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This article may cause you to facepalm, because Crazy Creationist Troll is Crazy. Feel free to 'Send Him to the God He Wishes he Knew'.
This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix, making a YTP video out of them or spamming their talk page.

NephilimFree, the Creatard's Mister Rogers, projects the persona of being a bargain-basement evangelist for the holy cause of Young Earth Creationism. Turns out being a propaganda spewing troll is merely the thin veneer over a blackhearted, selfish, paranoid sociopath.

Meet Pedophilimcreep

Nephilim papers.jpg
NephilimFree, aka Evan Phil1ips of Casa Grande Apartments, 3603 Terry Road, Apt. C-5, Jackson, MS 39212-4961 Phone Number# (601) 346-9640 is a Youtube Young Earth Creatard, Fundamentalist, Geocentrist, Conservapedia addict, Paedophile, Flat Earther, the inventor of the pre-lubricated jock-strap, and all around master of all arts and sciences.

He regularly posts incoherent anti-evolution, anti-progress and pro-NAMBLA rants, in a rather creepy anti-matter universe version of Mister Rogers' voice. Neph's choice of kiddy-fiddler children's show host voice makes Neph's love of Bible verses about murdering children all the more stark and unnerving.
No, really. He really gets a hard-on for She-Bears eating kids (see the video below) and really shoots his load all over his hairy belly whenever he thinks of Psalm 137:9 Here's some translations...

"Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones."

"Happy and blessed shall he be who takes and dashes your little ones against the rock!"

"How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones against the rock"

"Yes, a reward to the one who grabs your babies and smashes their heads on the rocks!"


So, yeah, he acts and sounds like a creep. His eerie similarity to the BTK serial killer does him no favors either.
He apparently chose his name because he only has five fingers (and half of a swollen clitoris) instead of six. (Having six fingers and a complete penis would mean he was descended from fallen angels.) The horndog angelspawns were called Nephilim, as the following bit of mythological propaganda explains...

This is Nephilim doing his best Dan Brown Impersonation

Cool Story, Bro.


-- Pull this one, it plays Show Tunes.

This cryptic namechange overlooks that it's one of those names that practically writes its own unflattering rebuttals: NeFAILemfree. Nephilimbecile. Josef NeFritzlimFuck. Necrophilimfreek. Pedophilimfreek. Nephilimfreeloader. Nephilimfreetard. INEPThilimfree. NephilimFraidyCat. The list of parodies has no end. He might as well named himself Agnes Dickbutt McFaglickstien... it would've been more dignified.

Nephilim was up until he was evicted by angry relatives of his victim still is unemployed and mooching off the social security benefits of a stroke victim "lady friend"; this is, of course, all the fault of the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru and their shapeshifting reptiloid minions who secretly run all the governments of the Western World.

How to interpret the hidden subtext of the average Nephy Vid



-- Iggy, summing it all up in one succinct syllable.

The Man, The Myth, The Monster

Empathy is a Lie from Satan

Crazy Pedo Fundie Lusts after Bear-inflicted Child Murder

If someone espouses hate towards God, and leading others astray, I'm gonna put a stomp on them (If I'm so inclined), and I won't feel a bit guilty about it


-- Nephy, the loving and just promoter of understanding and tolerance.

Tasty Tasty children get "ravaged" by she-pedobears
and creepy old fucks think it's DY NO MITE!!!

Freedom of Expression is a Lie from Satan

Not only does he not care about what other people feel, he doesn't want to hear what they have to say either.

How the World is In Nephlvania

Just like VenomFangX and most other Creatards, Neph rules his channel with an iron fist, so that no actual facts ever get in.

  • Voting on his videos is disabled.
  • He blocks commenters with reckless, lustful abandon.
  • His comments are set to approval only
  • ...and then he deletes any comments that don't lavishly tongue his asshole.
  • Video responses are approval only.
  • He also censors detractors by viciously ██████ing with a ███████ in the ██████████████ ███████!
  • He sends incoherent PM's threatening lawsuits to his detractors, using the names of famous lawyers who he hasn't hired (and can't afford to hire).

He has even started putting a notation on his videos about how no one is allowed to mirror them verbatim. Why? Because, just like his minissiah VenomFangX, other YouTube users (such as NephilimfreetoTalk and Nephilimfreefree) would mirror his vids just so that the YouTube community could comment and vote freely on them. Sadly, both the NephilimfreetoTalk and Nephilimfreefree channels haven't been updated in months. What does it tell you when you are so dull, even your mirror channels lack enthusiasm for your arguments?

Exploiting the disabled

Nephy appointed himself guardian over a disabled friend. It is sheer dumb luck that has prevented this from turning into an combination of sitcom outtake/unintentional murder-suicide pact.

Freeloading Fess-up

Ticking Time Bomb, Part 1

Ticking Time Bomb, Part 2

Ticking Time Bomb, Part 3

Near as we're able to establish, he invited his disabled friend to live with him some 4 years ago, and then ~3 years ago he lost his job. He has the audacity to think that buying her clothing and diabetic test strips -- thousands of dollars worth according to Nephy -- entitles him to total financial support for life. Hey... who WOULDN'T want a Motorcross Champion Quakemaster with magickal healing powers mooching off of you? In Early 2010, Strokie's son was invited to say with Nephie and Strokie. Because of Son-of-Strokie's "lack of maturity" and his "cold cold heart", he took exception to an able-bodied bum living off his mom's disability check; and Son-of-Strokie got Nephie's ass kicked to the curb. Later though, they must have felt sorry for Nephie, and because there is no evidence of physical abuse (financial abuse is apparently okay), they let him back in.
Protip: Neph believes he's the best thing that ever happened to her.

Interestingly enough, the story changed several times, but finally Neph admitted that the altercation with his supervisor involved Neph slapping his finger, getting pushed, falling down and going boom. This is a little different than being hit with both fists at the same time for no reason.
Protip: Neph believes he's the hardest worker.

He cited several professions with openings in Alabama, including medical professional and truck driver. When offered contacts for free on the job truck driving training, he refused stating that Strokie depends on him too much to get a job. Even part time photography, where he claims to have a "degree" from the New York Institute of Photography, is far too competitive for this "professional photographer" to try.
Protip: Neph believes he's the most moral person.

False Prophet

If you want to troll him, remember the phrase "you are a false prophet". That is the quickest way to generate RAEG.

What Nephy is Suffering From

His life is his own fault


Debate Sagas

Nephy generated most of his lulz because of his desperate need to humiliate himself through staged "debates" about "Creation". Look upon the following subpage and dispair...

see: NephilimFree/Debate Sagas

ZOMG Pervert

In one of his videos about debating thunderf00t posted in late october 2010, Neph was caught being a naughty boy.


Recently Neph uploaded a video "Thunderfoot will Chicken Out" which -- apart showing what a complete idiot he is (as usual) -- exposed his dirty secret... NephilimPed1.jpgNephilimPedo2.jpg

This list is by no means exclusive, and he very well may have other sites or attempts at sites out there.

Even though Nephy likes to pretend he's as pure as snow, he does have needs, dammit. Strokie's disability money isn't going to spend itself, so Nephy likes to spend it on Whores. He even has a link in his favorites to his poontang dealer. Original video with escort bookmark

Nephster Likes him Some Punany

...You can get sum shemales...


What's sadder is that the escort service link is the only thing in his favorites list that humanizes him. Without this evidence pointing to him being a fully grown man with fully grown libido... we'd all have to go with our first impression: That Neph is a creepy, pedophile closetcase manchild.

Be sure to mention this to him every time he claims that morals come from god. A full diagnosis of his mental illness has recently been supplied... for the lulz... and so you will know how truly out of touch with reality this guy is!

YouTube and Beyond...

NephilimFree "officially" launched his new website: [1], registered through: [2] (see registration information at [3] and at [4]). However, there are other sites, whether legitimate or not, seem to indicate how his infamous idiocy has spread beyond YouTube throughout the world of the internet.

Here is a quick list:


An obvious first attempt at a "website" hosted on his ISP and previously referenced on his YouTube channel home page. [5]

Most likely legit, as it is loaded with his tell-tale spelling and grammatical errors, as well as being publicized in two recent YouTube videos on his channel. [6]


A [[[WordPress]] blog again most likely legit as its first entry is again loaded with his trademark ignorance of the English language, and it is linked from However, the ability to post comments is available, which is not typical of NephilimFree. [7]


Not enough activity to tell if it’s legit or not. He could be just claiming the account name for use at a future date. [8]

Specially Created

In an earlier video announcing his plans for a web site, NephilimFree made reference, and showed the design for the page, however his latest video now references, could this site have been abandoned? Perhaps out of fear of Nephy being referred to as "special"... Nephy has since removed videos from his YouTube channel pertaining to the creation of this site, however mirrors must exist. [9]


On the same web host as "SpeciallyCreated". All media contained on the site is linked directly from Nephy’s YouTube channel. Possibly an earlier attempt at a website although the video links are pretty recent and again this site is loaded with errors in spelling and grammar. [10]

Miscellaneous Asshattery

see: NephilimFree/Misc.Asshattery

And here it is...

...Your moment of Zen.

and if that doesn't fuck up your dome... here's the Rule 63 version:No Exceptions to Rule 63‎

The Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls

'Want more Creationist Troll Aktion?'
BEHOLD! the Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls!


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