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Hot, huh?
Note the irony. Summer is the series' most prolific rapist.

There is an entire ocean of unfunny, terrible fucking webcomics out there in the internets, but few reach the abyssal trenches that Moon Over June achieves. The comic is about a couple of misandristic dykes who can't go an hour without vibrators up their assholes and their tongues up each others vajayjays.

Moon Over June is a popular way to troll /co/.

About the author[edit]

The author of this little piece of internetcana is WocGirl, apparently a rabid bull dyke herself. There has been suspicion that "WocGirl" is secretly a guy doing satire or trolling, as no one could seriously draw so horribly, hate men to the point of ridiculousness, and make every female lesbian...would they?


Hatsuki Akagawa[edit]

Reverse-weeaboo self-hating Jap lesbian porn star. She had sex with a bisexual women in one film who moments earlier got creampied by some guy and gets pregnant. Later fucks Summer and gets her pregnant too.

Summer Winters[edit]

A disgusting ginger OB-GYN who gets turned on by examining her patients and routinely rapes them (it would be rape, except in the universe of MOJ, all women secretely love teh pussy).

Have a penis? Then Summers hates you, you evil pig and you should die!

Moon and June[edit]

lol so thats whur teh titel cums frum!111

Originally started out as a way to fulfill the author's pregnancy fetish, Woc soon realized no one can stay pregnant forever so Summer and the asian one shat these abominations out unto the unsuspecting world at large. Moon (daughter of Summer) and June (daughter of Hatsuki. Get it? June is an asian name because the one character in Joy Luck Club was named June) are drawn worse than Sonichu and Rosechu's children, and almost as worthless.


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