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Steve Quest (AKA Roy Warren Marshall/Dale Ellis Bennett/OctoberReignz and about a hundred other asinine sock puppets) is a member of a youtube cabal of geriatric conspiracy theorists and child molesters who have spent their twilight years trying to take down the jewish lizard men Illuminati by making youtube videos for the last 10 years to the enjoyments of absolutely no one.

As the rest of his crew slipped slowly into dementia, Quest now remains alone, still making psychotic videos and talking to himself with an interchangeable posse of paranoid schizophrenics that gravitate towards him, before inevitably falling out with him due to their mutual delusions and often killing themselves.

Quest's most notable antics include fucking a melon, possibly eating shit, allegedly creating a snuff film where he abuses a girl who may or may not be underage and may or may not be dead, and legally changing his name multiple times to escape retaliation (even Steve Quest he alleges to be a stage name) only to be immediately doxed anyway the moment anyone paid any attention to him.

His most recent foray into the internet spotlight has been in the last year of our lord (2019), when he returned from an 8 year stay in obscurity to go on a litigious rampage and attempt to sue a podcaster for telling him to stop harassing the Sandy Hook parents (and losing), a youtuber for talking about his friend VonHelton being a child molester TEN YEARS AGO (will probably lose this too) and Mister Metokur for hurting his feelings (our legal team informed us that this is totally a winnable case).

The story of Montagraph

Chris Crocker Parody Montagraph.jpg

Montagraph 'AKA - Dale Ellis Bennett/Roy Warren Marshall/Steve Quest' is the second most mentally challenged conspiratard in the history of the internets, second only to his friend VonHelton. His story begins with his parents chucking his crazy ass into a mental asylum for rich kids that was notorious for molesting them. Some believe he was sent there because he raped a little boy and the court records were sealed, while others believe that his claim of even attending the school are a figment of his overactive imagination. Anyway, instead of making him better, Quest never recovered, and today this idiot makes insane videos out of the visions of his fever dream imagination that he believes are Facts that he gathered by sitting at home and hacking into the CIA computers with his psychic powers; These "facts" range from 9/11 to the end of the world scenarios to the identity of Q anon.

Not much is known about Quest, not even to himself, because in his multi-decade bout with schizophrenia and trying to seed false information to confuse the glow-in-the-dark FBI trolls trying to read his mind, and his endless wars with other deluded lunatics online would arrive at far reaching conclusions about his identity while incompetently trying to dox him, he seems to have lost all track of who he is and now believes a variety of contradictory lies he's told himself and others. Due to this, Quest is now (according to himself) an FBI superhacker who took down the FBI with his supernatural abilities to fight the secret world government while keeping his secret identity as a snuff film maker/photographer/photo editor (?????????????????????????).

When challenged on his psychotic episodes that he thinks are reality and asked to show proof of them being real, Monty will retaliate by doxing, threatening to kill or assault, sue or make fake websites about a person then publicize them with SEO (which he believes means just making 19 videos with the site's name in the titles), all while cheering himself on with 15 sock puppet accounts that he pretends is an army of hackers that are disciples of his that he uses to talk to himself.

Like the time when, sometime in 2011, Monty decided to make multiple sock puppet accounts and stalk various people on YouTube to do damage control for himself and his boyfriend VonHelton who got catfished into admitting he's a pedophile. However, these schemes are rarely successful, because everyone recognizes Monty from a mile away with a blindfold on.

When Montagraph's shenanigans turn around to bite him in the ass, Monty likes to claim he is a 'ghost in the machine' (like Neo or some shit) and that no one can identify him because he's an elite h4X0r (this part of the article was written 10 years ago, but Monty actually still types like a /b/tard in 2003). In reality, Monty's 1337 OpSec involves changing his name multiple times, harassing random site owners for months on end to remove information about him until they feel sorry for the demented old man, employing tinfoil-on-head level tactics like using an old brick phone, and then getting doxed anyway because he doesn't know how a computer works.

When this fails, Monty will often promise to find you with "remote viewing" (a combination of precognition and using google maps) and sue or possibly kill you. However, this will sometimes take him 10 years to get around to.

To date, OctoberGays claims to have "remote viewed" (read: doxed) over 270 people, who he will soon be litigating against, even though the dox of these 27,000 people are wrong and none of the six quadrillion defendants live in his jurisdiction, which is fine because he doesn't know what a jurisdiction is.

BlogTV and Stickam

Monty as the Batman sneaking off to look over someones confidential information

Montagraph likes to pretend he is a King and rules his BlogTV channel like a tyrant, but the only thing he's good for is trying to rant about New World Order and how his half cousin is not a Pedophile. When he's not whining like a bitch, he dresses as the New World Order Soldier and tries to give people a glimpse of the future - a future where the end of America has taken place and some mysterious organization now rules over us all.

Back in 2007 when he started on YouTube, Monty did live shows on Stickam in which he would be a boring, unfunny retard, wearing the same stupid black pineapple nigger wig. Anyone who was funnier than him or didn't kiss his ass was kicked or banned. He was (and still is) an insecure baby, only now he's even more deluded. If that's not bad enough, he dresses up in gimp masks and at one point made a snuff film.

Quest's Greatest Hits

In the 10+ years Monty has been online, he's had time to make, remake, delete and undelete countless videos. Few people know what his beliefs actually are, because his videos are all too stupid and boring to be watched by anyone other than other internet loons who view them through their own prism of insanity. Most of them consist of Quest dressed as a women, commenting on a combination of recent events and insane delusions in a soup of unrelated words. For this reason, even at the "height" of his "popularity", no one ever watched them. However, a small number of them were horrifying enough to get some attention.


He was happily married until caught sexually assaulting a poor defenseless melon in a video he uploaded to youtube, so his "wife" packed her bags and got the Fuck out of there.

comments on the (now deleted) video

This strange sequence of events soon transitioned into some sort of attempt to engage in credit card fraud .

Credit card fraud with the footage of the melon rape

Eating Shit

In a confused scramble for internet fame, mixed in with his regular assassination plot delusions within his waterlogged brain, Monty decided to reenact 2 girls 1 cup with a doll, a wig, and what might have been actual shit.


The Umbrella Man, 222cult - Monty's snuff film and other... stuff


At some point Monty ran some sort of photography studio that he admits took naked pictures of children, but it was totally above board and only for art.

Later, Monty would create "Umbrella Man", a "satirical" video series of which he released only 2 of 4 videos, before feverishly deleting every trace of it off of the internet in a totally not guilty manner.

Of the few remaining accounts of what the videos were about, it is said the video is of a man (presumably Monty) beating and possibly raping a crying girl who is chained to the wall of a shed and forced to wear a pig mask. Some allege that the girl looks underage, while others say they know her identity and that she is now dead. It is unknown what was in videos #3 and #4, but according to Monty, it was way worse to the point people wouldn't be able to handle it, so, presumably, the other videos include her murder.

In 2014 he pivoted his alleged snuff film into some sort of involvement with MasterChan's 222 board, which was either a cult of child molesters obsessed with the book "Two is too Young to Die", or a bunch of larping edgelords.

The board consisted mostly of cryptic memes and pictures of dead kids, while the book they were obsessed with is by a conspiritard who claims to have murdered JonBenét Ramsey with no proof. It is unclear what the relation is between Monty, the author and the book, but Monty claims the author wrote the book to frame him for the murder, while members of 222 accused Quest of being a regular user and peddling "hurtcore" (snuff porn) there.

None of this is helped by the fact Monty has a "secret" deviantart account where he keeps faving and unfaving lolicon.

Screenchot of his DA favorites. This is what he faps to

Being Sam Kinison

America's Funnyman lives

One of the interesting things about Montagraph is his proclivity to hang out with other schizos online. This often leads to circular revenge plots by the various gang stalking victims against one another, and inventions of new and exciting conspiracy theories about each other's secret identities as mole men. As a result, the internet is flooded with other, equally kooky, senior citizens, drowning the web with their wall-of-text blogs about who Quest really is, and trying to "expose" him as a russian spy or something equally stupid, while he does the same to them.

And, while these never ending back-and-forth dox attempts by mentally retarded senior citizens produce the sort of stupid shit that is too numerous and to incoherent to want to document, one such theory is particularly hilarious.

According to Felix Pantaleon aka Caliberhitter, an autistic Dominican living in his parents basement, our Monty is actually stand up comedian Sam Kinison, long thought to be dead. MontaSam is now known to be Bill Hicks #1 gatekeeper and cocksucker for the NSA. When enough videos about Monty being Sam had been released by upstanding YouTube truthers, Monty raged and made a shitty rebuttal from a tiny motel room which proved nothing because there was nothing to prove. "Both men" have the same stupid chin, the same stupid mouth. Same stupid voice. MontaSam is known for trying to be a funny guy, never being able to recapture his glory days.

It is currently unclear if Monty is indeed Sam, but all signs point to "Yes".

Monty's Kill count


William Weeks was a paranoid autistic that used to be friends with Monty until he his paranoia got him do dig into Monty's private life, resulting in Quest and his friends hounding this mentally unstable sperg with a combination of mocking his being molested, making videos threatening to kill him and trying to convince him he is being hunted by the KGB, until he killed himself.

Some believe Weeks got his hands on information on a sealed court record related to we Montagraph was put in a home for crazy teens in his youth, which was allegedly because he molested a little boy.

Justin Hess

Another lunatic who believed that the ZOG are out to get him. After becoming involved with "The Smilies" (the loose collective of conspiracy youtubers that Monty leads), Monty and Co. began making fun of his father dying of cancer, flagging down his videos and photshopping his face onto porn. The already unstable faggot snapped and killed his own mother, as well as some random guy on the street.


One of Monty's crazy orbiters. Status currently unknown. Presumably committed suicide.

The Return of Mammogram Montagraph

In mid 2019, after an 8 year slip into obscurity, Monty returned with an autistic vengeance.

Suing Blackstone Entertainment

His first move, after spending the last half decade perfecting his doxing and lolsuiting skills on 80 year old ladies he stalked and harassed online (this is not a joke, that's what he's actually been doing)), was to go into a stream by a known podcaster who was talking about freaks like him harassing the parents of the Sandy Hook victims, and sperg out in the chat with 20 different accounts.

After they were all banned, the man doing the podcast finally took notice of Monty and did a second video talking about him, leading to a hilarious lolsuit.

In a hand scribbled document, improperly served by Monty, Quest pleads with the judges to stop people saying he's a pedophile online (which the man in question did not do) before the suit was thrown out of court. The man he sued gloated about how Monty tried to livestream the trial and invited all his "50k fans" to support him, but only one old guy in shorts showed up to be by Monty's side.

Monty, in turn, promised he will engage in vexations litigation (ensuring his own video will get his next suit thrown out as well) and saying it is a win for him because now the man's name is on a court record, which will destroy his reputation... However, Quests name is on that court filing as well, and includes an allegation that he videotaped himself eating shit.

Later, Monty would get a livestreamed call from Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Moon, where Josh had to explain to him such complex legal terms as "Jurisdiction", "Cause of action" and "No sir, you can not live stream these court proceedings".

It is believed that, once Monty figures out how the law works, everyone he said he'd sue will be in jail.

This should happen somewhere around the year 2765.

Suing Drummer828

They say revenge is best served cold, but in Monty's case, it's served in liquid nitrogen and dropped on the floor before reaching the table.

The real fun began when Monty started trying (and failing) to dox a youtuber called Drummer828, who made the mistake of making a video talking about Monty defending his pedo friend TEN YEARS AGO. He first doxed a guy who Drummer visited once when he mistook his house that was in the background of a video's for Drummer's, then began stalking the man who lived there (who wasn't even the friend Drummer visited anymore), to which Drummer responded by using the dox to mail the man a flashdrive with proof Montagraph is stalking him and encourage him to sue Monty.

Multiple doxing, video flagging and lawsuit threats later, the two are still interlocked in a pointless feud that Monty is losing.

Suing MrMetokur and Nick Rekieta

All this sperging attracted the attention of Mister Metokur, who briefly commented on the events and asked E-lawyer Nick Rekieta for his thoughts on the issue. The response was Monty mistaking the mere mention of him for a personal attack and calling up Nick on the phone, trying to act like the publicly available number of his law-firm is the sord of doxing that should send chills down his spine, and then swearing everlasting vengeance on both of them.

Sadly for him, these were not the 80 year old boomers he was used to dealing with, instead they are slightly younger 40 year old boomers. They are also not quite as retarded as a bunch of infowars fans so, instead of being scared of him, the two turned him into a laughingstock as their fans went into a feeding frenzy to harass the old coot.

In the following days Monty proclaimed that he has doxed "7 sweaty men" who he will sue alongside Jim and Nick, bragged about being undoxable, only to follow it up with a video crying that his SSN has been posted online and that "Mister AntiBully is actually a bully!", made a video implying he will use his magic powers to kill Jim in 30 days (its hasn't been that long yet, but we'll keep you posted), tried to scare or disgust the two of them by tweeting his creepy fetish porn at them, and trying to involve them in his online cybersex sessions against their will (Monty swings both ways). When none of this worked, Monty shooped Nick's head onto an egg over and over for 7 consecutive hours and just acted crazy overall as he had to deal with hundreds of despondent, anonymous trolls who aren't scared of him, instead of the octogenarian invalids he's used to fighting one by one and who have a heart attack the moment he show's them a google map image of their house.

As of now, Monty still tweets threats and makes videos about both of them, but they seem to have lost interest after Jim used what happened as a pretense to start selling overpriced hats for his pretend legal fund.

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The D(ick)K(isser) Crew

Through the years Monty has collected followers like retarded pokemon. Here are a few of them.


Boy, i'm giving you a order. You have 12 hours to remove all trances [sic] of me from this site or it will be burnt to the ground. Then I will make you homeless and eat and drink from the gutter.


—Agent19, On this article's talk page before his name was even added to it, ensuring that it will be

Monty's confidant who's been with him for over a decade. Like the 14 year old boys that do Devon Tracey's dirty work for him, Agent19 doxes (or at least tries to dox) anyone who makes fun of his daddy Monty. Only this 14 year old boy is a sad, lonely, old ass man.

Agent19 is known for daring people to try to dox him, then panicking and threatening to kill them if they do once he sees they're actually doing it.

He has informed us that if his name was not removed from this article (it wasn't in this article) he would make the author homeless and then he would eat and drink from the gutter for some reason.

Anon Amos

Random crazy boomer who is Monty's IRL friend. Seems to actually believe Monty's insane bullshit and is therefore in love with him. Shoots videos with him in a cabin and says he'll kill anyone who comes to his house. Presumably sucks Monty off when the cameras are off.


The picture Cancerman sent to Montagraph

Between 2002 and 2005 Monty was looking for gay sex on the internetwebs like a true creep. The only guy that he found while trawling was his pet gimp - CancermanCOINTELPRO. Who later committed tubeacide leaving Montagraph too continue his Qwest to stop trolls and save VonHelton from the FBI alone.

Cancerman was yet another young Alex Jones clone that joined Steve's gang along with Agent19. Together, the three of them (along with several others) spent about a decade harassing the families of the Sandy Hook victims and pretending to be anonymous. Some say Cancerman is agent19, while others say Cancerman was Quests gay lover that killed himself.

All of their dumb videos remain scattered online, however none of them are worth watching.

Some suspect Cancerman's suicide was somehow Quest's doing.

Assorted Retards

The composition of Monty's crew is constantly changing. It is a revolving door of 60+ year old autistics and mental patients that are on the brink of shooting themselves, and who think Monty is some mega hacker who will help them take down the government. Their associations with him always end when, in a paranoid episode, either they or Monty begin to believe that the other is a CIA plant, and begin to harass and make videos about each other, sometimes to the point of suicide.


  • Ain't that neat?
  • Sure is.

Be sure to make fun of him for these autistic vocal ticks and watch him squirm as he tries not to repeat them in his next video.

How to Troll Montagraph

  • Criticize him.
  • Call him Dale.
  • Call him short.
  • Call him Sam Kinison.
  • Call him this.
  • Make videos about him.
  • Troll on his YouTube channel.

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