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The official web sponsor of Casey Anthony.
"go ahead. she isn't looking!"
Nice try faggot, that'll teach you to search our website for early 80's retro porn. But since we have your attention, can we interest you in a video of Siamese twins shitting on a Puerto Rican midget?
4chan being a faggot as usual. was at one time the final boss of porn on the internets. In its heyday it stood proudly as a moral-free zone; a video hosting site that allowed you to post anything under the sun, be it depraved women fucking dogs, nude videos of 12 year old girls, scat porn, rape videos, videos other porn sites wouldn't touch due to DMCA, or random episodes of The Simpsons. This was a site that was so hardcore that Mark Zuckerberg and Moot's faggot asses were both so scared of it that they decided it was easier to just block anyone on 4chan and Facebook from posting motherless links forever. Today it clutches to life as the go-to website for depraved amateur porn, fake rape porn, horribly acted incest porn, gore, barely legal JB porn, Max Hardcore videos, scat, footage of the granddaughter of State Senate Majority Leader drugged up and getting fucked in the ass by her pimp, and a message board and comment sections filled to the brim with posts so perverted, pedophilic and just downright braindead that they make /b/ look like a pack of girl scouts.

Did I mention these folks love incest? I mean REALLY love it to the point where every third video depicts it, or at least proports to? If you ever find yourself uploading porn to motherless and need a catchy title, remember that "REAL INCEST DAD FUCKS DAUGHTER WHILE GRANDMA DROPS A DEUCE ON AUNT RITAS FACE" is a title that is guaranteed to bring you at least 100K hits in the first 24 hours regardless of the video content.
They also have their own currency of motherless credits that you can use to tip attention whores and uploaders, or buy the ownership rights to anonymously uploaded content. But wait, that's not at all because you can also pay them ten bucks to get a premium membership that gives you access to a bunch of features you can already get for free if you aren't completely retarded.

But enough about what we think of motherless; let's give the guys behind the site a chance to tell you for themselves.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing who makes this site possible. In case you haven't noticed, the interweb is filled with cookie cut shit tube sites. These sites are all out-of-the-box and offer the same style of ripped DVD porn. We are taking a stand and trying to build a truely unique community based site for the internet generation. All our content is user contributed and we pass no judgement on it unless it's illegal.

Building a site like this from scratch is a huge undertaking and eats up countless hours of hard work. FUCK all the other tube sites. This is YOUR home now and we ask that you spread the word and join us in our mission.


—Taken from their About Us page and written by the site owner.

Getting To Know Your Typical Motherless User[edit]

Users of the motherless site comes from all walks of life and represent different races, religions, and social classes but all have one thing in common; they are all absolutely depraved and sick sexual deviants who have long lost touch with reality. Seriously, the users of motherless are more depraved than those faggots over at Wizardchan by a long shot, and that takes a real talent. It's userbase consists mostly of shit enthusiasts, literal child molesters, future rapists, dog fuckers, outright liars, and closet faggots; in reality they are probably a lot like someone you know very well. Luckily, you don't have to take our word for it, below are but a few examples of the cool stories, sick fuckery, and rampant pedophilia that goes on on

i did this to my 7 year old niece once... hehe it was amazing!!! cam jlike a mother fucker hehe


—motherless user MolestingMySelf bragging about face fucking his seven year old niece.[1]

this is the only way for a dumb worthless slut to take a man's cum. all females are built to serve as cum receptacles first and foremost, and this one is like the queen of them all.


—From jsiegel86, who was inspired to share his interesting take on male-female relations while watching a video of some slut puking on a dick.[2]

Specializes in identifying background audio in amateur videos. If someone left the TV on, I will figure out what shows they listened to while making their video! In searching for videos with audible television audio in the background, I searched for "porn with TV," apparently 'TV' has multiple meanings. Huh.


—Taken from the 'About Me' section of user Wayne_Knight's profile, an ever-vigilant weirdo in the quest to find answers to the questions that really mattered. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

I loved the morning I saw my brother jacking off into our scrambled eggs I got so hot watching mom eating her eggs knowing she eating brothers cum


naughtygirl6, regaling us with a cherished memory of her adolescence.[3]

their is no difference in this and anal fucking.


elites2012, who sees no difference between a woman shitting on the floor while playing Just Dance on the Wii and simply sticking it in her pooper.[4]

Women usually don't say what they mean. They say no but inside they say yes. They're just embarrassed to admit their sexual impulses, it's a society thing, a woman shows interest in a cock, they're called sluts. I mean they are sluts, but they should be proud of it, embrace it, and enjoy sex..



pervert4life takes a moment away from furiously beating his cock to drop some knowledge regarding society's view of female sexuality.[5]

rightie dies on my cock .. fuck her like the dog whore she is then snap that neck as i jizz in her worthless womb .... ;)


—2edgy4me Rickraider, 2. edgy. 4. me.[6]

And if you need any more proof that this place was fucked, remember that both Ian Watkins and MadThad0890 both had active motherless accounts when arrested.

Motherless Message Boards[edit]

What do motherless and the Catholic church have in common? They are both filled with sickos, and they both provide them with a place to anonymously confess their sicko behavior.
You get it all here; there's the guy who has never cleaned his three-year-old fleshlight even once and gets off on it's foul odor, the guy who picks up Mexicans from Home Depot and pays them $100 to do gay shit (Rob Schneider would be proud) and cums on his face for the lulz, and of course there's a woman who gets off on licking toilet seats in public restrooms. With a little effort, there's also genuine lulz to be found; some intentional, and others at the expense of a woman who degraded herself for a husband who was trying to bang their 14 year old daughter. Then there's the shitty trolls. And the obligatory half-completed King Of The Hill fanfic and a harsh reality check for an out-of-touch moron thrown in for good measure every once in a while.

AKA To Catch A Predator 2: Electric Boogaloo[edit]

The general rule of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And as such, the following should be kept on file as prime examples of what you don't use motherless for:

  • If you're going to pretend to be your wife on motherless chat and tell strangers that she fucks jailbait boys while her husband watches and takes pictures, don't be surprised when the party van shows up at your work.[7]
  • Don't deliver cheese pizza to 'women' you meet at[8]
  • Don't use motherless to find a 14 year old girl to fuck, especially if you are a member of your local board of education.[9]
  • If you are lucky enough to find an arranged marriage with a 10 year old girl on motherless for only $400, it's a trap.[10]
  • If there is no way you can go on living without fucking babies, do yourself a solid and don't stream it live on the internet.[11]
  • If someone tells you that you can fuck a 13 year old in exchange for CP, they are probably lying.[12]
  • Nobody is stupid enough to rape a 9 year old on webcam, regardless of how much CP you give them.[13]
  • Don't use motherless to blackmail n00dz out of women just because you are too beta to get laid.[14]
  • Holy shit, this old fuck actually met a fifteen year old girl on motherless and when told 'TITS OR GTFO', she delivered.[15]
  • Being lonely and former military does not excuse trying to fuck some lady's daughter.[16]
  • If you are a retired radio DJ with an impressive career behind you, don't blow it by flying to the Virgin Islands to try to fuck a 6-year old.[17] If you do, make sure you fake your death.[18]]

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