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A summary of Multiply
Multiply, because one isn't enough.
Typical Multiply fag

Multiply is a shitty social networking site populated by retarded idiotic children. The site bills itself as family friendly, despite being filled with foul-mouthed 13 year old boys, 16 year old sluts and the sexual predators they attract.

But what were you expecting from a website named after the natural follow up to sexual intercourse?


More typical Multiply users

Multiply is populated by idiotic teenagers who spout " ZOMG XD XD" every few minutes. It is also filled with emo attention whores who listen to Jonas Brothers the entire day while jacking off

Multiply is also used by companies, groups or radio stations who are too retarded or poor to make their own website so resort to a website children decorate with shiny blinking GIFs.

The vast majority of Multiply members are Filipino students who have IQ's of less than 90. All they ever do is flood each others' pages and shout about how they or their fag friends are so "smexy".


Basically everyone on Multiply. Similar to the ones who lurk on Myspace and Friendster, but more immature and mentally disabled. Their pages always have bleeding hearts, shitty headers and My Chemical Romance songs.

Attention whore fuckshitter

These pieces of shit shout " XD" every few words they type and flood their friends' pages. They all post pictures of themselves with their mom's shit digital camera. Bait for pedos who hang out on Multiply.

Disney faggot

Fan of every shit Disney movie, such as Hannah Montana and Fag shit boobical. 13 year old boys in this category somehow act like 16 year old girls

Child Molesters

This is the girl you've been friends with for 3 months, faggot

Inevitably, there will be molesters hanging out where 13 year old emos and 16 year old attention whores also hang out. They will have a lot of girly music on their playlist and colorful pages to lure unsuspecting victims.


The culture of Multiply users is flooding their "friend"s' pages and messaging them with endless "ZOMG UR SO SMEXY", "ADD ME PLS." and "OMG LOL XD XD XD"

The members of Multiply worship fag bands. Their app/widget/fuck playlist spews out nothing but this raw sewage which can make one's ears bleed.

The formatting of their pages are also crap, making the text utterly illegible and can make one have a stroke or a epileptic seizure (both, most of the time)

Effects of going to a Multiply page

A Typical Day on Multiply

Typical multiply page
A shitty layout is a trademark of a Multiply page
Playlist of every multiply member ever



  • XD!!!
  • SMEXY!!!1
  • HAWT!!!
  • HOY!!

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