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I am they.



Nazifurs are arguably the lulziest the furry fandom has to offer - and that's fucking saying something. Goddamn furfaggots always want their fetish to be more epic than the rest of the goddamn planet. The legacy of the Nazi Furs can be traced back to Allied-occupied, post WW2 Germany. With the fall of the Nazis and the end of the Lollercaust, Adolf Hitler initiated one last tactic to preserve The Third Reich before quitting IRL forever!!! The SS-Werewolves, a loose band of furries and otherkin, dressed as normal, Wienerwurst-sucking Krauts in the daytime yet at night donned their fursuits and ravaged the villages in Guerrilla style yiffing. The insurgency campaign struck the Allied troops hard but was unsuccessful in the end when a US bombing of a furry porn server left the SS-Werewolves demoralized. Even so, Hitler went to the grave knowing The SS-Werewolves would rise again to further his vision.

Sixty years later, the SS-Werewolves began regrouping under the title "Nazi Furs", a minor niche amongst the larger furry fandom. Despite the fandom's insistence on social acceptance no matter how strange or tactless the fetish, the Nazi Furs have endured conflicts with many furs who perceive the group as a threat to their furry faggotry.


The nazifur rebuttal to, uh, anything.

In case no Furzi has realized it yet, the German verb furzen means to fart.


Ya rly.

The Furzi are a group on Second Life who goosestep to genuine WWII Nazi Germany music every Friday.

The Furzis are the most fursecuted group in the fandom and they know it. Whenever anyone mentions that they are offended by men in fursuits strutting around waving flags with swastikas, the Nazifurs will immediatly launch into a soapbox speech on how they are being oppressed and have the right to free speech, thus the Nazifurs have the biggest victim complex in the entire furry fandom. Also, it is a well known fact that Furzis enjoy a bit of longshlong every now and then.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. They repeatedly claim that they are not a hate group and will not tolerate racism. What they do not realize is that both mundanes and furries hate them because they are so fucking dumb they parade around dressed as one of the most prejudice and hate-filled groups in history and complain that they are being denied their freedom. These idiots apparently did not graduate from the 8th grade. If they had been nazis back in WWII, they would have been sent to a concentration camp for being a bunch of mentally ill homosexuals.


A scathing, anti-Nazifur campaign. Can't we all just get along?

Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong if even furries hate these guys, even more than Babyfurs. Of course, all are equally vile in Raptor Jesus's eyes.


They're everywhere. This is a guide on how to spot a Nazi-Furry when you see one on YouTube.

On March 22 2007 the Nazifurs dug themselves into an ever deeper hole when they were confronted by Jews of Second Life and Zionist Association of Second Life when one Jewish player objected to the avatar of a Nazifur. The Nazifur refused to remove it.

The drama increased when the butthurt Jew gathered his friends to try and gangrape the Nazifur. Iroically however the furfag did not have to remove his avatar because he was protected by free speech. Much trolling and nerd rage followed.

The avatar itself featured an item which had been bought from an online store named Das Waffenamt which sells Nazi paraphernalia. After so many complaints and trouble from the Jewish community - both Jewish groups were banned from buying anything at Das Waffenamt.

Folks, we can't make this shit up.

OMG the OG nazifurs were so cranked off, they posted this on their Livejournal in 2017. After Trump hit the WH and real-life neofascists started to be "popular" in American public culture. Have some epic whinging and shittalk. And that was the last post on the Livejournal. Ded.

In the wake of recent social unrest, both within the furry fandom resulting from the activities of the Furry Raiders and Real World "alt-right" violence, we would like to take a moment to make a statement regarding this community.

This group is not associated with the Furry Raiders. This group is not and never was associated with the "furzis" of Second Life. Members of those groups are their own entities and neither asked nor received any approval or support from the members of this community.

While this community has been inactive for several years, the recent resurgence in "nazi bashing" within the furry fandom has prompted me to revisit this group to reiterate the foundations of our origin.

Nazi_Furs was created by a bunch of nerds. Yes, you read correctly. A bunch of big old nerdy nerds started nazi_furs to post stories, art, historical articles, images from WWII museums, reenacting and living history events, and sometimes little animated gifs of dancing hitlers that we thought were funny.

Most of our members were card carrying homosexuals. Almost all of our moderators were gay, trans, or some other color of "unacceptable" to ACTUAL NEO-NAZIS.

We created the paw print armband thing almost 13 years ago, long before the Furry Raiders adopted it without our consent. We created that image not as a means of spreading hatred, or to symbolize intolerance, but in a spirit of understanding that images like the swastica could potentially cause emotional distress to some people.

Many of us have well researched and thought out fursonas that inhabit a world set during WWII era Germany. The setting used in many movies like Bed-knobs and Broomsticks, Indiana Jones, Iron Sky, and Dead Snow lends itself well to fantasy. Setting talking animal people into this backdrop did not seem like such a huge clusterfuck at the time.

Nazis are a cliche', relegated to "the bad guys" in popular culture. The sharp uniforms, advanced military weapons and tactics, crackpot schemes, and paranormal ties are used all the time in modern media. They are a caricature of what they were 70+ years ago, much like ninjas (paid assassins) and pirates (murderers and thieves) are today. Once you have been relegated to a children's Halloween costume you no longer have the influence to command respect or fear.

Let us allow nazis to be just that, a cliche condemned to be the "bumbling bad guys". Let us laugh at them and rob them of any authority they feel they may have. There haven't been any "REAL" nazis since the downfall of the NSDAP in 1945, and any members of that movement would be pushing 90 by now.

Furry Raiders and the "alt-right" are not nazi_furs. They are hateful individuals putting on costumes pretending to be like people they do not understand who have been dead for years. These people WANT you to associate them with nazis, and calling them that only feeds their egos. Lets try not to do that.

If you take anything away from our group, let it be a reminder of our origins as nerdy nerds pouring over history books, saturating ourselves in history to better understand what happened in the 1930s and 40s. Take a look at our current situation we find ourselves in and ask yourselves if we are all doomed to repeat our past mistakes. Then focus your rage and disapproval in a productive manner. Get out there and vote the real racist out of office. Mobilize in peaceful protest, advocate for the oppressed and downtrodden. Make the world a better place than you found it.




The truth is actually much more simple: Nazifurs are a weird-ass combination of the fascist fetish group and furries. The disgusting and rather disturbing result? Just look at these fucking PICTURES. Nazifurs rank high up on the furry disgusto scale- even other furries hate these fucks.

Known Nazifurs[edit]

He's also a Babyfur and a Bakedfur, which may explain something.

There's a reason this guys loves the Nazis - it's because he reads up on their attemps at surgery so he eventually turn himself into an animal.

Who created that delightful image you see at the top of this article.

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