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Info non-talk.png Not to be confused with a similarly-named far-right propagandist who also peddles childish nonsense to paying dupes

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Murdoch Murdoch are a group of millenial virgins who make cringy animated huWhite identitarian comedy videos using crudely cut out content from stock images and throwing in random memes.

The plot of most episodes usually revolves around how the main cast is dealing with a certain jew or nigger related problem they have to overcome resulting in yet another vidya shoah followed by their loyal fans reuploading their content back on jewtube.

Dr. William Luther Pierce



A squeeky little faggot in his early thirties who identifies both as a nazi and a lolbertarian.

Despite identifying both as a fascist and a lolbertarian, he likes to racemix with hapas, smonks weed, watches anime and loves to play his little videogames.

Dr. Murdoch[edit]

The brains of the 3 Murdochs who jacks off to Lauren Southern in like every fucking episode since Nice Guy National socialism.

He is such a fucking genius that he even invented a cure for aidsbola when his butt-buddy Murdoch contracted aids from fucking hookers with his new pal Slick Willy. In that one scene where Murdoch wakes up in the hospital after being cured, the nurse tells Dr. Murdoch that he could save many black lives and gays from aids with his new found cure. After that he dropped the test tube with the cure in it on the floor followed by him saying oops

Murdoch Chan[edit]

Murdoch Chan is a totally crazy hardcore bitch ready to gas the kikes race war now at any moment. Murdoch Chan hates Murdoch for being a weeboa faggot vidya addict degenerate who keeps trying to hit on her.

OL she gets constantly harassed by thirsty internet fans who want their face to become her seat. She's in her mid 20's and still a virgin having a way too fucking high standard when it comes to how she likes her men.

In order for you to fuck her, you have to have a one big pack six pack, willing to make at least 10 white children, no premarital sex, never masturbated before, never eaten soy willingly or not, never waken up on a saturday afternoon to watch cartoon and eat cereal and 466 other requirements that are absolutely insane even for your average purity spiraling stormfag. Murdoch Chan is actually Murdoch Ching Chong Chan and if you close your eyes, her voice sounds Asian.


/r/The_Donald is THE incarnation of redditfags who support (((Trump))) and have flooded /pol/ and the kekistan meme ruining both the image board and the meme that is an analogy for white genocide.

The dumbass fanatically supports (((our greatest ally))), loves based faggots, (((based kikes))) and based black guys as long they wear trump hats, FUCKING BASED!!!!11

Everytime r/t_d shows any kind of support for based (((kikes))), faggots and niggers, the rubber ducky he shoved up his ass in solidarity with faggots who died by mudslime hands, makes a squeeky noise adding comedic effect.

Despite being the civic cuck that he is, his near six gorillion subscriber count made him powerful enough to BTFO both /u/spez and (((Mark Zuckerberg))) saving his stormfag friends from Censorship squad.

Dr. William L. Pierce[edit]

It must have come to a shock when you found out your favorite teacher Dr. William L. Pierce left teaching physics and started being the biggest stormfag that has ever set foot upon this entire fucking planet. He was the chairman of the National Alliance until he died of assburgers but mysteriously came back to life since he's a meme and memes never die.

When he tried to shoot up an anime convention because Murdoch was trying to fuck a hapa, the three Murdochs turned into race betraying shills and gassed based god Dr. Pierce for being an annoying faggot when he blamed the Jews for not adding pickles to his Taco, proving once and for all that they are controlled opposition. The fanbase became enraged and threatened to stop watching and so Murdochs capitulated and brought him back as a recuring character.

Since Dr. Pierce is a meme, he just came back to life a second time to aid Murdoch and Dr. Murdoch in saving Murdoch Chan and the white race.

When the series did a shitty Star Wars Spin-off, Paul_Joseph_Watson killed Dr. Pierce because he fucking hates Race Realism, but yet again, he's a meme and he came back to life.

Lauren Southern[edit]

She is a journalist of alt-lite Rebel Media Dr. Murdoch and other alt-reich faggots have the hots for. In the series, she first appears in the episode; 'Nice Guy National Socialism' where Dr. Murdoch meets her at a free speech rally, to find her calling out antifa for being da real fascists. In fact she is actually jewish and promotes racemixing by fucking her monkey looking based black guy in a Trump hat in order to make The Jewnited States of Americunts a beige racemixed civic nationalist utopia. Even her black boyfriend FUCKING BASED encouraged Dr. Murdoch to racemix with his nigger sistas resulting in him 'inadvertently' killing the ape.

Kristoffer Shekelstein & Michael Goldberg[edit]

Communist Laurel and Hardy, since Kristoffer Shekelstein (the fat one) and Michael Goldberg (the thin one), are two complete idiots who try to fight fascism in any way possible, even if it means beating up a 90 year old lady to death, hiding her body under their bed, having a study mate over only to find out she has been missing and when she looked under the bed, where a strange smell came from, Kristoffer Shekelstein smashed her brains in and rapes her dead body afterwards all for the sole reason the old bitch was wearing a trump hat.

Murdoch Murdoch Videos[edit]

Starring Main Characters Miscellaneous episodes


Revenge of the Murdochs

The Murdoch Diaries

Pure 100 Bavarian Phenotype

Hwite Knights

Nice Guy National Socialist



Immortality through delicious t shirt money

Get yer hands off muh vidya

Episode 1 The reddit cuck discovers pol

Episode 2 Nigel's Dream

Episode 3 The Orbiter

Episode 4 Return of the Swede

Episode 5 brave

Episode 6 Ellen Pao's gift to pol

Episode 7 The Ghost of Stonewall Jackson

Episode 8 Flight 800 000

Episode 9 JJ Abrams' Interracial Art That's Perfectly Acceptable To Be Put On YouTube

Episode 10 When My Brothers Finally Wake Up

Video List[edit]

MurdochChan Absolute waifu.png
Virgin pussy best pussy

Oldest to newest

Since their main channel was repeatedly buttfucked by Jewtube and their censorship, Murdoch Murdoch has moved over to and made announcement videos on their main channel, which also got deleted even though it did not contain any hate speech in it, for the following episodes:

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