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You gotta love a state like Alabama. They're so proud of their white heritage that they believe their Grandma when she says she had a on time fling with an Italian when her grandkids ask why their Uncle has kinky hair and big lips

You’re going to have an increase in the amount of ice in Antarctica because of global warming.


—— Mo Brooks on Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 in a congressional hearing

Mo Brooks, Morris Jackson Brooks Jr. (born 29 April 1954) is a Republican representative from that fine Inbred state of Alabama that has contributed to our National conscious with such great outward offenses against our common decency such as the lynching of innocent black men, using their police as a Quasi-Military force to beat the Shit out of civil-right protesters and completely denying the existence of complicated ideas like Science, Biology, Mathmatics and evolution because it challenges their perfect Childish faith that Santa Claus and his elves created everything. Their religious bull headedness has less to do with the Quantum theory that given enough time and the right events happening in the right order that it's a mathematical probability that life can happen and more to do with the fact that the Jews and Nihilists are right in that when you're dead, you're dead. Game over.

What has people like Mo Brooks waking up at night in cold sweats is if Science and Evolution are correct, he and all his other Bible bangers are not immortal. When they die they'll just rot in the dirt and there won't be any afterlife soirées for them where they get to hang out in G-D's rose garden eating ice-cream and drinking wine coolers for all of eternity like some Nordic Legend.

Despite Mo Brooks being a fine example of Alabama academics with his areas of expertise being in Politics, Economics, Law and self taught religious studies our Democratically elected government felt that he was more than qualified to be a member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Rising Sea Levels

This is what an 8 mile diameter stone balanced on the top of the capital building would look like

Being in possession of a well trained scientific mindset consisting of curiosity, an open mind, skepticism and humility, Mo Brooks showed skeptism in the current theory of climate change and argued that there is a much more obvious cause for the current increase beeing seen in sea levels that doesn't include the convienant, Fad Science of Global Warming.

Arguing that the world's oceans are like rivers whose water levels rise as silt accumulates at the bottom, Mo Brooks postulated that the current rise of ocean levels is from erosion.

Every single year that we’re on Earth, you have huge tons of silt deposited by the Mississippi River, by the Amazon River, by the Nile, by every major river system — and for that matter, creek, all the way down to the smallest systems," Brooks said. "And every time you have that soil or rock whatever it is that is deposited into the seas, that forces the sea levels to rise. Because now you’ve got less space in those oceans because the bottom is moving up.


Mo Brooks

Brooks claimed that the ocean itself is at the same height it has always been. What has changed is human interaction through activities like farming and the cutting down of trees. What happens is that silt, dirt and rocks from runoff or natural activities like shorelines and mountains collapsing into the ocean have, over time, collected around shorelines. What Brooks claims has changed isn't the sea level itself but rather the height of the shoreline floor.

It's simple displacement, Brooks said. You raise the bottom and the water comes further inland because it doesn't have the space it once did.

Philip Duffy, president of Woods Hole Research Center, responded that Brooks was a webfooted banjo playing Crackeaded Uncle Fucker because science shows that for Brooks to be correct, the top 5 inches of every square inch of soil from the United States would have to instantly erode and settle at the bottom of the oceans to raise the ocean's level the 3.3 milimeters that they have increased in recent years.

To put this in perspective, you would have to drop a stone with a diameter of 8 miles and weighing 6.6 quadrillion pounds into the ocean to get the same 3.3 milimeter increase in ocean levels that Brooks claims comes from runoff from farming and areas such as the White Cliffs of Dover collapsing into the sea.

Mo's Butthurt Response To Being Criticized Regarding Rising Ocean Levels

"In the 1970s the big climate scare being sold was global COOLING!  When that didn't turn out, the climate scare morphed into global warming.  When over 90 percent of global warming projections made in the 1990s turned out to be wrong, alarmists shifted to "climate change", a much safer bet because the Earth's climate has always changed and likely always will."

"Over the history of planet Earth, far and away the #1 cause of sea level rise has been erosion and its resulting deposits of sediment and rocks into the world's seas and oceans. There is no close second cause of sea level rise. At a minimum, over many millions of years, thousands of cubic miles of eroded material have been deposited into the Earth's seas, forcing rising sea levels."

"Anyone can research this statement of fact.  In the alternative, simply look at Google Earth maps that reveal vast alluvial plains and deltas of the Earth's major river systems and how far they protrude into the seas.  These protrusions (sedimentary deposits) have displaced vast quantities of sea water which, in turn, forced sea levels to rise. "

"In contrast to erosion, ice has had little to no permanent effect on sea levels because ice quantity has varied significantly throughout Earth's history as the planet cooled or warmed.  Erosion and sedimentary deposits have been the constant."

Notice how none of this explains the rise of sea levels in the last 100 years.

America Is Not The World's Orphanage

Keep taking in refugees and Chris-Chan's tugboat will sink
File:Uk Van 567.jpg
Tell us again how you're just going to up and go to a civilized country like England because you hate Trump politics

In an April 2018 interview with a recently converted to CNN Reporter and new found libtard Alisyn Camerota (who is married to a Wall Street Investment banker, makes $2.5 million a year herself and wants us to think only of the children while she retires to her Upper Westside Westport, Conn house every night (Literaly thousands of miles away from the problem) asked Mo Brooks how many immigrants America can take in, referring to the Central American refugee caravan that was making It's way towards the US.

"We have room for thousand, millions," Camerota said to Brooks, playing her Liberal sided trap card.

In a moment of clarity, Mo Brooks responded "We cannot afford to be the planet’s orphanage, the place where everybody comes and lives off the hard work of Americans and lawful immigrants who are already here.”

Camerota tried to argue that there are laws on the books that say that America has to take in refugees from war-torn countries.

"There are literaly billions of people who can make this same exact argument." Brooks Said. "Who's going to pay for all their subsidies like housing and food, You? Ha! It's not like you're down in Mexico right now, emptying out your bank account with handouts or opening up your house to them. What the bottom line is, as much as we might want to have compassion for people around the planet - that under these circumstances, America cannot afford it,"  Brooks said, trying to remind Camerota that we already have a generation of Millenials that think it is the Government's place to feed and house them as they collect Social Security for PTSD or some other made up disease because they're convinced they can become a famous Artist if they spend all day playing video games.


Like so many Right-Wing, Southern, inbred idiots that would rather bang the Bible instead of their wives, Mo Brooks was hit with the attempted ban hammerable offense of getting Prostate Cancer.

Holding back his tears during a December 2017 speech, Brooks announced to the House of Represenatives that G-D had rewarded him for his sin free life of refusing to fire off a couple knuckle babies and only having sex with his wife for procreation by making his prostate like everyone else on this Earth with an IQ over 105; convinced that he is an idiot and hoping it might do the Earth, Humanity and future generations a favor by killing him on sight.

Wanting to remain positive and send a health warning to men in America, Brooks said that men should take their health seriously and have a finger stuck up their ass at least twice a year.

Not surprisingly, with his being a Republican, nothing was said about having a doctor doing it.

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