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The myth.
The man.
Stop-snitching.jpg NekoArc is a known Fed enabler, avoid them at all costs.
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>implying I've edited in a while or give two shits about the site anymore


—Neko, moving on with his life.

NekoArc aka Erika Jo Hutson is, much like moot, an enabler of the chan scene, hosting numerous imageboards including, mikuchan, and rockstarchan. Depending on one's point of view, NekoArc either enables win or cancer with the combination of his boards and IRC server filled to the brim with esteemed representatives of the LGBTQWTFZOMG community (formerly owned by his BFF and self-proclaimed wizard Laurelai). NekoArc is also a fugly tranny, and you can help by reminding him of this.


Attempted GOTIS

One of his favorite pastimes is attention whoring, though his ineffable idiocy tends to hamper success in this regard. Discounting IRC buttsecks, his preferred method is that of dreadful, terrible blogging, usually via Twitter.



—Cool hashtag bro



—Scintillating tweet.

Fuck ingrown hairs on the back. fuck them and their existance for eternity



Didn't hit the 1k followers, so no sexy pics! :<


—Thank God.

smashing the institution, one tweet at a time



Tired of this sadness


—Typically emo tweet

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Tales of the Trannycaust

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