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Even gators aren't safe from sex pests.
See also Irony
Molestation frequently happens in airports.

Molestation is the interaction of touching someone inappropriately or brushing up against a drama queen in a bar so she can come home later and post in her LJ "OMG I was molested/almost raped tonight!" Molestation is a pastime adopted by Japanese, Michael Jackson, Encyclopedia Dramatica sysops, pedophiles, and priests everywhere.

Trolling the Molested[edit]

Poor, poor gullible rape victims. ED's trolling skills reign supreme.

* Now talking on #abuse&healing
* Topic for #abuse&healing is: ~~~~~@ @~~~~~
* Topic for #abuse&healing set by Sammie at Thu Nov 09 23:50:17 2006
* You are now known as Goran
<Goran> hi
<mary-kait> hi
* mary-kait is now known as mary-kate
<Goran> hi
<mary-kate> hi
<Goran> what is this chan about
<mary-kate> it's for folks who've been abused emotionally sexually or physically
<mary-kate> and that want someone to talk to
<Goran> ok
* ED_P (**************) has joined #abuse&healing
<Goran> well, my uncle
<Goran> he...
<Goran> oh, i can't say it
<mary-kate> it's ok, it will stay here
* iamdaniel (**************) has joined #abuse&healing
<iamdaniel> hello
<mary-kate> hi
<ED_P> hi...........
<iamdaniel> is this for sex abuse?
<Goran> well, i was at cmap
<Goran> *camp
<mary-kate> yes, for that, emotioanal, and for physically abused
<iamdaniel> cause my anus is bleding and i need some tips on healing it
<mary-kate> doctor, go to the doctor
<iamdaniel> alright bye
* iamdaniel has quit (Client Quit)
<Goran> and
<Goran> well
<Goran> my uncle, he put his penis in my ear
<ED_P> omg..
<mary-kate> how old were you?
<Goran> 10
<mary-kate> did you tell a camp counselor?
<ED_P> did it make noises? i've always been afraid of that.
<Goran> yes, i told him
<Goran> and he told me to stay still
<Goran> and then he put his penis in my ear too
<mary-kate> he was arrested i hope?
<Goran> i was too scared to tell :(
<ED_P> omg..
<mary-kate> ohh
<Goran> to this day, my ear still tickles sometimes
<mary-kate> yes i can imagine
<ED_P> im scared of tellin wat happen 2 me
<mary-kate> it's ok, just take your time
<ED_P> its worse than goran
<ED_P> okay so..
<ED_P> here goes..
<ED_P> *cigh*
<ED_P> so i'm at my house
<ED_P> at my comp
<ED_P> lookin @ kul anime, right?
<ED_P> like, u no, DBZ, Narto, etc.
<mary-kate> yeah
<ED_P> then i hear the door close
<ED_P> downstairs
<ED_P> omg sry brb
<ED_P> muscle spasm
<mary-kate> ok
<ED_P> ok back
<ED_P> so]
<ED_P> omg
<ED_P> i hear the door
<ED_P> and i hear footsteps comin up the stiars
<ED_P> r u there?
<ED_P> mary, r u there?
<mary-kate> yeah
<ED_P> k
<ED_P> so
<ED_P> i hear steps
<ED_P> up the stairs
<ED_P> and then i see my fathr
<ED_P> break open the door
<ED_P> that i locke
<ED_P> and
<ED_P> in his hand
<ED_P> he had
<ED_P> a giant fukkin
<ED_P> squid.
<mary-kate> oh
<ED_P> then he pushed me onto my bed
<ED_P> and made the squid rape me with it's tentacles
<ED_P> 1 by 1
<ED_P> it was so slimyyyy
<mary-kate> oh my
<Goran> that's horrible
<ED_P> i couldnt stop twitchin
<ED_P> 4 lyk
<ED_P> 4 hours
<ED_P> but this seems like
<ED_P> at least 100 years ago
<mary-kate> you were how old when he did this?
<ED_P> lyk
<ED_P> 12
<mary-kate> he was arrested i hope for that? because that's illegal
<ED_P> nono
<ED_P> he ran away
<ED_P> b4 i cud get up
<ED_P> all of our relatives
<ED_P> thot of him
<ED_P> lyk an hero
<ED_P> so now
<ED_P> i ned sum heel
<ED_P> hel plz
<mary-kate> do you have a psychoatrist or psychologist to talk to in real life?
<mary-kate> you can stay here too
<ED_P> no they think i m weird
<ED_P> u dont think im weird do u?
<mary-kate> no i don't
<ED_P> k gud
<ED_P> bcuz no 1 else wants to talk
<Goran> the psychiatrist gave me pills but i didn't take them
<Goran> i could see he was albanian
<ED_P> wut r u, serbian?
<mary-kate> pills are used way too often
<Goran> yes, serb
<Goran> the albanians, they kill my mother, father
<Goran> kill all
<mary-kate> i was 9 and 13, when i was molested myself, my dad hurt me at night one night and it was very hard for me to sleep in that bed again for a long time
<Goran> how did he molest you
<mary-kate> i was in my bed, i was still in diapers, he put his thing inside me and it hurt
<Goran> you were in diapers when you were 9?
<mary-kate> yes, i wasn't very well potty trained yet
<Goran> oh
<Goran> did he take off the diaper first?
<mary-kate> yeah
<Goran> or did he j-j-jam it in
<mary-kate> he took it off like he was gonna change it but didn't put a new one on me
<Goran> sounds horrible
<mary-kate> and that's when he did it
<ED_P> omg.
<ED_P> were his hands cold?
<mary-kate> yeah
<Goran> :( i feel sorry for you mary-kate
<ED_P> aww
<ED_P> that sucks
<mary-kate> and he was too large :(
<ED_P> did he split your vag open like moses did the sea?
<mary-kate> yes it hurt
<mary-kate> because i was so small and he was so large
<ED_P> ouch
<Goran> what about when you were 13
<mary-kate> same thing but i wasn't in diapers anymore as much
<ED_P> so you were hoping hed change ur underwear?
<mary-kate> yes
<Goran> did you poop
<mary-kate> no
<Goran> once, my uncle made me eat a turd
<Goran> it tasted like... indian food
<mary-kate> ew
<mary-kate> i've never tasted indian food before
<Goran> well, now you know how it tastes
<Goran> it tastes like albanian food
* Longcat (********************) has joined #abuse&healing
<mary-kate> ohh ok
<Goran> so, you are potty trained now
<Goran> yes?
<mary-kate> yes
<Goran> ah
<Goran> in albania, they wipe with hand
<Goran> not like serbs
<ED_P> well goran
<ED_P> at least their hands
<ED_P> are warm
<ED_P> rite?
<Goran> yes, very much so
<ED_P> the squid was pretty cold
<mary-kate> i don't know if i wanna live in albania then heh
<Goran> yes, they are very much mean to serb
<Goran> mary-kate, are you healed
<Goran> to be healing?
<Goran> yes?
<mary-kate> yes starting to
<Goran> let us heal together
<Goran> i heal you good very much so
<ED_P> my vag is stil healin
<Goran> like this: te biti iscjelitelj , Albanac svinja pas
<Goran> i heal you like serb, yes?
<mary-kate> i don't know what serb means
<Goran> serb, from serbiya
<Goran> serbia
<Longcat> my father anally raped me :(
<mary-kate> oh ok
<Longcat> using fecal matter as lube :(((
<Goran> oh
<mary-kate> yikes
<Goran> yes, albanian custom
<Longcat> how did you know I am from Albania?
<Goran> grgishqipy shturgh
<Goran> translation
<Goran> "the raping of the jew"
<Goran> an ancient custom

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