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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar (formerly known as and still often referred to as Burma, lesser known names include South Tibet and Diet China) is an azn country that is primarily Buddhist – undisputedly the most peaceful religious group in history. Despite their overtly peaceful nature, Myanmar's Buddhists decided that—unlike cucked European countries like Sweden, France and Germany—they would reject multiculturalism and actually do something about it after their citizens started being raped and beheaded by Muslim savages who were invading their peaceful nation.

The "Rohingya" (Goatfuckinese: ﺭُﺍَࣺﻳﻨڠَ), as they call themselves, are a made-up ethnic group who claim themselves to be native to Myanmar's Rakhine State (Pronounced as Ching Chong State) despite the fact that they are actually illegal Bengali immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh. The majority of the so-called Rohingya are Muslim – mainly due to the fact that they have a tendency to murder anyone who refuses to convert to Islam after being brutally gang raped by them. The United Nations has referred to the Rohingya as "The world's most persecuted minority." despite the fact that there are 250-300 million Bengali parasites currently infesting the Earth and they're about 20 years overdue for a holocaust.

Western news outlets also love to shit on Myanmar for not wanting shitskins, and some even set up shop in Myanmar to shit on it from the front lines.


Despite the fact that the fucking United Nations has referred to Myanmar's counter-terrorism measures as "genocide", the only images that seem to exist of the violence in Myanmar are images of innocent Buddhists who have been hacked to death by the peaceful Rohingya.

Goatfuckers aside, Myanmar is pretty much China, except back how China was in the 80s, a total shithole. The country is littered with stray dogs, and are constantly butchered to make a local meal known as "Thingthang Bingbang", and also has a high population of farm animals, but are treated like people because "Muh Buddhism". The country pretty much only has 3 cities, Yangon, Mandalay, and Naypyitaw, with the last one having literally nobody in it except for some government officials who suck each other off for having amazing ideas. 90% of the population are rice farmers, and also like China, even the poorest of the poor have an internet connection, and both Burmese retards and /b/tards can be found anywhere from if you follow the smell of 8 day old Lo Mein. There's also a massive Burmese population on Facebook, but they tend to be faggots from Yangon that can barely speak English and generally shit on the rest of the country, which can also be seen in other countries aswell. "Burmese" people on Twitter tend to be either Rohingyas who get given a Twitter account for moving to the United Kingdom and being a brave little muzzie, or actual Burmese shitposters or random Burmese people that generally can't speak a shred of Engrish.

A Burmese man after the mentioning of brown people

Average Burmese Military Patrol

Rohingya Genocide[edit]

The Rohingya demonstrate the reason that their women and children should not be spared.
Oh, did you think it was Photoshopped?
The Rohingya are only against genocide when they're the victims.
How liberals actually view Bangladesh's idiotic acceptance of barbaric rapefugees.
The UN didn't give a shit when Buddhists were being slaughtered by the Rohingya.

We are going to kill you.


—The "peaceful" Rohingya Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Stop The Rohingya From Commiting Genocide! About missing Pics
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Ashin Wirathu, the Based Monk.
We're pretty sure that he isn't the one beheading people and raping Myanmar's women.
You know that you've fucked up when even the Buddhists want you dead.

Lying Muslim Sob Stories[edit]

Seeing how the video was one big ass fugazi, I went to also see what the scoop was with pictures used to “prove” ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists is taking place in Burma. Lo and behold, every single one is a fucking fake, completely unrelated to Burma and absolutely having nothing to do with any targeting of Muslims.


Mark Marek, pointing out that Muslims lie

Ok, so basically, Rohingya Bengalis coming into here are like Niggers coming into Europe, just replace white people with yellow people, suicide bombings with dead goats, and sexy blondes with rice farmers. And unlike Europe, we're not fucking retarded so we kicked them all out like it was taking out the trash, because it was.


—Local chink's explaination of the situation

Rohingyas Getting Genocided About missing Pics
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Even Street Shitters Don't Want These Terrorists[edit]

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