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My Posting Career is a Something Awful spinoff forum with $20 account "application fee" for racist ex-goons who consider themselves too intellectual for Stormfront or VNN. Popular discussion topics include making fun of liberals, boasting about their weightlifting routines, and whining about how niggers, Jews and faggots are ruining everything.

In other words, it’s a typical white nationalist Internet circlejerk. Because MPC considers itself the sophisticated alternative to run-of-the-mill Hitler fetishism, though, the gap between their self-perception and reality is a reliable source of lulz.

Pleasureman (Brian Uecker), the site administrator, started My Posting Career after a catty falling out with now defunct rightwing goon site The New Effort. The New Effort was a replacement for SASS, which was created to troll Something Awful, so essentially My Posting Career was originally created by and for people too creepy, vindictive and combative to exist on either forum. Over time MPC has branched out and become a festering slurry of various examples of rightwing burning human wreckage, with sweaty middle aged Bible thumping zealots haunting the same internet halls as racist perverts who complain about age of consent laws on PUA blog comment sections.

It goes without saying that any alt right humor website is going to attract only the most mentally ill worm-dicked weirdos society has to offer, but My Posting Career is distinct in priding themselves as being morally and intellectually superior to MRAs, PUAs, and other alt righters while supporting the same things and being bigger losers than the very the people they make fun of.

This is made astronomically more hilarious as most of the forum also profess to being devout traditional-minded Christian men while posting on a forum that receives much of its outside traffic from a site called Chateau Heartiste, a quaint little Pickup Artist advice hole run by aging racist alcoholic bullshitter nerd Roissy (James C. Weidmann). Among other contemptible, barely literate PUA blog shit hammered out nightly in his economy apartment with the help of a handy bottle of rotgut, Roissy is the creator of this sweet little piece about why FUCKING CHILDREN shouldn't be stigmatized and is actually the cool suave thing for cool suave rightwing bros (who are balding middle aged losers).

Did I mention Roissy got doxxed by a woman he met online and lost his job? Whoops!

MPC poster Mercenary (George Matthew from New Jersey) showing off his racist bodybuilding results.
Standard My Posting Career content. An ex-republican with a sexual humiliation fetish quotes the Bible while Honky P. Normalman urges 20 computer technicians in the American Midwest to keep spreadsheets on the names and identities of some European women in case they ever stop jacking it to lolicon long enough to go outside and murder them, I guess. Alt right humor, baby.

Posting Careerists[edit]


Führer of MPC. (powerword: Brian Uecker) A pasty, middle-aged college dropout working as an IT drone now being a shutin in beautiful flyover wasteland South Dakota, Pleasureman considers himself a sophisticated thinker with fresh ideas for conservative intellectual discourse, which is why he surrounds himself with slapfighting Something Awful rejects and bans anyone who disagrees with him.

My Posting Career started as a GoDaddy website Brian Uecker bought because he couldn't stop getting into serious personal confrontations with admins on other racist websites that escalated into doxing, blackmail, and whining that he would issue DMCA notices to protect his bicurious drug-addled standins for actual friends or family. Brian Uecker is a 47 year old computer programmer and married his first wife at the very normal and typical age of 43. She obviously made a decision that wasn't influenced by codependency issues in marrying a smug, repellent racist crank. Brian is often affectionately called "Kermit" by asskissers because his voice is choked and meek even after the huge quantity of alcohol he needs to summon the courage to Skype with anyone. When he isn't rubbing his dick with manosphere pedophiles, Brian likes to spend hours trolling under the name "Dr. Steven J Krune III" where he says the word faggot and HILARIOUSLY the average person reacts negatively.

Liberals beware! This insatiable alpha male pussy FIEND who is an admin of an important internet forum is out to post the fuck out of your address and gossip about your dick.

PMAN sees his forum as a conservative think tank and his role as moderator to be the curation of the dissident right’s sharpest minds:

Stormfront is also too large. There seems to be a pattern that as these venues increase in scale, they attract more misfits, angry kooks, and unintelligent free riders who simply parrot ideological dogma. Stormfront has a staggering number of forums and subforums, which promotes cliquish subgroups and further petrifies discussion.

I envision MPC as more on the scale of a mailing list or magazine, and am wary of seeing it get too large. I think a healthy amount of turnover is necessary, and when you don't have that turnover you get entrenched, sprawling forums that lose their focus and cater to the lowest common denominator. My role here is partly editorial, to maintain scope and tone and some kind of intellectual standard.


Brian reduced the scale so no kooks or misfits show up on his racist intellectual forum.

Naturally instead of any "intellectual content" Brian's website is littered with years worth of his bizarre psychopathic diatribes that vacillate between pretending to be a wizened conservative family man and cowardly anonymous stalking of people who have left reviews that trigger and offend his delicate racist sensibilities. Oh, and he also stalked MRA target Racheal Cassidy (who was accused of making a false rape report but turned out to be an innocent woman wholly unrelated to the case, thanks MRA geniuses) because he's fucking fed up with all the false rape reports. Brian Uecker is totally not an MRA loser though, guys!

Really who would have guessed that an aspiring alternative rightwing personality would be a spergy incoherent mentalcase with emotional and social problems?

Brian Uecker gets up to some trolling shenanigans too, you crazy kids.
This picture of Brian Uecker sucking a phallic object in a $50 jacket was so alpha that his mother and sister couldn't not click "like"! Maybe now if Brian runs enough Dread Game he'll get a piece of that great Midwestern White tradition: nonconsentual incest.

What to do if you're a victim of trolling by Teh Master Troll Brian Uecker for the epic lulz:

-Remind him that he is 50 years old. -Ask him how jealous it makes him to see normal 50 year old men interacting with their children and possibly grandchildren instead of posting bitter creepy shit on the internet all day long.

Cheateau Uecker, pure luxury partly funded by pedophile bloggers

-Ask why his best friend in the world was a pill popping goon wasteoid who resorted to homosexuality out of desperation, only existed on the internet, and died of an overdose -Ask why his only forum traffic comes from the blog of a fucking child molester -Ask why he hasn't killed himself and joined eloh yet -Delight in the cornucopia of failure that is this broken creature's life and cumulative works -Remind him that everyone on his shitty little forum would be sucking up to some other PUA trashdick if they weren't sucking up to him -Contact his employer -Contact his wife -Contact the police because Brian is a very bored man without much happening in his life and will probably grow to be obsessed with you especially if you ever hurt his feelings by reminding him of what he really is.

Sam Hyde and Million Dollar Extreme[edit]

Weirdly enough, an ideology based entirely around grown men being violently terrified of black 15 year olds is positively lacking notable funnymen. Million Dollar Extreme is the alt right's answer to hundreds of successful "weird twitter" accounts and it's no secret to their roughly 3,000 fans accumulated since 2007 that frontman Sam Hyde dabbles in race realism and reads none other than My Posting Career. Because conservatives are scientifically proven to not understand humor and don't functionally find anything fun or interesting above cynicism, petulant entitlement, and cruelty, the alt right is actually overly (sickeningly or potentially homosexually) fond of Sam for having an overbearing, noisome personality and being a disenfranchised ugly asshole (just like them!) who can reliably annoy and embarrass their enemies (everyone).

Turning the tiniest hint of positive attention into a cult of personality clownshow, rather than merely "liking" MDE, racists see their polished oeuvre of half decade old Williamsburg hipster harassment videos as pivotal in connecting their broken ideas with a younger, hipper audience, or at least destigmatizing racism into another banal opinion rather than the severe mental defect that it actually is. Thus they can be seen plastering screenshots and memes of Sam Hyde's awful mug all over facebook like Tiger Beat stickers, tweeting fake news stories to the 5 automated media accounts who will actually run it, and possessing no emotional metric of quality, pretending each and every one of their dozens of mostly shitty videos is the funniest goddamn thing they've ever seen.

Sam went full batshit retard recently much to the chagrin of fans who assumed their pet maniac's gay bashing shtick was just, like, avant garde irony, or something. Sam lacks the investment and racist creativity of the bigot theory bigboys though, so when pressed he can't do more to rationalize these notions than dimly recite statistics he learned through /pol/ memes and proclaim vaguely that "whites need to regain some sort of cohesive tribal self-interest and identity". (Daddy issues, anyone?) Because nothing promotes that good old fashioned White solidarity harder than prolonging your popularity among a tiny subculture of worthless, violent, tax-sucking prison fodder that commit more crime as a group than any race they obsess about. Oh, and also giving interviews to porn magazines.

If Sam Hyde is headed too far down the road to cuckdom for you as an alienated creepy White youth (he's too much of a neutered fag to use the word nigger proudly because his comedian liberal friends on twitter wouldn't talk to him ever again, for example) you can always make the lulziest and most appealing sort of alt right humor all by yourself.

Brian Uecker's Relationship With Pedophile Blogger Roissy[edit]

Pale, beady-eyed, rat-faced, late 40's and reportedly sporting a sexy distended abdomen courtesy of alcoholic liver disease, "Pick Up Artist" scumfuck Roissy (James C. Weidmann) is definitely the image non-rapists would envision if reading one of his many blog posts extoling the virtues of beating women and fucking little girls.

But when Brian Uecker figured out the denizens of Roissy's blog, eager to dehumanize any other group to distract from their own disgustingness, were flocking to his dead site and giving him attention, Roissy's content pandering to pedophiles (and other bullshit no sexually normal human would condone) curiously remained an ignored non-issue on a forum that contains dozens of threads and perhaps thousands of posts about how homosexuals are an evil cabal of child molesters.

A grown man boasting about fucking a middleschooler on Heartiste, the blog for the sophisticated antisemite chomo

Kind of like how he's cool with chumming it up with homosexual drug addicts provided they suck up to him, Creepy Brian is also willing to accept "manosphere" trash who lust after children so long as they put money into his pathetic internet Paypal coffer or pay lip service to his insane, hypocritical social theories.

A few years ago Roissy was lured out of hiding by feminists and the dark triad sociopath himself was exposed as a gross looking guy who's going to die alone. In response he and his crew did the natural alpha male thing by crying until everyone became too disgusted to deal with them and took down his personal information. Rather than view this as a clue from the universe, ol' James came back with a different moniker, "Heartise~".

Of course the credulous MPC boys admire Roissy for his extremely legitimate claims he gets laid without the aid of rape (this fawning is always presented with gentle, deferent aspie "Christian" moral scolding, mind you), logically meaning that behind anonymity they are all somehow less desirable, more awkward and more perverted than he is on top of being more gullible and stupid. The nightmare spectrum of possibilities this presents is only limited by your imagination.

Just like other reactionaries, Brian, with his marginal career success, creepy life, and inability to thrive in a world that continues to do the opposite of conform to his deranged whims, isn't actually concerned about morality so much as he's obsessed with a fantasy of returning to a situation where meritless betas like him get unconditional respect for being white men. Since this is shit that's never happening.txt, Brian has created an internet safe space where he can never be challenged and if he is, he and the milquetoasts he gives occasional treats for saying the right things can "win" in the most embarrassing and objectively pathetic sense of the word.

Not content to just punish normies for such a grand betrayal that a GENIUS like him will ultimately die a lowly I.T. loser instead of a celebrated reformer, Creepy Brian turns his rage on other racists for not being psychotically racist enough (see the stupid "cuckservative" meme) and the nerd-devout for not being sexually pure enough. If this cultish and exclusionary self-imposed hell where one lunatic demands absolute control of discourse and obsessively bullies the weaker mentally ill of the group for perceived failings sounds oddly familiar, that's because it is.

Roissy (and by extension Creepy Brian Uecker) also share a peculiar sour grapes racist fixation on black science populizer Neil Degrasse Tyson, who is valued for simplifying complex concepts in fields like physics for the layperson just like weed-liking, approachable Carl Sagan. Because apparently fixing computers or being a child rapist who can turn the words "preteen vagina" into a horny, repugnant, thesaurus-breaking essay is complicated compared to uh, whatever those SHITLIB academics do.

Roissy was suspended from twitter for some shitty disgusting thing, but not to worry, the 46 year old who explicitly said 14 year old children make him hot is back under the name "ChateauEmissary" and sharing lingo, retweets, and Trump worship almost exclusively with My Posting Career subhumans.

Roissy as drawn by smarter feminists who punked him. Brian Uecker has stated Roissy looks "more normal than other Pick Up Artists" and thanked him for giving MPC traffic.

Three guesses as to what Creepy Brian spent all day doing while his senior citizen wife cried about her deceased mother. If you guessed getting pant-shittingly mad about miscegenation online, you win! Your prize is sadness.

My Posting Career Shibboleths[edit]

Faggot, Nigger, Kike, Steezer(?) Bindi, NOWAG: You aren't allowed to say these words at your Geeksquad job (doesn't that really burn your biscuits?!) so you can say them here, online. Make up new racial slurs nobody understands. Use them so much that everything you type (you will type a lot) is rendered even more incomprehensible to any normies.

Shitlib: The racist version of r9k's "normie". See also "striver" and "FAGGOT STRIVER POOR" when referring specifically to college students.

Cuckservative: Southern Poverty Law Center has credited mypostingcareer with originally coining the alt rightwing twitter (all two dozen of them!) meme "cuckservative", a hashtag term which announces they're all fantasizing about a conservative white man's wife getting plowed by muscular black guys and their big throbbing black luscious dicks. To their credit, this is the very first catchphrase they haven't stolen from FYAD, a dead humor forum composed of leftist 20 year olds.

Relationship with Chuck C Johnson[edit]

Too shitty to even write for Breitbart, My Posting Career (Brian Uecker especially) is absolutely in love with this precocious little doughy scoundrel and considers him an A+ conservative troll despite Chuck being infamous for irl stalking, being so disliked in college that a rumor was spread he shit on floors and fucked animals, being relentlessly trolled by the writing staff of Gawker, and spending thousands of dollars in a lawsuit case so schizophrenic it was repeatedly thrown out by the court. You'll be a winner some day, little guy. Just like Brian.

There's an growing amount of evidence Chuck C Johnson might be profoundly mentally ill, including this utterly amazingly cringeworthy 111-page affidavit that somehow manages to state absolutely nothing at all besides confirming that Chuck DOES in fact love shitting on the floor and fucking animals.

Chuck Johnson also proudly sports one of the most punchable faces of all time, consistently going out of his way to look like either an insufferable, grotesque ginger muppet, and/or the classic image of a child molester.

Chuck Johnson, honorary MPC member

Pleasureman’s Wife[edit]

Claudia Uecker is Brian's wife whom he settled down with at the spry age of 42 after he was done banging REAL LIVE CHICKS who were totally into rape roleplay. Yowza, what a lucky gal! Since Claudia's primary activity is presumably staring into the middle distance alone as her husband drinks and Skypes with internet racists that she will never interact with, she's probably oblivious to her meme status as Brian's Barren Wife in certain corners of the web.

Back when Brian was treated as the sneering cunt he is even by his ideological brethren, questions arose about why a condescending self-styled traditionalist like him is childless and by all accounts lives an ultra-nerd lifestyle. Before he deleted them, Brian's "Udolpho" blog even contained sadsack entries about how depressed he felt in tech industry culture and how all he had the energy to do was watch porn, jack off, and write pretentious reviews of sapphic arthouse movies. So naturally, he blamed his lack of a traditional family on his wife's rotten uterus which alt right swine gleefully ran with without ever considering implausibilities, or indeed the stark, shameful, pathetic weirdness of a middle aged man using his own wife's private medical information to save face to a handful of internet racists who hated him.

Speculation has arisen that Claudia may suffer from some cognitive disability that makes her extra reliant on Brian's computer programming money based on innumerable instances where he has described women as being "dog-like in their intelligence and need to please men" and detailed the ways which he finds it impossible to respect women. Not a week goes by that Creepy Brian doesn't compulsively write an essay about how easily manipulated and incompetent women are, despite the fact that no adult woman with any options would spend her waning years caring for a bloviating self-obsessed prick who has no friends, hobbies or political camaraderie outside of an IRC chatroom filled with anonymous perverts.

Recently Claudia's mother died and according to timestamps Brian spent the entire 24 hours before and afterward violently shitting his pants on the internet about race mixing. To the typical degenerate, this might seem like peak evidence Brian doesn't give a fuck about his wife and is just using marriage as the unlockable final achievement in his facade as The Normal Straight Male, but that's something a shitlib would think. Seriously though, Creepy Brian is a PROBABLY NOT a compensating pedophile just like his hatebuddy contemporary and outspoken advocate of child rape, Roissy.


Raised by two lesbians in an affluent Orange County suburb, Mlad (Powerword: Kevin Thomas Wall) rebelled against his permissive liberal upbringing by embracing right-wing religious extremism, but his mental instability prevents him from staying with any one church long enough for Christian lessons about “humility” and “not being a namedropping pseudo-intellectual blowhard” to sink in.

Mlad is prone to spontaneous meltdowns during the depressive phase of his bipolar cycle and regularly gets himself banned, but Pleasureman always invites him back because his knowledge of obscure Eastern Orthodox theologians makes him the closest MPC will ever get to a genuine intellectual.

A case study in what happens to lonely, mentally ill weirdos when exposed to PUA ideology and the attendant alt right culture at an early age, Kevin Wall took Roissy's and Brian's sermons to heart and at age 26 pulled a really wholesome traditional one by sexting and fucking a 16 year old girl. As it turned out all of the middle-aged hippie cracker trash in either family thought it would be a super great idea if this girl moved in with Kevin, who was unemployed and had his apartment and living expenses paid for by his rich father. Predictably, Kevin Wall made one of this girl's earliest relationship memories calling 9-1-1 as he took pills and threatened to plummet off a bridge for attention. He was institutionalized around Christmas.

Kevin has detailed such wonders as his rape fetish on MPC before, but Creepy Brian was in a generous mood after hearing about Kevin's misconduct and hid all his dox information, which had previously been public. Between Kevin and Roissy, let's speculate about what Brian's sexuality is really like.

Kevin's abuse victim still associates with his racist and PUA swine buddies who are identical to him in every way, so life is going to be awesome from here on as the circle of men she knows shrinks to "only personality trait is paraphrasing Roissy and calling blacks animals on facebook". Ganbatte, chick.

Here's messages from Kevin Wall's "ex" about his threats to imprison her enabling cracker trash mother, his emotional breakdown and subsequent internment in a loony bin. Handy if the little bugger happens to be awkwardly flirting with you or trying to work for your company!

Kevin Thomas Wall of Los Angeles California can't WAIT to sexually abuse your kid!


A master of verbal creativity and comic timing, his catchphrases “lawgic trap” and “stawp poasting” never get stale no matter how many times he repeats them.

Some e-detectives believe that Rippedphreak is actually a sockpuppet for Pleasureman, whose compulsion to shit up his own forum is too great to be restricted to a single admin account.

Take heed, "Hanes", you'll be missing that $23 now that me, Asatru_Racerealist and Lynchniggers69 shan't be pissing or getting boners in your brand of tighty whitie!

Naughty Raspberry[edit]

(also known as Cindi Chu, "a woman's heart")

An enormously fat, horribly unfunny self-hating asian college student who pretends to be a white woman online, and uses pictures of little girls as avatars. She is not the most mentally fucked person on My Posting Career. Let me repeat that.


Ricky_Vaughn_99 is the most prolific alt right tweeter, with 7k followers (narrowly beating out the Burger King Saudi Arabia account) evenly split between /pol/ future spree killers and Tea Partiers that forgot to take their memantine and unwittingly followed an anti-semite. Like most sniveling chickenshit racists, Rick would never attach a real identity to his beliefs, but he does choose to represent himself with bipolar wife beater Charlie Sheen from the 1989 comedy Major League, meaning he is probably close to 60 years old.

Ricky is caremad as FUCK about A LOT of crazy shit, from the Catholic church not being rank and hateful enough to suit his tastes, to internet cartoons with off-white stick figures in them, to underwear companies that apparently, in his head canon, give a shit that bigots are not buying their product because they're supporting "white genocide".

Ricky has had the time and energy to be mad about racist shit to the tune of 77,000 fucking tweets (roughly 10,780,000 characters), making him possibly the most purestrain forensic example of an unemployed male racist "wound collector" to ever exist. It almost makes one wish for the sake of humaneness that the Trump reign of chaos and child death would commence if only for these creatures to get rid of the oily, reeking 2 pound load that's been clogging their vasa deferentia for the past decade.

Mercenary (George Matthew)[edit]

George is unfortunately pretty much the quintessential military retard: a white reactionary from a middle class family who somehow thinks he's better than all the browns and niggers in spite of tax payers footing all his tuition and medical bills because he did nothing of economic or social value for anyone but elites for 4 years.

George has claimed to be a Marine to lend authority to his lumpy mewlings about his issues with the military (they're letting all the fags and women in now) and WHAT'S KEEPIN DA WHITE MAN DOWN, but this is probably a lie considering Marines are higher functioning sociopaths and wouldn't be caught dead doing what George mostly does with his time: getting drunk at his Mom's house, complaining about getting banned from facebook for using racial slurs for the 60th time, and opining stupidly about foreign fascist movements to extremely disgusting chan site and gamergate crackers. Be happy that part of your paycheck is going to this slimy little hog's gun hobby.

MIA Posters[edit]

King of Niger[edit]

A Canadian Arab with a micropenis who likes to boast about his career as a small-time drug dealer, King of Niger (KoN) serves as Pleasureman’s enforcer by spamming unpopular posters with photos of scat play and gay bodybuilders. Remember,

My role here is partly editorial, to maintain scope and tone and some kind of intellectual standard.


KoN is MIA and believed to be either in jail in Poland or dead in a crak den.

Banned Posters[edit]


Bloatswallow (powerword: Ash Hutsell) is a fat, humorless feminist with a beta male husband who’s into ass play. Ash hails from the bucolic town of Signal Mountain, Tennessee (population 98.3 percent white), where the women’s studies department at Possum Hollow Community College gave her a thorough grounding in progressive ideology. (Ironically, Signal Mountain is best known as the hometown of a notorious Klansman who murdered a civil rights leader.) Unlike the average feminist cat lady, however, Ash was not content to post accounts of microaggressions on her Tumblr. Instead, she registered an MPC account in an attempt to troll Pleasureman's merry band of racists into checking their privilege.

She was eventually banned when the forum got bored with mocking her, but she continues to harass MPC posters to this day, keeping her dox at the top of Google by periodically sending Mlad strings of hysterical, psychotic messages consisting of her sardonic thoughts and commentary on a derelict internet forum full of racist losers that nobody else will ever take seriously.

Pictured: Ashley Janowski (née Ashley Hutsell) of Signal Mountain, Tennessee, a.k.a. "Bloatswallow." Ashley is notorious for her involvement with the racist and antisemitic internet forum MPCDOT.COM.

Sources say that she continues to stalk MPC because of her unrequited crush on Pleasureman. He may be a thin-skinned, pompous Internet racist, but at least he doesn't like it in the ass.

Ass Buttsmell now has a tumblr showcasing her gibbering psychotic rants about MPC, back and forths with it's members, and generic Social Justice trash, the latter of which seems to be made in a desperate attempt to attract other fellow crazed SJW's into caring about her maniacal crusade against the internet's most foremost hate website. It remains to be seen what will come of Ash's MPC obsession (which has continued, nonstop, since her May 2011 banning) at this point- whether she will kill herself, kill Pman and his wife, or get MPC wiped off the internet by the combined forces of the SPLC and ADL, the mental unraveling of this insane fat liberal stands as the single greatest real world influence MPC has ever had, and likely ever will.

Ashley is now on twitter again LMAOing it up as always and posting non-stop about Pman.

Hangly Man[edit]

Hangly Man was the owner of The New Effort, a now defunct SASS offshoot. Although Hangly shared Pleasureman's hatred of Jews and niggers, gay interpersonal drama between the two would-be führers drove Pleasureman to quit The New Effort in a huff and start his own competing racist forum.

Despite having an ideology in common, Hangly and Pleasureman are very different. Earnest and lunkheaded where Pleasureman is prissy and arch, Hangly had grand ambitions for his forum, memorably declaring that The New Effort “could be motherfucking Salon” for the nationalist right. (He later deleted the site in a fit of bipolar pique.)

Since the break, ridiculing Hangly’s intellectual pretensions has been one of MPC’s favorite pastimes. After all, only an utterly clueless basement-dweller could believe that a Something Awful spinoff forum populated by slapfighting racists has anything to contribute to serious intellectual discourse.


An intelligent, cultivated man who happened to be a neo-Nazi, JFlorian arrived at MPC one day with a series of polite, well-argued posts pointing out that if the Jews are the cause of society’s problems, the obvious solution is to kill all the Jews, a proposal which quickly earned him dozens of upvotes. This was soon followed by a ban from Pleasureman, who claimed to be shocked and appalled that a real-life Nazi would dare to pollute a sophisticated forum like MPC with his lowbrow racist filth, but was actually just jealous that JFlorian got more upvotes than he did.


Phalluster successfully trolled the entire nation of Great Britain by getting a famous soccer player to retweet his racism. Banned because Pleasureman can’t stand to see anyone get more attention than he does. Fun fact: Phalluster is a keen pee enthusiast.

Keep It Real[edit]

A SASS oldtimer and insane permabanned goon, Keep It Real posted from his rural retreat in Burlington, Vermont (93% white) about his love of Gucci Mane and how niggers aren’t all that bad when you get to know them. You can guess what happened next.


PRCalDude (or PRCD) was MPC's biggest bible-thumper, a christian fundamentalist and young earth creationist (and a proud, married father) who openly proclaimed himself as the sole member of "YEC Cru" in his sig. He once made a noteworthy AMA about his belief in this, which saw MPC show remarkable accommodation, because even though YEC is far more insane and retarded than racial equality, it's associated with enough conservative traditions to get a pass. Eventually banned after some gay falling out with Pman. PRCD was unbanned for a time, but eventually permabanned following an incoherent pissing match with Pman over more of his insane religious beliefs (and Pman realizing giving YEC a pass was a bad idea, and it actually is irredeemably retarded), resulting in this barely-constrained, ellipses-riddled meltdown from Pman.


SoSe is a forum about a forum about a forum about a forum about a forum where members think Pman is a racist bigot who takes his niggerdeath too far its full of faggots and people still pissed about Something Awful ten years after it was relevant because it is now a SJW CAT LADY HAVEN!!!!!!!! Also, muh 10 bux. If you want to cry about SJWs and post with GWAAAAARSH posters who like black people but hate niggers and love queers and trannies SoSe is the place for you not Pmans cathedral of hate. Although it's a pathetic shit tier forum it still rustles the jimmies of goons so it has that going for it.[edit]

Another site that Pman dislikes. Shares some posters and Salo posters tend to end up banned once Pman figures out they post there as well. Notable for being a home for Mlad and a bunch of other now banned posters.

KIA Posters[edit]


A fat, unsightly, ex-FYAD and reject from Something Awful's drug subforum, eloh shamelessly posts stories about having sex with men and shoving drugs up his ass, then chimps out when other posters express their disgust. He claims everyone who "obsesses" over him is secretly gay despite the fact that he regularly takes mouthfuls of dick in exchange for room and board. Not banned because Pleasureman whiteknights him constantly; this may be because Pleasureman secretly harbors paternal feelings towards eloh as the rebellious teenage son he was cruelly denied by his wife's Gobi Desert-like uterus.

My Posting Career's Eternal Quest For The Perfect Sweetheart[edit]

After so much behavior that demonstrably pegs Brian Uecker as a screwed up perverted failure, you may be wondering what sort of dude would willingly treat him as the authority image he's trying to project. The answer- as usual with any internet clavern of gratuitous insanity- is guys who are mad about not getting laid. With the MRA, it's horrors about women fucking them over financially, with the MPCer it's puritanical fears about women being uppity feminist whores and questioning their god-given superiority.

Obviously no woman fitting the My Posting Career criteria for female servility actually exists unless she is underaged (got that covered!), disturbed to the point of pathological codependency, and/or a cult-brainwashed husk. So to remedy this problem that will never realistically end, suggestions offered include (seriously) infiltrating church services to woo all the totally existing submissive religious babes whose fondest desire is to serve a neurotic, repressed dilbert that trembles like a heated molecule at the thought of gays, chicks having fun, or doing oral, and whose attempts to quell a porn addiction (which seems ubiquitous with these faggot scolds) only made him hate sluts that much more. One might deduce that the lack of respect for women as equals exhaustively preached by Creepy Brian is reinforcing a life ruining madonna-whore obsession and porn problems for these nerds, but it would also be significantly less funny if these onanist bags of piss ever got therapy and attempted to lead a normal, happy life they don't deserve.

Brian Uecker is right, not ALL babes are miserable sluts.

Since no single description of this fascinating kampf can do it justice:

Torquemada_Fan_Beavis wrote:

The flip side to this is the woman who has been conditioned into thinking that men require this treatment, and any male who doesn't engage in these kinds of sexual acts is "beta". It makes the courting process unattractive for men who aren't just DTF, for how can you respect a woman who wants to be choking and gagging and spitting up all over your dick? The easy answer is that all women are not like this, but I think it's safe to say they're now a minorty (i.e. 49 per cent). Especially if you follow the contemporary route, it's hard to find a woman with her head on straight (relatively speaking) who isn't completely shitlib, masochistic, a slut, or broken. Indeed, most women are broken as the result of being put in compromising situations that they know intuitively are it that the fragile female mind/emotional center is so susceptible to brainwash and "men" are taking advantage of the female biologically conditioned submission? Women who claim to enjoy anal, and who "get off" on anal are clearly maladjusted. It's safe to say that 99% of women, including the shittiest of shitlibs are subconsciously disgusted by faggots and homosexuality. I'm willing to allow that the right woman may deserve reconditioning, but to a man who dreams of a relationship embodying classic gender norms and the safety and comfort in having a love and a partner (counterpart?) the prospects are becoming more and more bleak, and if the bitch already walked the left hand path in a previous life, what's to say she's not vulnerable in the future? I guess the ultimate alpha move would be to shower these women with benevolence and rescue them one by one from the shitbath/bar/free clinic

Trolling MPC[edit]


How MPC sees itself
How the rest of the world sees MPC

Since the average observer could easily mistake My Posting Career for a socially marginal Internet forum populated by aging losers wasting their lives in front of a computer screen, MPC posters make extreme rhetorical efforts to distance themselves from anything that reeks of nerd or goon. Admitting to enjoying anime, fantasy novels or video games other than Call Of Duty is a bannable offense.

MPC’s hatred of nerds also leads to entertaining intellectual contortions when, starting from the correct premise that “nerd culture” is trashy and juvenile, they conclude that if nerds dislike something, that means it must be good.

You may think Prometheus was a mediocre sci-fi flick that succeeded in trolling fans of the original Alien with its half-assed plot, sloppy characterization and tacked-on ending. Pleasureman, however, believes it’s a sophisticated work of serious art, because why else would shut-in nerd faggots hate it so much? MPC’s thread about the movie is still ongoing long after everybody else stopped giving a fuck and can be easily provoked to outrage by pointing out that Prometheus really wasn’t very good.

MPC nerd hate is unsurprisingly accompanied by the sort of distinctively unaware, and deeply embarrassing, paranoid pop culture analysis that's been an eternal pastime of far right mental patients- seeing racial and cultural themes and dynamics in books, movies and TV no sane person would readily imagine, and in this regard are absolutely no different from what can easily be found on places like Stormfront or VNN. Whether it's Duck Tales, Star Wars, Family Guy, or Bladerunner, MPC pop culture analysis includes the unconventional racial awareness of Duck Tales, being incapable of seeing aliens in sci-fi movies as anything other than stand-ins for non-whites, schizophrenic Philip K. Dick as a reliable voice on The Jewish Question, or colossal unfunny faggot Seth MacFarlane as a secret niggerdeather. In addition to being something only NERDS could find any possible enjoyment in, the new Star Wars has been clearly judaized by things such as it's inclusion of a non-submissive female protagonist (unlike Princess Leia) and having any sort of potentially nuanced plot. At the same time, Star Wars has long been tainted by the jew, whether it was the inclusion of a handful of non-whites in Empire or more positive alien characters in ROTJ. In contrast, Lucas was clearly praising Aryan prowess in ANH, with it's all white cast, and aliens clearly representing muds. And who can forget the best part- the all-white empire even talking shit about aliens/muds in one scene!

Through it all, MPC's fixation with nerds is at it's most bizarre and hypocritical in face of not only it's pervasive awareness and use of general internet humor, but, with being a Something Awful spinoff, it's use of FYAD-derived ironic humor (notably with an unfunny bastardization of the ancient FYAD meme "niggerdeath"), a scene which is virtually intractable with nerdiness and eccentricity, and is renowned for attracting some of the most broken people (much like far right communities.)

Roissy/Chateau Heartiste[edit]

Chateau Heartiste (Formerly known as "Roissy in D.C." and "Citizen Renegade", Powerword: James C. Weidmann, who was brutally doxed in the past by an insane feminist named Lady Raine, resulting in being fired from his job and more) is a wildly popular PUA/game blogger, particularly among HBD/alt right circles. As the aforementioned scenes are infested with nerds, aspies, social rejects and lunatics, Roissy's brand of posturing over sexuality and female behavior, ultimately a combination of wry (yet unoriginal) observations of human nature and autistic social theorizing appeals greatly to them, with his blog entries regularly garnering hundreds of gleeful, satiating comments within a day. Like countless other PUAs, Roissy is a hyper-promiscuous, sexually deviant sociopath, (Hahaha, just kidding, this guy isn't getting any ass) with his writings openly extolling the virtues of anal sex, beating women, and fucking teenagers, all delivered in an incredibly sacrosanct, flamboyant writing style that comes across as indistinguishable from any deeply narcissistic faggot who loves nothing more than to hear himself talk, and all of which has been heavily endorsed by his readership in the following comments. Despite exhibiting many of the pathologies of homosexuals, writing like very few straight men ever have, Pman's dislike of PUAs (MPC has also derided PUAs wanting to fuck 15 year olds before), along with the fact someone like Roissy would be universally treated as an abhorrent social leper under MPC's brand of social conservativism (or any other healthy society) and one of the first to go on the day of the rope, Roissy stands as MPC's most favorably regarded hate blogger, and is not only known to lurk MPC and glean insights from it, but even links to it. This has resulted in Roissy's blog becoming MPC's greatest source of traffic and new members (which Pman has openly thanked him for), and various posters on MPC have long dreamed of Roissy starting a posting career.

Through all this, MPC's love affair with Roissy might seem confusing, but isn't when you consider how similar Roissy and Pman are- both are middle aged and don't seem to have accomplished especially much in life, have never settled down with any worthwhile women, engage in behaviors that most people would rather kill themselves than do so at their age, are both fundamentally incapable of upholding and adhering to the social ideals they claim to recognize, and have taken to lording over an audience of social detritus who lap up almost everything they say. To Roissy's credit, he, unlike Pman, is well aware of his personal failings and openly embraces the fact he's a broken, incorrigible piece of shit, while Pman is content to project a phony veneer of erudition and intellectualism over his SASS spinoff and preach for the importance of a return to smaller, traditional communities while he lovingly engages in faggy Lowtax-styled admin abuse and trolling in Disqus comments as "AIDSRIDDLEDFAGGOTRAPEDBYMYGAYNIGGERDADS1488TIMES".But, to Pman's credit, he isn't a pedophile (as far as anyone can tell.)

MPC's love of Roissy is nothing new, but has become a major obsession of bloatswallow in her latest manic phase. Despite her constant spamming of Roissy's love of underage girls, MPC has been notably silent in this regard. And despite her constant abortive, self-destructive attempts at ruining MPCers lives over the past 3+ years and just how crazy she is, MPC 69ing with a degenerate faggot like Roissy- along with attracting the audience of sex offenders and other vermin that follow him and infest his comments- is truly a contradiction to behold.

The MPC Cycle[edit]

Scientists debate the precise causes of “the MPC cycle.” Some argue that it synchronizes with the menstrual swelling of Mrs. Pleasureman’s mutilated womb, while others claim that it tracks the serotonin spikes of Mlad’s bipolar disorder. Regardless, discussions on MPC follow a predictable pattern, and by understanding which phase of the cycle the forum is in you can tailor your posts for maximum lulz.

Step 1: Discontent. Pleasureman gets bored with the usual back-and-forth of slapfights and forced memes. He realizes that if the world is going to respect his genius as a conservative commentator, he needs to attract a higher caliber of poster to MPC.

Step 2: Reform. Pleasureman makes a half-hearted attempt to elevate the tone of the forum. In past iterations of the cycle, this has included restricting the chat room to serious posters and posting chin-stroking thinkpieces on "The Future of Racism." Most recently, Pleasureman has tried to make the forum safe for work by putting in Something Awful-style cutesy word filters ("niggers" becomes "naggers," "faggot" becomes "gay male"), because if there’s one thing that a modern Internet forum needs, it’s to emulate Something Awful.

Step 3: Honeypot. The cleaned-up MPC attracts a handful of new members who make good faith attempts at serious posting, typically alienated college kids working out their religious anxieties.

Step 4: Serious Business. In this short-lived phase of the cycle, the forum enjoys an unusually high effortpost to shitpost ratio. PMAN keeps a lid on the forum’s worst shitposters and treats the newcomers with exaggerated deference, sometimes even replying to them with complete sentences.

Step 5: Ragnarok. The end of the cycle begins when a noob's seemingly minor disagreement with Pleasureman triggers a disproportionately explosive reaction. Pleasureman melts down with nerdrage, accusing the newcomer of goony autism and scrambling to uncover his dox. As the shitpost signal is given, the tag team of KoN and Rippedphreak flood the board with “stawp poasting” and JPGs of oiled-up bodybuilders while Eloh babbles about homemade drug recipes and Mlad flips out over obscure theological conundrums.

Step 6: Denouement. The meltdown drives off anyone who mistakenly believed that they were posting on a serious forum and the roster of active posters shrinks back to the same two dozen people who’ve been there since the beginning. This phase of the cycle lasts until Pleasureman gets bored with the usual back-and-forth of slapfights and forced memes...

Step 7: The Meltdown. You join MPC with a witty name like "Nate Higgers" and parrot the same old shit you do on Stormfront, chimpout and /pol/ but some reason the regulars, who are elitist faggots, won't accept you and tell you to stop posting. Like a woman spurned by a lover, you run to ED trembling with rage to edit this article and spew your faggotry all over this article.

Meanwhile, the cycle as a whole remains in the forum archives for all to see, a standing warning to any conservative-leaning NORPs who are considering starting their own posting career.

Other Ways To Troll MPC[edit]

Be objective and truthful about Donald Trump: As weak, posturing nerds whose every second on this Earth is a struggle to blame external factors for their own failures, nothing makes the alt racist clap his trotters together and squeal with delight more than any act of chauvinism, regardless how cartoonish, unconvincing or self-defeating it is. That's why they can't stop gobbling Donald Trump's balls, never mind his wealthy Jewish connections or the likelihood he'll support Zionism just like every other candidate

Rippedphreak Drinking Game: Take a shot every time Rippedphreak makes a post that doesn’t include one of his catchphrases. Recommended for teetotalers.

Stormfront Shuffle: Register a new account with a swastika or Thor’s Hammer avatar. Post enthusiastically about how you totally hate niggers too and agree with everything the forum’s inner circle says. Keep logging in regularly no matter how much abuse you take and encourage your friends to do the same. Continue until Pleasureman kills himself.

Doxing Pman: Despite Pman's proclivities for malicious admin abuse and infantile trolling, he isn't keen on his own personal info getting out, variously word filtering his real name and making it against the rules to post it, along with other identifiable information (which isn't very hard to come by). This ripe avenue of trolling has been seized upon by Fat Ash outside of MPC, which has pushed Pman to hide virtually every single thread on her, Tah Hoffman (a fat, borderline retarded midwest liberal girl who is less than half Pman's age) and even Hangly Man, seemingly out of fear of legal action (though this hasn't stopped Pman from impersonating Fat Ash with a transparent parody account.) This might very well prove to be the way of enraging Pman and possibly even destroying MPC and his life, though those considering this should be wary of the monopoly the embarrassing, psychotic hambeast has on it and drawing her ire.

Asian Positivity: Say anything positive whatsoever about asians, even if it isn't typical HBD asiaphilia. Saying they're anything other than soulless, ugly, amoral ant people without a shred of creativity who piggyback off the white man is bound to earn the fury of most of MPC (and plenty of spastic, spergy comparisons to insects). This wasn't always the case, as MPC once had a prominent korean poster known as "Gooky" (who was chased out and banned after it came out he was a faggot, with MPC quick to distance themselves and acting like they always thought he was an angry HBD sperg and not one of their most popular posters), but in recent times, largely thanks to this post from some random HBD sperg, MPC is truly red pilling people left and right on the true nature of the chink, and Pman, an aging self-employed sociopath with a sterile dyke wife, has wised up to the reality of these slit-eyed parasites, and won't have any in white nations. Not content with arguing many in the alt right overrate them and exaggerate their IQ's, MPC serves as ground zero for the new movement to prove asians, against virtually all sane evidence, are not only genuinely less intelligent than whites, but as dumb as mexicans in reality. This is in part bolstered by claims like "nobody believed asians were smarter than whites until Richard Lynn's late 70's work" and insights from a quarter japanese HBD autist (and also a former respected MPC regular) about how horrible they are, including gems like "I can't think of another group who showed such autism and misanthropy, and the graph above tells me I shouldn't bother looking." In face of the incredible neurosis and instability of eurasian males, this would scream projection to anybody else, but was taken as serious insight given the sperg in question shares Pman's/half of MPC's 80's fetish.

Pleasureman's wife: Mock the looks of Pman's wife. Pman really doesn't take kindly to people saying his wife isn't very good looking (or that she's really an unsightly dyke with severe rosacea), and this is easily one of Pman's biggest hot buttons, even compared to the many other aspects of his bizarre, suicidally depressing life. This is bound to hit closer to home when it is mentioned whenever he is found questioning why anybody could find asian women attractive when they're surrounded by nordic goddesses like Mrs. Uecker.

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