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An example of handy MS Paint skills.

Naked pictures, allegedly of the poster, posted online. Usually either produced as a byproduct of camwhoring or carefully-orchestrated fat girl angle shots and Internet disease.

n00dz as a drama-generating technique[edit]

This one guy loves being trolled with his n00dz.

Currently, sexting is the premier DGT using n00dz.

Apart from that, keep these rules of thumb in mind when DGTing with n00dz:

  • Whenever anyone posts a n00d ever, save it to your hard drive.
  • After that point, whenever any of those people posts anything, post with their n00d.
  • MS Paint skills are a plus, too.

Example: Zeriara posted her n00dz to stop a 7chan raid. An ED user copied them an uploaded them to ED. Now they are used as "picture unrelated" images on many imageboards.

And on the internets a piece of n00dz spreads quickly, as this video shows:

By the way, you can't take your n00ds back once you post them. Anyone can see your n00dz.

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