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Hello, ladies, I welcome you to my sexy rape cult!
Keith Raniere or Vanguard if you're nasty.

NXIVM (pronounced: NEXIUM®) is a multi-level marketing scheme and self-proclaimed "self-help group" that was founded in 1998 by Keith Alan Raniere, an autistic psychopath who demands that his members refer to him as "Vanguard" and claims to possess one of the world's highest IQs because he took an unsupervised take-home IQ test back in the fucking 1980s. NXIVM was originally part of Raniere's Executive Success Programs, Inc. (a.k.a. ESP) but was split into a separate entity and renamed in 2003 in honour of the popular proton-pump inhibitor that had saved Keith from a horrible case of Acid Reflux Disease.

While on the outside NXIVM appears to merely be another boring Scientology-esque cult that wants to free you of all your money and isn't even into committing mass suicide, NXIVM is actually the direct result of Keith deciding to start his own harem after watching Love Hina in the early 2000s. NXIVM teaches the Slave and Master relationship found in Mormon Cults where the female members are expected to maintain monogomous relationships with the founder, or regional leader, learn to make tasty sammiches to feed him and all his friends when ordered, have sex with only them, when he commands them to and be branded by a soldering iron, with his initials, just over their cooch to confirm that they are his property.

Vanguard came to be noticed by journalists and federal investigators when former Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenburg, looking for a few more minutes of fame, complained to People magazine in 2017 about how her daughter, India, had been Brainwashed by NXIVM.

Like all rich, white Hollywood women Oxenburg was automatically seen as credible. Following Oxemburg's People article, the FBI cleared its desk of lost, possibly kidnapped and endangered black and minority children so that the could focus solely on finding one White Hollywood actor's over 18, Adult kid.

On 26 March 2017 Keith Raniere was extradited by Mexican officials and handed over to the state of Texas to be charged by US Federal Courts for Sex Trafficking.

Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard[edit]

It's kind of creepy that he looks like Tom Cruise
Mensa is for pussies. Real geniuses like Raniere belong to The MegaSociety

Keith Raniere, who wasn't born but rather planted by our invisible alien overloads to be hatched on 26 August 1960. Per instruction he was raised by his father who worked as an adman and his Mother that was a Ball Room Dancing instructor, so that when the time came, Keith, or rather Vanguard, would have all the necessary societal skills to prepare the world for their return by producing the Kwisatz Haderach through a breeding program that had him as the only male, genetic contributer.

Taking his cues from Cult leaders through the ages such as L. Ron Jeremy, Jim Jones and Alistair Crowley in that it is much easier to invent a past than have actually lived what you claim, Raniere has a list of accomplishments that can only be refered to as chimerical.

Gloating that he is a genius that is above the antiquated scores of IQ Tests, Raniere claims to have founded countless sucessful companies, on every corner of the World, that focus solely on producing joy, ethics and happiness in the world while producing impressive profits for his investors.

Much like all cults that claim to have found the secret to tapping into man's UberMensche potential, Raniere has claims to be in sole possession of cutting edge, patent-pending technology that provides a scientific process for achieving peak human performance. He has even claimed, such as L. Ron and Jim Jones that these processes, that only he has access to, have cured people of Tourettes Syndrome and can be applied to Autism.

As some of his Haters have suggested mockingly, Raniere is trying to patent the leather belt for the occasional ass whipping.

Raniere claims that his most passionate endeavours can be found in Mexico and what he named after the Klingon word "InLaK’ech" or "You are the other me."

In Mexican communities that Raniere claims to have brought his teachings to: gang violence, poverty, Police and government corruption has all dropped substantially while education rose at an unprecidented level. It is Raniere's desire to keep the names of the Communities secret so that the numbers won't become skewed by people looking to take advantage of these communities new found wealth and safety by moving to them.


Brand ya' cow so others know it's yours
if you look hard enough, they say you can see the initials KR and AM in this cow's branding

NXIVM is a community guided by humanitarian principles that seeks to empower Men through intellectual advancement, success and seeks to answer the all important question of what is the best beer to be served with the sammich your woman brings you?

The NXIVM philosophy is best expressed by the soldering iron brandings that mark a Harem of women a belonging simply to one man. When the world's resources belong, simply, to one man and they are his to ration however he wishes, if he wishes, the world will move onto a kinder, more sustainable and ethicle world because as there will be no more in-fighting to claim a share of the Earth's limited resources man will realize his true potential and focus more on improving his place in the world both internally and externally instead of focusing on trappings of materialism.

Before being noticed by the government and the arrest of its leader, NXIVM's goal was to replace the punchline of a religion that Scientology has become as the Elite, go to Hollywood religion for the rich and influential and was able to attract the Seagrams heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman that led to a massive gutting of their personal fortunes.

Vanity Fair claims that $150 million was taken from the Bronnfam's personal fortunes to fund Raniere's Failed commodities investments, LA real estate purchases and a personal jet for Raniere.

Like Scientology, NXIVM counts on has been and up and coming celebrities to recruit for it such as Teen Choice Award winner and Smallville actor Allison Mack. Some have claimed that it was Mack who developed a curriculum that took members whom she and Raniere considered Quallified women and put them into, what others describe as a sorority from Hell that had these "Chosen Women" eating only 500 to 700 calories a day because Raniere only likes thin women. Sone women have said that Mack had them doing menial chores while wearing cow udders over their breasts such as dusting, hand washing clothes and massaging Raniere's feet to train them in the many jobs that a woman has to do to be cosidered valuable to a man and to remind them of their one purpose.

Mack decides to chase after Raniere when he is arrested


Similarities To Scientology[edit]

  • Like $cientology, all of Raniere's ideas are labeled as "technology"
  • Those who become disloyal or pose a risk to loyal members are refereed to as "Supressives"
  • Members move up a ladder and follow a framework of courses that is meant to make the follower more sucessful in life, work or whatever they attempt.
  • Both follow sessions where they are questioned about and confess their shortcomings.
  • A man by the name of Rick Ross is being sued by Raniere for publicizing some of NXIVM's training program and philosophy that Raniere claims violates his copyrights and trademarks

Kirstin Gilibrand[edit]

Senator Gilibrand

New York Senator Kirstin Gilibrand who believes that she is leading a rebellion, made up of the disillusioned youth of America, against Our great and mighty god emperor and his dangerous, discriminatory, misogynistic, male chauvinistic and hate fueled agenda that will ultimately destroy the world has been connected to Keith Raniere and NXVIM.

Gillibrand's father, Attorney Doug Rutnik was retained as an attorney by Raniere at the rate of $25,000 a month.

Despite Raniere and NXIVM making large contributions to Gilibrand's 2010 special-election campaign, Gilibrand, through the use of a spokesperson, has said that she had never heard of Raniere or NXIVM until Raniere was arrested.

Celebrity Members[edit]

  • Antonia C. Novello, a former U.S. surgeon general
  • Stephen Cooper, acting chief executive of Enron
  • Edgar Bronfman Sr. Of the Seagrams fortune and his two daughters Sara and Clare Bronfman
  • Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of the Mexican president

Fun Facts To Know About Keith Raniere[edit]

Keith ran ran 602.jpg
An FBI image of Raniere branding a new female member
  • He will not drive and can not ride in a car, unless it has been properly shielded because his intellectual energies set of radar detectors.
  • Many psychologists have said, "Like many cult leaders, Raniere found himself as a cult leader as a way of compensating for his Micropenis"
  • He holds three degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,
  • His intellectual energies are drained if people feel disappointment in him or defect, some girfriends have said.
  • Some members of NXIVM have described Raniere, "As Santa Clause if Santa were real".
  • He can give a woman an orgasm just by willing it.
  • He is a fan of Ayn Rand and some have said he bases his philosophy on her book "Atlas Shrugged"
  • Raniere claims to have mastered Calculus at age 12

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