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He'll suck your cock.

MrDisambiguation was the leader of the mighty New*Furry*Military* on YouTube and an attention-whoring homosexual necrofur with an ego large enough to eclipse the sun. He spent most of his time attempting to troll the trolls and employed such brilliant tactics as: avoiding actual arguments, using atrocious spelling and grammar, and leaving sexual messages on others' Youtube channels. He most likely acts out on the internet because his parents are dead.

I as you might know am Mr.D.I am one of the most succesfull troll killers in all youtube.I am defeater of the A.F.O. and the single hand winner of the second furry war.I have clambed 1000s of troll including the great ultraforge.There has not been ONE troll who can stop me.


—Mr. D and his USI.

He made it himself.....out of wood.


His fursona.

MrDisambiguation is totally not a mainstream metalhead from New Jersey. He's actually a bird named Dimorious. Dimorious has a tragic emo past that can be read in full here. BAWWWLEETED

Dimorious' final form.



—Being USI even in his writing.

Writer Extraordinaire[edit]

It should be mentioned that even in his writing, MrD cannot keep from whipping out his e-peen or BAWWWing about Fursecution. His entire story (all 3 chapters) is about the Furry War and how humans want to destroy all furries. Don't believe it? Let him show you (his pokemans) BAWWWLEETED

My brothers!We must ride the wourld of these disgusting animals known as furrys once and for all!!Tonight!we will raid there town and kill all!We shall start with his one!Bring forth the persinor!

They put a small furry fox on his knees,and bent his head over as the man rised a large axe high in the air.


—Hahaha, oh wow.

Military History[edit]

YouTube. It's the summer of 2009. The YouTube Furry War is over. The "Anti-Troll Organization" is dead. Most FCTC members have choked to death on cocks. The time is ripe for faggotry.....

Trolling The Trolls[edit]

Mr. D burst on the scene in August of 2009, declaring a war on trolls. He spent the next two weeks uploading three videos in two days on average. He eventually concluded by deleting his war-related videos and posting a conclusion, declaring the war to be over, and claiming victory for the fact that he is "better than all the trolls". Of course, he ignored the fact that this is the internet and there never was a "war" going on. He would have remained just another insignificant YouTube furfag had it not been for a group of faggots known as the "Anti-Furry Organization". The AFO members fancied themselves as EPIC WIN trolls. In reality, most furries could troll the piss out of them. When the group fell apart due to internal drama, he took credit for it, just like he takes credit for everything else.

The New Furry Military[edit]


The hardest counter-troll on all of the internet must have a large personal army. Complete with it's own YT group, forum, and Facebook page. MrDisambiguation knew that to save the interwebs, he had assemble a force like no other. Many badass motherfuckers flocked to the "New Furry Military". It's believed that the Old Furry Military was brutally raped in the ass in order to make room for MrD's fighting force, but this is still a mystery to the detectives of the internet. elementemblem412, Akuroth1, yotsu21, SGTFERRET11, and draconas109 form the core of this chaotic combo. If it's not enough to have an anti-troll military, how about branches. Just like a real army guize!!!1


  • New*Furry*Military Movement*
  • Furry Airforce
  • Furry United Rebellion
  • Furry Artillery Unit HACKED
  • Chimera Anti-Troll Group HACKED Back and gayer than ever. Raped a second time.
  • Armor and Weapons Tech Sector: F
Typical NFM fursona.

On an ulrelated note, NFM members are the newfags of the furry fandom. Most of their "fursonas" are based of Sonic or something else TOTALLY ORIGINAL.

Glory Days[edit]

I have a dream.

On more than one occasion, MrD and his forces attempted to psyops the trolls. Their operations have included making fake accounts that are best friends with the NFM member who created them, making trolls look bad, and attempting to get personal information by asking for it.

There was a time period when the NFM actually accomplished something. In December of 2009, MrD tricked the trolls into giving his sekrit spy account control over two troll groups. If anyone gave a shit about two groups of that never did anything, this might have been a problem. In the end, though, the Jews were proven responsible. No, really.

Phisters Sappen Mah Accounts: The Sequel[edit]


As 2010 dawned, MrD and his NFM believed they had the trolls beaten. They had won the furry war and made the internet more serious than ever. In early January, a group calling itself "AATC" (Al-Aqsa Trolling Crew) launched a phishing plot directed at furries, but primarily NFM members. This presented a challenge because the NFM did not realize that groups actually existed outside of YouTube. Furniggers began developing a defense mechanism by saying that "trolls only hack because they're butthurt." MrD himself described it as the "biggest act of newfag ever". Ever. Throughout January, a large number of prominent NFM members found their accounts replaced with "COCKS AND DONGS AND ANAL HOLES" as well as other trolling copypasta. Although the vast majority of phishings ended as February started, MrD and his camp continue to issue warnings and yell about how "hacking is fail".

The AATC are truly the worst. Most trolls are just annoying, but they're just evil



It should be noted that this is on a 13-year old's channel.

Dimorious and Other Furfags[edit]

MrD's relationship with other furfags is split between furries with his ideals and the other 98%. If another furfag tells him that what he's trying to do is stupid and only adding to the problem, he'll type a paragraph about how he's right, how he's trying to help, how the other furfag is a problem, and other variants of rage. His first two dramatic events with other furniggers came in the form of being accused of trolling by a pedophile named "Beartube1" and editing himself into the Furry War Wikifur article, which resulted in his ass being handed to him. If you thought his drama with trolls was stupid, wait 'til you see how he interacts with furries.

You're comin' at Mr. D like this, Beartube? I don't think you know who you're talking to.


—Mr. D, internet tough guy.

The "Furry Cult"[edit]

Furfags attempting to create a religion (or at least that's what MrD and his christfag friend, yotsu21 claim) caught wind of MrD's psyops plans and went into moralfag mode. They uploaded a video showing several PMs confirming information that was already popularly accepted by everyone else. MrD immediately flew into rage and declared the perpetrators as enemies of the NFM. His first action against them was to call on the trolls he was fighting to attack them for him. Before trolls got a chance to laugh in his face, the accounts opposing him closed. MrD breathed a sigh of relief and ejaculated. There is no room in the furry fandom for narrow-minded cultists - because that's totally NOT what he's promoting. A few weeks later, the cult re-emerged as the Furry United Nations, which actually called for sanity and an end to faggotry and drama. More bickering between the two parties, as if they were an elderly couple, would ensue. Zoophilia and yiff were the main points of debate between the two sides. Guess which one defend the dogfuckers.


Shit Falls Apart[edit]

Glory days couldn't last forever, and Mr D and his merry militia soon found themselves infighting with other would-be Furry Jesus's. The Wolfee Darkfang Feud

In an attempt to gain more support for his NFM, Mr D took up refuge in Second Life. The chosen base of operations what that of Wolfee Darkfang and friends. Wolfee, having left the furry drama repeatedly some time prior, did not appreciate Mr D and his attempt to "bring drama to Second Life", though in all actuality, Wolfee was probably just irked that Dimorious's try at a furry personal army was greeted with much more success than his own attempt. From that contempt, Wolfee and pals shitcanned Dimorious and his faggot cadre from their land. Mr D took said termination personally, bringing the feud to YouTube; <video type="youtube" id="wVL4gcqg3IA&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL" height="300" width="400" position="center" frame="true" /> </div>

Wolfee upped the ante and took things one step further, warning YouTube that he knew for months that Mr D was up to super secret anti-furry activities, and that NFM was a front for a more devious operation which would only result in more of the dreaded drama. And then cried about people not instantly taking his word and his epic struggle against trolls for years before promising Youtube that Mr D would be the death of YouTubes furfag community.

<video type="vimeo" id="16283306" width="400" height="300" desc="

sl is srs bsns


" frame="true" position="center" allowfullscreen="true"/>


The evidence.

At some point last Thursday, several YouTube private messages were released. They allegedly showed MrD admitting to actually being a troll and creating the entire NFM and "2nd Furry War" as part of said trolling. The first video, which was uploaded to a phished account, showed dox that were allegedly obtained by MrD. The video was flagged down within a couple of hours for showing personal information, but the damage was done. By the next morning, WolfeeDarkfang, Cid Silverwing, and ChuongChosoi were all actively bitching on MrD's page. Over the next two days, an XBOX HUEG number of videos from both sides of the line were uploaded. Content can be best described as "BAWWW WE KNEW ALL ALONG" or "BAWWW HE'S INNOCENT". Initially, NFM members blamed the AATC. But then, in about a week, wolfee made a video detailing how fake PMs could be made by anyone with half a brain, although this excludes most furfags, the current theory is that the plan was set up by furries opposed to the NFM, and that wolfee's video was damage control for when people remembered that he's a fag and stopped listening to him.

I Dream of Paxil[edit]

In February, Wolfee Darkfang and Felinoid came forward claiming that MrD was pretending to be an anti-furry troll named paxilrose. The only real evidence they had was a fake account claiming to be paxil and the testimony of wolfee's mate. In about 2 days, though, Felioind broke out the head shine once again and made a video apologizing and saying that it was a troll plot all along. In reality, they have no idea what the fuck is going on. Wolfee, being a dramawhore, made an announcement that he was leaving the YouTube Furry War forever, disregard that this is about the 4th time he's said this.

Mr D and ED[edit]

In December 2009, MrD made a video (complete with voice acting, a fake gun, and Jihadist music) asking for an Encyclopedia Dramatica article. After the article was made, MrD rejoiced in his glorious victory. In true Chris-chan style, he failed to realize that the entire page is based around thing's HE'S done and only serves to document his retardation for the world.

<video type="youtube" id="hI8V1wwYoOI&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL" height="300" width="400" position="center" frame="true" />

Mr D and Romance[edit]

When you are the master of trolling the trolls, it's well known that you instantly become a chick magnet. MrD's current romantic interest is a whale of a furfag named Kathera Lockharte. They truly are the perfect couple and this can be determined by their similarities. They are both epic win troll fighters, incredibly unattractive, and both have their topless pics posted to ED. Keep in mind that they probably have never spoken to one another, and that their entire relationship is probably contained to Second Life and occasional cyber-yiff.

MrD and Writing[edit]

It should be mentioned that even in his writing, MrD cannot keep from whipping out his e-peen or BAWWWing about Fursecution. He bawwwleeted all of them.

My brothers!We must ride the wourld of these disgusting animals known as furrys once and for all!!Tonight!we will raid there town and kill all!We shall start with his one!Bring forth the persinor!

They put a small furry fox on his knees,and bent his head over as the man rised a large axe high in the air.


—Hahaha, oh wow.


Dimorious has a grasp of the English language to rival Shakespeare. Here's a sampling of words he's created all by himself.

  • Actoly - Actually
  • Bascoly - Basically
  • Hostabl - Hospital
  • iam - I am/I'm
  • Gruop - group
  • Youer - your/you're
  • Shore - sure
  • Freands - friends
  • Consorts - concerts
  • Famley - family
  • Wealding - welding
  • Makeing - making
  • Dosent - doesn't
  • Alittle - a little
  • Tryd - tried
  • Annonamise - Anonymous
  • Moer - more
  • Persinor - prisoner
  • Master Peace - masterpiece
  • Museum - Muslim
  • torrent - tolerant

The End?[edit]


On Friday, July 16 2010, MrDisambiguation was suspended from YouTube due to DMCA claims filed against several of his videos. The suspension occurred after he went on a spree of blocking trolls from his profile. He has since announced his intention to remain gone and posted messages to his remaining online profiles announcing his departure. We all know he'll keep his word.

Update: Like the predictable bastard he is, he came back in under a month. So much for sticking it to those no-lifers on the internet.

<video type="vimeo" id="16939788" width="400" height="300" desc=" {{quote|He now rivals Wolfeedarkfang for "quitting the internet forever" the most times." frame="true" position="center" allowfullscreen="true"/>


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