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Mikey Rizzo
Birth circa 1999 (Currently 20 years old)
Status Active.
IQ Less than 40
Mental Age 5 Years Old
His Family The Monkeys including Toby J Rathjen
Species Monkey
Nationality American
Favorite Game Fortnite
Alias(s) Monkey, Mikey Rizzo-Rathjen, Mikey Retard, Mikey the Fatass, Mikey Fatso, Monkey Rizzo, Mikey J Fatjen

Mikey Rizzo is an autistic manchild monkey living in New Jersey. He is currently living his shitty life in his parents house whining about how he's getting dislikes, haters and how he is constantly getting hacked. Because of the content he posts and how retarded they are. It is assumed he attends special needs classes learning basic math and failing at it horribly. His mother would drive him to school or he would take the Special Education Bus just to get there. It is also assumed that he also still wears diapers to this day. Mikey Rizzo probably gets bullied at school and rightfully so. He is a Pedophile for talking to little girls under 18. And he even watches Kids Shows which he is suppose to watch South Park.

Mikey Rizzo and Fortnite

Mikey has a huge obsession with Fortnite a game that is for Elementary Schoolers.

Mikey Rizzo and Nintendo

On August 28, 2019, The fatass faggot destroyed a innocent copy of Splatoon for the Wii U. He never gave it to starving niglets in Africa.

Things he gets aroused with

  • Child Pornography
  • Fortnite
  • Kids Shows

Things that causes him to have a meltdown

  • Ethan Davis
  • Splatoon

See Also

  • Toby J Rathjen - A brother of Mikey Rizzo.
  • 03bgood - Another fat faggot with autism.
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter - A person who also watches children's cartoons at such an old age.
  • Trigglypuff - A fat SJW who whines a lot like Toby. She is also fucking fat!
  • Fortnite - A shitty rip off of PUBG, except this one panders to manchildren and dangerous weapons are replaced with sex toys.
  • Nintendo - The #1 company for manchildren.
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