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My Hero Academia (or Boku no Hero Academia if you're of true Japanese heritage) is a shounen manga/anime that portrays the adventures of an annoying, friendless, retarded faggot called Izuku Midoriya trying to become the strongest hero despite having the personality and ambition of a cardboard box. To make short, a mediocre series that only got succesfull because it's a NORP magnet with all the shipping and casual storytelling so simplified that it should belong in a children's bedtime storybook compilation. Another reason is that this also holds the record for the manga/anime with the most unlikable cast of girls in 2017 that SSS tiered losers fap to their fantasies of fucking their waifus, despite most of them being high schoolers.


The average episode of My Hero

Sometime a hundred years ago humanity started to develop "quirks" that gave them superpowers ranging from completely OP to absolutely useless and nothing inbetween. Instead of following the life of an interesting person with an interesting quirk, My Hero Academia decides to focus the story around a nobody that nobody likes, most likely so the viewers can relate more easily to a lonely beta that can't talk to irl wimmins properly. Unlike every other superhero, Midoriya isn't smart or cool or a billionaire, and hasn't been adopted by a smart and cool billionaire so he has no way of becoming the hero he wants to be, until one day THE BEST hero evar All Might (also known as Deus Ex Machina) gives him the amazing super power of breaking his arms because Kohei Horikoshi is a talentless hack that only wants to rob embittered Narutards their money after realising that Boruto sucks ass.

Like a typical Shonen series, the plots are basic, ridden with violence and sprinkled with fanservice that grossly appeals to the adult demographic despite being geared towards Japanese teenagers, which is why when this series came to the west, it was advertised to the adult population, because they are too squeamish over seeing 2D cleavage. Sooner or later, we at ED predict that once My Hero Academia reaches Shippuden levels of filler and boring, the series will slowly decay and peter off while the next Shonen bait comes to take the mantle.


The first popularity poll in Japan
The second popularity poll in Japan. Notice how similar this is compared to the first one.

Izuku Midoriya[edit]

The main character. Also known as Deku. Is so boring that after the second season, Kohei decided to change the focus of the series to literally every other character but Midoriya and shoe-horning a simple plot for him about learning how to use his powers better. The only interesting thing he did all of the next few seasons was punch the Hero Killer in the face.

Katsuki Bakugo[edit]

One of the main character's rivals & former childhood friend. Has a quirk which is basically blowing shit up & has a lot of emotional issues that he has bottled up (Childhood & being an asshole). He used to take out all his anger on Deku for the last 10 years (until he got a quirk). Despite all this he's the most popular character. Feels threatened now that Deku isn't a weak crying little bitch but now a crying little bitch with a quirk. The worst popular fuckboi edgy character since Sasuke.

All Might[edit]

Is one of the best characters in the series. Gave inspiration to heroes & the new generation. He is a balanced character with weaknesses & strengths. Never takes shit from anyone & even in his weak form he's still a badass. One of the most respected individuals in Japan & the world. He single handily took down all the Villians in Japan years ago and brought peace. (Idol Of Peace). Has a major boner for his tutor Nana Shimura (murdered by All For One when he was a teen). He is now a teacher at UA & (father figure & tutor to Deku).

All might is daddy.jpg

Shoto Todoroki[edit]

Prince Zuko, ice edition! He is the fujobait of the series. Shoto has a lot of daddy issues with his father Endeavour (hero). The reason was his mother was mentally "abused" by his father. One day she couldn't take and burnt half his face with boiling water. Ever since that day he hated his father. Until he was up against Deku at the tournament. Since then he was fanboying for Deku and less edgy. His quirks are fire & Ice on right & left side of his body. (Half & Half bastard). Autistic wish fullment character due to having copius amounts of shipping fuel with momo, and is the go to guy for masturbatory popular porn pictures of momo to self insert as, DESPITE being the tactless autistic stiff in the show. Still a better character character than Deku and Kaa chan.

Minoru Mineta[edit]

The fandom's punching bag(worst than Bakugou). He's a small, perverted boy with stupid grape hair, and everyone in the fandom has to make repetitive, passive-aggressive posts about how much they hate him or else, hes not anything to write home about minding the fact that he fufills only comic relief and is a generic 1a side character that like everyone else has saved few characters and has barely grown to be more responsible in the series. Ugly gremlin with downs and has the 4th most straight porn with pin up women after Bakugou, Shouto and Deku. This proves this fan base is hopeless.

Tenya Iida[edit]

Despite looking like a 25-year-old man, he is actually the class president of Midoriya's classroom and is basically a biological car engine. That's it really.

Ochaco Uraraka[edit]

An overweight gold digger who only exists as a love interest for Midoriya, (which only boring faggots ship) disregarding the fact that no girl has ever shown any interest in Deku up until that point. Her quirk is zero gravity. This makes her float or make things fall out of the sky.

Tsuyu Asui[edit]

Contributes nothing but fulfilling the man-child fanbase’s fetish of wanting to fuck a frog.

Momo Yaoyorozu[edit]

Just like Tsunade and Boa Hancock before her, Momo is the shows sex fantasy feminist skank with a rack bigger than her head, DESPITE being 15 years old. A character that hori messed up the more his Bakugou and Todoroki boner got the better of him, due to sideling her and the other kids, with momo being the jobbing info dump fap material for hentai and having zero personality development after the sports festival. Her quirk is creating solid mass objects from her body, but due to shonen rules as a female, her best creation is most likely going to be a todoroki shaped vibrator for those lonely nights at her rich ass mansion.

Hero Killer[edit]

An attempt as a morally grey villain in the show & manga, he severely injured Iida's brother (made him a human vegetable), causing Iida to be massively butthurt and almost killing him in the process. He is a character who joined the league of villains & inspired many villains to follow his ideas & join the villain alliance.


Totally not ripping off from! Also spoilers: Will is better than Midoriya!

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