTE BACH- lolwut?

The Beard

In 1978, Michele married Marcus Bachmann, a large man who sucks tax dollars from the americunt public to cure faggots of their desire for dick.

Like all other staunch anti-gay christfag republicans, he's gayer than a semen smoothie served up in Liberace's ass...

She's really, really hawt!

Michele also has a gay husband, so she is theoretically single

The faces of Mental Illness About missing Pics

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