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the real MGM, Funtwo from Korea wants his identity back
clearly an attention whore

MysteryGuitarMan, is a YouTube scammer from originally from São paulo, Brazil. MGM as he is often called, is easily mistaken for a common attention whore. Closer inspection has revealed that he is actually a pure cash-camwhore that sees the attentions of his subscribers as a necessary evil that he has to endure so that he can use those same subscribers as other cash cows.

MysteryGuitarMan stole his name from the popular nickname that had been given to the (then) unknown musician who appeared in the #4 Most Viewed Video of All Time on YouTube. The original video of this musician was posted on 20 December 2005. MysteryGuitarMan started using the name on 16 June 2006, hoping that people would think that he was the same person.

The Original Mystery Guitar Man

Warning! This is not Joe the Ho

This video has 26,973,437 views, 106,656 comments and has been favorited 189,887 times. Congrats Joe, you've devoted your life to pretending to be a skinny teenager from Good Korea.

Warning! This is NOT MysteryGuitarMan.

Youtube Censors The Original MysteryGuitarMan for This Scammer`s Sake[edit]

More undeniable proof of Youtube eliminating the true sources of talent its current mega partners have ripped off.

Sadly the above awesome video was removed due to supposedly "Promoting Scams and Other Misleading Advertising" by Youtube's fascist staff. Again, this is irrefutable proof that scam artists, like UnmysteriousGuitarMan, can get away with criminalizing the true talent they were ripping off.

If you have a copy of the true MysteryGuitarMan's awesome guitar video, feel free to upload it in order to keep the awesomeness alive, and more importantly to remind UnmysteriousGuitarMan who he ripped off for his undeserved fame and money! Forget about it, already done.

MysteryGuitarMan's scams[edit]

Why so mysterious?

MGM's primary scam is to collect as many subscribers as possible so that he can get paid to post advertisements on his YouTube channel. All he is concerned about is the raw number of subscribers and his position in the Top 100 Most Subscribed of All Time list (he is currently #96 as of 31 July 2007).

MysteryGuitarMan has no talent therefore has to cheat to get subscribers. This cheating includes:

  • Spamming private messages begging people to subscribe to him.
  • Pretending to be "The MysteryGuitarMan" that appears in the #5 Most Viewed video of all time on YouTube.
  • Page view spamming his own videos onto the most viewed pages (as can be seen by the "262,050 videos watched" figure on his channel.
  • Using the Kewl Kids Association (KKA) "Mutual Assistance" activities.
  • Making begging/threatening videos which he targets at individuals in "authority" that HAVE put him on the Signup_invite page and the YouTube front page featured video list.
  • Making YouTube members feel sorry for him so that they will add his pitiful intro jingles to their videos. He makes them plug his channel when they give in and use the jingles.
  • Changing his YouTube channel from a Director account to a Comedian account because it took far less subscribers to become the #2 Most Subscribed comedian (12366 Subs on 4 April 2007) than the #2 Most Subscribed Director (76492 subs on 4 April 2007). The change got MGM labeled as "the comedian who is not funny".
  • Joe once begged a web cam off Renetto, then gave it away again in a competition that he organised in an attempt to get featured.

In this video MGM lip syncs and pretends to play the piano while miming to a song bitching about Boh3m3 getting featured 3 times. This video was a direct threat to Damien Estreich that MysteryGuitarMan was going to expose the (now well known) activities of the KKA if he did not get featured. Shortly afterwards MGM was "featured" on the Signup_invite page giving him another 2000 subscribers that never watched a single video of his.

MysteryGuitarMan was allowed to joke on the end of this video belonging to Gimmeabreakman, (the YouTube Guest Editor for March 2007), about his continual begging to get featured, in attempt to dismiss the claims that the Guest Editor was going to feature MGM to get "in" with Damien Estreich and the KKA. This was incidentally the same day that YouTube was forced by "haters" to announce that Damien Estreich was on their payroll.

  • In July 2007 MysteryGuitarMan was made one of the new YouTube Partners in their pilot advertizing revenue sharing scheme.

In a blantant attempt to put his name on the Most Discussed of All Time list, Joe had to pretend to run a "contest" (to make it appear that someone other than himself had spammed the "contest" video's comments and prevent YouTube from suspending his account again).

The price MGM has to pay for this patronage is high. He has to sit quietly while an uber loser like Damien Estreich publicly trolls his MySpace page, letting the world know that MGM is his bitch.



A photoshopped picture of LazyDork (Rickyste) that MysteryGuitarMan claimed was his best work ever

MysteryGuitarMan is only human and prostituting himself out to talentless nobodies like the fat, sweaty, bald Damien Estreich has had a very damaging effect on his psyche. Possibly as an attempt to counteract the symptoms of this damage, MGM has taken to trolling the very same people that he sucks up to, by creating fake IDs and attacking his benefactors on YouTube and Stickam.

He also spends a good deal of time crank calling people, although he does not speak when crank calling anyone who might know him from YouTube in case they recognise his voice.

  • hater111: A MysteryGuitarMan trolling account on Stickam

MysteryGuitarMan Gets Suspended on YouTube[edit]

The MysteryGuitarMan account gets suspended

On the 3 February 2007 MysreryGuitarMan's account was suspended by Youtube after he posted a death threat against Damien Estreich on the YourTubeNEWS channel whilst using a dummy ID. The reason that his MysteryGuitarMan channel got suspended as well as the dummy trolling channel was, (as every YouTube troll knows), YouTube suspends every channel that shares the same email address as the offending channel.

It has been reported that MysteryGuitarMan (ironically) had to beg Damien Estreich to get his account restored (since he did not want to lose his place on the Most Subscribed list). When the account was restored he found out that he had lost all his Honorz and he had to go back to Damien Estreich and do more begging to get them restored as well.

This of course is not the first time Joe was unexpectedly paid back for being a shit. During the Autumn of 2006 he told everyone that his account had been hacked and his videos deleted. It turned out that it was a "friend" of Joe's that had changed his password. This "friend" had been the one who had run the auto-refresher for Joe to get him onto the Most Viewed pages and he had been annoyed that Joe had taken so long to pay him for the "work".

MysteryGuitarMan and Encyclopedia Dramatica[edit]

MysteryGuitarMan is a cash-camwhore

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a repository for Internet related Drama, Lulz and Memes. It is not a difficult concept to grasp. Yet it was only after a couple of high profile attempts at vandalizing ED pages and months of complaining about Encyclopedia Dramatica's existence that MGM realised he might be able to use Encyclopedia Dramatica to secretly troll people in a similar fashion to the secret trolling he had been doing on YouTube and Stickam.

MysteryGuitarMan made his peace with Encyclopedia Dramatica by posting the following video (which is now mysteriously missing).

In the video MysteryGuitarMan admitted to being a gay, mumbling scammer who could not sing or competently play an instrument or make people laugh. (Until this point no one at Encyclopedia Dramatica had been aware that Joe was gay. Whilst not wishing to judge someone based upon their sexual orientation, Joe's desire to come out on YouTube as a Gay may have been due to his inability to get chicks even though he plays a guitar).

His secret accounts on Encyclopedia Dramatica will not be revealed (unless doing so will generate mega-lulz). It should be pointed out (and I am sure MysteryGuitarMan himself will accept this as fair criticism) that the YouTube articles he creates are very poor, consisting of a single sentence describing who the person is, followed by a random embedded video belonging to the person, then a generic insult and finally a link to their YouTube profile. Since MysteryGuitarMan is unfunny and driven mostly by personal spite, the articles are often deleted by Encyclopedia Dramatica Sysops soon afterwords.

Related videos[edit]

  • MGM's latest advertisement for (the payoff for all the grovelling he does)

YouTube Favicon.png A Message from the Sponsors - From MysteryGuitarMan - 29 March 2007

*YTwatchdog's video exposing MysteryGuitarMan's Epic Contest as another scam
YouTube Favicon.png MysteryGuitarMan Epic Failure - From YTwatchdog - 30 August 2007

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