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Info non-talk.png Did you mean Moving to Mexico? No, of course you fucking didn't, libfag hypocrite, when push comes to shove you want to live among whites, not beaners.

Who cares how you do it? Just go.

In November 2016 2008 2000, Donald Trump Barack Obama George W. Bush defeated Hillary Clinton John McCain Al Gore. Upset mindless young Democrats Republicans Democrats, many who are not old enough to vote or realize what their parents say isn't always right, started a new campaign "Let's move to Canada to get away from Trump Obama Bush, before him and his alt-right muslim bible-thumping friends like Ben Carson Rev. Wright Dick Cheney and Penes Bill Ayers Karl Rove kill us and the evil nazi shitlords socialist liberals wingnut conservatives, take over the country." Internet communities were soon being flooded with SJW and liberals conservatives liberals, all saying this. The initial plan is to not come back to the United States until January of 2020 2013 2004, when Hillary Clinton Sarah Palin John Kerry will be eternal empress of a feminist America crowned Queen for life of the United States elected president. There are numerous groups on Facebook based around this movement.


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'"Moving to Canada" is one of the oldest memes in the book. 100 years ago, it was called draft-dodging and only practiced by dirty hippies. Liberals like Susan Sarandon invoked this same meme in 2004 over Bush and again in 2008 if McCain won (of course since they were still here after 2004, it proves they never had any intention to make good on their promise). It should also be known that Canada is a VERY hard country to immigrate and they do not let just ANYBODY in their country You have to have money and maybe a job.

Why this idea is win[edit]

Anyone with a brain knows Canada is a country better than USA which is being run by Trump whom is a double nigger.

How to troll those who tell you this[edit]

  • Tell them about the milk that comes in bags and the socialist government.
  • Find a video of Bob and Doug McKenzie and tell them everyone in Canada is like this.
  • If Bob and Doug don't work ask them if they like The Kids in the Hall or Red Green.
  • Tell them that they don't have the Jonas Brothers, they have their own version called Rush.
  • Suggest going to New Zealand instead.
  • Tell them everyone has a sense of humor like Mike Myers up there.

People who are taking part in this move[edit]

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Of course, just like the left wing fags who threatened to leave over Bush in 2004 and again in 2016, these rednecks and libtards aren't going anywhere. Who the fuck wants to live in Canada?

What they don't realize is that Canada is basically Obama's vision for the US.

Gallery of Future Canadians[edit]

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