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Monster Girls are what pedophiles try to use to skirt the system as legalized child porn because they are Underaged girls who were human at one time or never were at all and never will be. Monster Girls have become very popular with paedophiles, many of whom post that as the girls sluts are inhuman (or in some cases were never really alive to begin with) they're perfectly fine to fap off all over based on the excuse that they are a 400-year-old monster in a 12-year-old loli body.

Claudia is probably the most well known to the uninituated and favorite for pedophilic vampire fans of the Vampire loli genre from The Vampire Lestat series to people that are not in the know thanks to Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

Monster Girls are the modern version of trolling through early issues of "National Geographic" for what they will argue is legal child porn, but like everyone in the 50s and now still say - "The second you touch your dick to a pic of an underaged naked girl in a magazine, ad or to any loli in general, you're a pedophile."

Monster Species List[edit]

Name Description Picture
Vampire The vampire is an undead monster that has usually had their condition passed on to them either by the bite from another vampire or through heredity. Was once the king of all monsters because as a monster, it got to hide in human form, representing all the evils that humans were capable of until girls learned to read and the vampire started to sparkle. Favored by the loli and shota fetishist because as they age, their vampire lover always stays the same age. A good example of this would be the movie Let Me In where the vampire's lover grows up with them and ages while they stay the same.
Don't let a lack of grass on the field or strawberries on the vine dissuade you. She's in her late 50's. Fap away.
400 years old and the body of a 12-year-old. You're rock hard right now.
Werecreatures (Such as werewolves, werecats and "weremouses" [in which case they were called Rat Queens, the "female versions" of Rat Kings]) Were are a cursed species that also get their power by being bitten by another were or through heredity and conditions usually have to be met for them to use their powers such as a full moon. Not a popular monster type for pedofreaks because they have a real age and the argument that they are not human must be used to avoid the guilt that they are wanking to pictures of a 14-year-old girl. Most were-types, especially Werewolves, can be found in vampire universes so Furfags and blood freaks usually cross arms with the Renfields taking the higher road and arguing age. Many furries try to or have included the DBZ universe into the Were fetish.
This one's proud of her virginity.
Werecat 3456.jpg
Ghost The cute, little dead girl that haunts your room and is the reason why you're always waking up with your dick stuck to your sheets because she can suck a dick but swallowing that salty protein shake you got in your drawers is another matter all together. For story reasons and a sympathetic character, this little death vixen usually will die tragically as a virgin. The means usually suicide, sickness or like Danny Phantom's Ember, because a guy got an easy booty call off her and wouldn't call her afterwards, even when she was convinced it was true love. Most ghost girls average 16 years old, so the fetishists claim to be more pure about their love of little ghost girls because, for the most part, there is no touching and their romance is one of emotions rather than sex. To really get an understanding of this depravity, look up Randy Robert Stair.
Shizu Murasame from To Love Ru
Spectra Vondergeist + Twyla = this trash.
This one caused a tranny to kill himself.
Dr. Frankenstein/Zombie Type Monster Probably the most depraved of all the fetishists because this one includes literal necrophilia. This type is brought back from the dead either through magic or science and include many days rifling through morgues and mortuary homes for that perfect body or perfect part to make their perfect mate. As noted, these are some of the most psychologically fucked up people on the planet (including people like Jeffrey Dahmer) because they have such poor people skills their goal is to make a lover from the ground up that will be loyal only to them and do everything that is commanded of them.
You can literally fuck this one so hard she breaks.
Zombie loli 567.jpg
Plant Monster Grow your own girlfriend from a seed packet. Mostly a fetish among men because girls can't wrap their labia around the idea of a shit-smelling, slimy monster that calls a swamp home along with leeches, mosquitos and snakes such as Swamp Thing though on the other hand, guys are treated to the sweet smelling, feminine curves of Batman's Poison Ivy. Mostly a fetish with tree hugging males that will argue, with a cucumber up their ass, that plants are sentient and they can feel their lawn's pain when they walk on it. Also a favorite of potheads to fantasize about because they like to think that somewhere, a girl exists with marijuana growing in place of her hair.
Poison ivy loli.jpg
Mummy Mostly a thing for people that like to roleplay ancient Egypt, have a Cleopatra fetish or are into bondage. Can also fall into the zombie fetish because Mummy's are reanimated corpses as well and most people that are into the mummy fetish have a necrophilia fetish. Unlike the Zombie/Dr. Frankenstein fetish, age is on their side. Because as the Frankenstein's monster is the age of the parts used and the Zombie the age of the girl raised, a loli zombie will have had to wait thousands of years for reanimation, she wins the numbers game in the death fetish of fucking corpses.
Cleo de nile 456.jpg

Usually popular with people that like to jerk off into their hand and lick up what they call the good stuff because they are convinced that either it is a sin to waste their baby gravy, believe that by consuming their own spunk they'll become a hyoer-muscular super man or have a need to hide their horrible, shameful actions from hyper-oppressive parents.

More like a bad dream than a fetish, some actually cum to believe that if they don't devour their nut candy that it will build up somewhere and gain sentience. A favorite in the crazy house because they believe that by devouring her that they are devouring themselves.

Harpie What once was a pot bellied, tank-assed, pendulous-titted monster from the Fourth Circle of Hell that punished emo suicide faggotts in Dante's Inferno has Yu-Gi-Oh to thank for its slimmer, sexier and less manatee-like look.

Popular with emos and other groups that fantasize about bringing about their own demise because this will be the closest they'll get to pussy- when they are in hell, suspended by their dick from a tree with one of these hotties digging her talons into their head and ripping body parts off of them, that continually grow back, for all of eternity.

Harpie Dancer 345.jpg
Skeleton Usually best described as hot for heroin thin, skinny bitches with a permanent needle stuck in their arm.
Super-fat-bitch 678.jpg
Octomaid Popular with men that like multitasking women. She can be face down and biting the pillow but making him a sammich, tickling his nuts, getting him a beer, sweeping the living room and help out in a three-way by tapping both holes of his second bitch. More popular with women than men because on first sight of one, the woman goes straight to fantasy and contemplating 2A2V2O. In other words, every hole getting stuffed like a good girl should be doing. Very rarely drawn as lolis because the sick fuck that fantasies about this wants them to know how to use their tentacles for maximum pleasure and be able to buy beer with at least one of their tentacles.
Octo maid 123.jpg
Gorgon In myth, Medusa was a cock teasing bitch and had to be punished her for her joy of making men "HARD", a gaze from her would turn any man to stone. In so few words, Medusa or any Gorgon is that chick in your class that keeps you from standing up when you're called to the white board.
Gorgon 5645.jpg
Lori Loud from The Loud House as Medusa. Yes, "malewhores" would date monster girls.
Succubus What once was a demon from hell that ran around killing newborn babies with SIDS and causing you to nut yourself at night, the succubus has become nothing more than a loli masturbation sock because their dick riding goal hasn't changed. They still sneak into your room to ride your cock so that they can become impregnated and have little half demon babies that will serve Lilith. Most fanboys argue that since they are the ones getting roofied, there is nothing wrong, even despite the age difference.
Succubus 56789.jpg
An Incubus is the male version of a succubus.
Siren Mermaids and Sirens are both psychotic, homicidal waterbitches but how they differ is where they live. Mermaids usually live deep in the ocean where sirens like to make their homes on stone outcroppings near shore. There is no way to have sex with either because they cannot resist killing male humans. Mostly people with fish fetishes, such as those sick fucks that like uploading videos of them getting their dick sucked by a catfish on fishing sites, or 30 something, autistic fans of Bubble Guppies fantasize about sex with sirens and mermaids.
Siren song 345.jpg
Siren, chibi.jpg
Gargoyles Gargoyles are, for the most part, not lolis because they are seen as guardians and mature sculptors don't see guardians as kids. For the true loli fetish of statues, pygmalions are people who bring statues to life and this can include kids. Very popular with pedophiles. Gargoyles tend to be popular as a fetish with very controlling people because as they are alive by night, by day they are solid stone and the person in the relationship with the gargoyle can do whatever they want with them while they are asleep. As they are protectors, the person in a relationship with the gargoyle must fulfill a need for the gargoyle to want to protect them so as said earlier, controlling people that want to be continually looked after have a gargoyle fetish.
Gargoyle demona 2222.jpg
Gargoyle demona.jpg
The TV Monster Ever since Carol-Anne went into her Tv in Poltergeist it has been the wet dream of pedos worldwide to have some sort of pay-to-order Loli channel where all they do is hit a button and a 12-year-old-girl crawls out of their Tv like Sadako from the ring. Believe it or not, this is a growing fetish with Sadako even being lolified because the rationalizing dirtbags are arguing pixels have no age.
Sadako 2222.jpg
Pygmalionism Pygmalionism is the fantasy/fetish where a person can turn loli statues to life for their own pleasure. In real life, this crowd is a consortium of sick fucks because they either like to make statue like objects to fuck or are into the sex doll scene.
Lil mermaid statue 678.jpg

Types of Vampires in Fanfictions[edit]

  • Dracula type: Steals blood, most popular.
  • Jiangshi Type: Hopping Azn Vampire that steals life force. Usually male and therefore only popular with Homos.
  • Succubus: Cum stealing vampire type. More of a demon but some vampire fans like to call female vampires succubi.
  • Incubus: Male version of the succubus but fucks and knocks chicks up with the cum stolen by a succubus. Gay ones exist and propagate super-AIDS.



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