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Nathaniel likes to dance!
Yo dawg I herd Yo like Yo Gabba Gabba so I put Yo Yo Gabba Gabba in Yo Gabba so Yo can Yo Gabba Yo Gabba while Yo Yo Gabba Yo Yo Gabba Gabba.
Juilet is more sexy than spazzy.

Nathanial is a spazzy character from the Nick Jr. show "Yo Gabba Gabba" who likes to dance and "Had too many juice boxes".
The episode was first aired Friday Sep. 14 2007 and the dance already was noticed by "the Soup" and 4chan that same day.

Nathaniel on JewTube

Nathaniel is as popular on youtube as 4chan if not more popular. Videos related to his 13 second clip have accumulated over 9,000,000 views combined. On youtube the words "nathaniel crazy dance" brings up 270 results and the more vague "nathaniel dance" brings up 14,500 results.

My name is Nathaniel! I like to dance!




The idea for the show came to Darren Aronofsky after he accidentally drank an entire bottle of cough syrup while drunk. In a drug-induced fury, he scrawled the entire first season on his kitchen walls in dijon mustard. Upon awaking two days later, he immediately sold the rights to the company that made Bear in the Big Blue House, or whatever the fuck that show was called.

Somehow Yo Gabba Gabba has managed to stay on the air despite the fact that almost every episode has the same plot DISREGARD THAT, THIS IS A SHOW FOR RETARDS AND TODDLERS..

Theme Song

At the beginning of the show a black person creepily looks up at the camera and then goes back down. Then somehow his stereo got fucked up and he was able to open it and inside there were five odd shaped clay models and probably were injected with steroids because when taken out they start jittering around. Then they all come together in a rainbow of colors throwing sparkles around. Next comes a montage of random clay model dancing with flashing lights surely what caused Nathaniels seizure dance. Finally they all start chanting "Yo Gabba Gabba".


In every episode they need to learn some lesson. You don't even need to watch the episode to figure out what the lesson is, it is in the title of each Yo Gabba Gabba Episode. That does leave parents wondering why the name of the first episode is eat. Generally they sing a three minute song for every 20 seconds of regular speech which means each episode totals around 15 minutes of out of tune songs, two minutes of talking and four minutes of fillers such as "Dancey Dance", "Hi my name is [name] and I like to dance!" then some lifting arms and jumping crap that they call a dance, random out of place animations like a kid riding a spaceship in 2D and pedophiles drawing cats.

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