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Naked Banana will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Naked banana
Tha OG.

Naked banana is probably the most cancerous and most-posted meme of 4chan in 2014. 99% of YLYL thread OPs are this gay banana. The faggotry of the meme is so high that it's a quite common meme on Dumblr, and even Failbook. Anyone who posts this banana on any board contributes to Ebola spread.

How to use it[edit]

Start a YLYL thread with it and say: YLYL thread. As original as that.

If you aren't an autist, don't even bother to use this meme. There is a scientific study done by the MIT that confirms that 80% of Naked Banana posters are autists, 5% niggers and the other 15% is completely filled with Facebook/Tumblr faggots.

How to troll Naked Banana OPs[edit]

Post any kind of comment or pic that says OP is a faggot, or even better, call him a Newfag. Nothing is worse than being called Newfag for a Newfag.


Old Version[edit]

Before this version of Naked Banana, there was a better one, which was also so fucking used that it's not funny any more. It's likely the most used meme on Facebook along with "Y U NO" and trollface. The old one didn't even need a YLYL thread...

Old Naked Banana
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