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'MikeeUSA' is a valiant defender of the Rights of Woman, a good man to the core, poet, scholar, and a wonderful "artiste".

As a composer, architect, and artist, his achievements are unparalleled. His record on women's rights, however, bears further examination. His positive feelings for women are manifested as an all-encompassing skepticism, beginning with insecurity about the role of women in orchestrating the holocaust and progressing through a fear of their political clout, resulting ultimately in a healthy respect for bitches's power over men and a wholly understandable desire to relieve them of all burdens by putting them in their place.

If you notice, the rays tastefully exit the grey sun
Muslim Land
Shit pit

Poetry, Scholarship

Here mikeeusa welcomes the Debian Women to Debian using the Debian Women's own emailing list:

Death To women's Rights (I am an male free software developer and I despise women's rights and your group).

Dear Debian women;

It is with great esteem and supreme pleasure that I am here tonight to inform you that I hate you, your guts, and every female on earth who shares the desire to rebel against men, to disrespect men, and/or to take the creations of men and claim them as the creation of women or a joint creation of man and woman.

From this high vantage point it seems that whenever men make something great, after a time, worthless pro-women's rights females come to latch on to that creation and claim it as a triumph of womankind. These whores (an assumption, yes, though I doubt any of you were virgin wives, if wives at all) cannot allow man to stand alone in his technical abilities above females, females who are used to having everything handed to them due to their "angelic" sex. Now we have debian-women, a feminist group that has latched on to debian by virtue of men's guilt for not failing to achive as woman has failed to achieve (or perhaps men not giving a damn either way, and humoring you with a mailing list) and demands that debian take on usless husks to even out it's male to female developer ratio.

You disrespect men who are opensource/freesoftware developers such as I by comparing your worthless selves to us, the true achivers. You moan and drop loads of feces, we churn out code. With this in mind I cordially invite you to have an auto accident. I hope it does not kill you, but instead rips your digits off, aswell as cause you to be blind. If this does happen, and I wish such to come to pass, I will visit and smile.

My gpl'd and bsd'd contributions to the opensource/freesoftware movement can be found here: https://cat2.dynu.ca/cat2/programs.html https://cat2.dynu.ca/cat2/media.html https://cat2.dynu.ca/crossfirearch/

Death To women's Rights Death To women's Liberties Death To women's Freedoms


MikeeUSA, who is totally non-misogynist

Later, he extends his welcome to newcomers.

Political Opinions

RAPE: how it should be handled.

Rape, the most heinous of heinous crimes, more serious then death, more traumatizing then the most grevious bodily injury. Rape; The crime elevated above all others.


Because men do it to women. More specifically, men have sex with women without paying for it: the man takes from the woman her product for free and thus takes away her barganing chip, her power . In the society of a woman’s country to take away a woman’s power is to degrade that which is most precious to that society: woman’s place over and above man, woman’s power.

The current penalty for rape is insane and not in good standing with what we wish to achieve: a Men’s culture.

How to handle rape then? It is my opinion that the Bible has a good answer, an answer that I totally agree with:

If a man rapes an unmarried virgin girl he merely has to marry her (the Bible also states that he is to pay her father some money (about 1.5 pounds of silver, $150 about)) and keep her forever. Forever as an obedient and subordinate wife of his (one of many perhaps).

If he rapes someone’s mother or wife etc, caps are busted as he just disrespected his fellow man.


—MikeeUSA, who will someday save up enough silver to not-convince a woman to have rape with him



—XSAX LTU on art and industry

Life Lessons

Now, onto a subject I had touched on before: How should a Man resist and attempt to destroy feminism/women’s-rights throughout his lifetime? As he sails through existance I believe, if he wishes to remove women’s rights and promote Men’s Liberty he should go through three phases; each more desperate the last (but all calculated) as the time allotted to his life dwindles down.

The Peaceful Stage: In the begining of his life a Man or boy seems to have all the time in the world. Peaceful means of change take a long time to be effective. Since he has time and has alot of life to lose (if he chose the path of combat now) it may be best if he trys out the path of peace: *Teenaged Years: Debate against feminism/women’s rights inorder to gain more adherents to the cause of anti-feminsim. Perhapse not be to hateful or extreme in writing. *Twenties: Debate has proven fruitless for the most part, write more radical aricles, explore the pros and cons (in writing) of various schemes to destroy feminism. Do not temper your wordsbut put onto paper (or ether) your exact unadultered beliefs. Flex your absolute right to free speech. *Thirties: Gather your writing and publish a book pertaining to the overthrow of feminism and women’s rights around the world. Include possible strategies to destroy women’s rights and raise Men’s Liberties (including violent ones) in the book. Again, do not cencor yourself in the slightest: you hate feminists and many other Men do too… they just need to know that others like them exist. The Coercive Stage: Now at the middle of his life, a Man must work harder to remove the blight of women’s rights from the world as peaceful means did not bring about the desired changes (they may have opened many of his compatriots eyes, and his book may be used by generations to come as a field manual for the cause). *Fourties: Use your money and your buisness connections to sponsor the creation of legal funds to help Men fight off attacks from females and their activist army. If any of your friends are in the local, state, or federal police agencies ask them if it would be possible to prosecute some of the women’s rights organisations for the many laws they have undoubtedly broken. *Fifties: Use your money and connections to buy laws; attempt to repeal the 19th ammendment (women’s vote). The Violent Stage: *Seventies-*Eighties-*Terminal Illness: You are going to die soon, your life is near an end and women still reign supreme. Go to the local women’s group office and liquidate it (kill the feminist women there). Wear a dark suit and drive an expensive car (these are more likely not to be suspect). Continue destroying the people who have helped to destroy countless of your fellow Men untill you are killed. Go from women’s rights organisation’s office to women’s rights organisation’s office, maybe throw in a few domestic violence shelters and abortion clinics if you wish.


MikeeUSA, who is fortunate to have a purpose in his life

The Rivalry

Mike pines for delicious cake

On the Linux Game Tome has great anger at Mikeeusa and is sometimes joined by Anonymous in counter argumentative restitution. has over 100 posts in response to Mikeeusa's various endowments of wisdom on the comment pages of games at the happy penguin. It is uncanny how always responds to Mikeeusa's opinions, be it night or day, to refute his anti-women's rights proclamations. Always is the IP used by Some of's opinions:

Oh look, mikeusa is back. And he's still a fucking idiot. Do the world a favour mike, go back in the closet you crawled out of and hang yourself like the waste of sperm that you are.

I hope someone cuts your nuts off before you can breed.

Oh, and by the way, the faggot is threatening to burn me alive now? FUCKING HILARIOUS. Go ahead and try mike, you're too much of a coward to even post without coming through a TOR server, I don't think I have much to worry about from a pussy shit like you. Why aren't the admins doing something about this limp-dicked fag already?

That's not a typo. The crazyfuck thinks women should be property, and so polygamy is okay by him.

You know, it's funny, I should have known this game would bring MikeUSA and his idiotic toadies out in force, but it had been so long since I'd seen them trash a game entry here without their bullshit, I'd almost forgotten about them. Heh. Silly me. Evil never dies.

Uh. Yeah, women were solely responsible for the Third Reich. Hey, what color is the sky in your world?

That Is Not All Completed as Desired

Fat girl semi-angle shot disapproves.

If_I_Were_A_Bee has a few bones to pick with Mikeeusa too! Though she also hungers to pick his bones, she only jumps the bones of other fat girl angle shots.


Aww. You think I don't know about your shitty music. It's cute how ignorant you think I am!

Your beats are off. You can't even align digital guitar chords. Pathetic. I think my ears might have bled a little.

I, on the other ha... TL;DR



Not Fat!!:


By the way, I AM on a diet and I had weight-loss surgery months and months ago .... How much do you weigh, fatass?



Banned From Sourceforge

MikeeUSA has been banned from Sourceforge, and had all of his GPL'd work removed. See his BAWWWWWgasm blog entry here.

How can men change this? How can men fight this exclusion? We cannot. We can only obey them


—MikeeUSA, giving in to the feminists

Eric S. Raymond and Sam Varghese complain and cry about the defeat of a man by feminists. They do not value women's freedom from harrasment.


Condemning Censorship, Even of Werewolves


—Eric S. Raymond


It is necessary, sometimes, to speak up in defense of ugly victims of censorship.


—Eric S. Raymond

BAWWW They silenced a man! Worng!11


Mikhail Kvaratskhelia is what constitutional lawyers sometimes call a werewolf – the most unappealing possible victim. He is a creepy, repellent, misogynistic crank, given to uttering threats of violent death against female Linux hackers, and quite possibly clinically insane. I first became aware of his existence last week when he sent a long letter of complaint to Richard Stallman, Linus, Bruce Perens, and myself asserting that his speech rights had been trampled on and linking to blog entries by Ms. Eicher and one other person. The letter was disturbing – intelligent in a feral way, but unhinged.

I was eyeball-deep in a new coding project; I read both blog posts, finding the story therein sad and troubling. Kvaratskhelia had posted level maps for a first-person-shooter game called Nexuiz on SourceForge; possibly also executable code, the accounts are unclear. The accounts concur that the maps contained violent imagery and slogans attacking women’s rights, and this creep’s ugly and hate-filled letter leaves me in no doubt that the maps were ugly and hate-filled as well.

I did not pursue the matter until RMS replied on 15 October asking whether Kvaratskhelia had made backups of the censored material. I thought this was a sensible question; it was the first one that had occurred to me, anyway. Following this, I searched the web for relevant material (I had deleted Kvaratskhelia’s letter rather quickly – my eyeballs felt soiled by it) and found Ms. Eicher’s original blog entry. I felt, at that point, the pricking of my conscience for not having responded to Kvaratskhelia’s earlier complaint immediately. I wrote Ms. Eicher an email condemning the suppression of speech and expressing my judgment that she owed Kvaratskhelia an apology for her suppressive conduct – which she refused to do.


—Eric S. Raymond



ESR pressure made feminists host detractor's code


—Sam Varghese


Solem Prayer

After being defeated by feminists, MikeeUSA offered up this prayer to his God.


I pray for the death of all those who would harm a man who has pursued and aquired, through his own power (raped), the virgin female whom he desired as a mate. I pray for the death of all those who have harmed a man who has pursued and acquired, through his own power (raped), the virgin female whom he desired as a mate. I pray for the death of all those who support the harming of a man who has pursued and acquired, through his own power (raped), the virgin female whom he desired as a mate.

I pray for the death of all those who would harm a man for having relations with young females of early childbearing age (12, 13, 14 years old), and those who incite such harm to be done to men. I pray for the death of all those who have harmed a man for having relations with young females of early childbearing age (12, 13, 14 years old), and those who have incited such harm to be done to a man. I pray for the death of all those who support the harming of a man for having relations with young females of early childbearing age (12, 13, 14 years old), and those who have supported those who have incited such harm to be done to men.

The prerogative of a Man is to find for himself a mate. So much as he avoids taking another man’s mate, no barrier (legal or customary) should be placed to obstruct him.

A young virgin female of childbearing age whom a man has raped should become a wife of his. (As Deuteronomy 22 tells us.) The young female should become the man’s wife because it is good for a man to have a wife. It is not good for men to be murdered or punished for attempting to acquire a mate. No man who is a friend to mankind supports men being harmed for such things. Those who support men being harmed for pursuing or aquiring a virgin female are enemies of man.

Death To women’s Rights. Viva Men’s Liberties. Liberty (for Men). Equality (amongst Men). Fraternity



Skills of an Artiste

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