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This article may cause you to facepalm, because Crazy Creationist Troll is Crazy. Feel free to 'Send Him to the God He Wishes he Knew'.

For context, you may want to see this page first: NephilimFree
Or, better yet, read this article on TOW: The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Three facts you need to know about NephilimFree.

  1. NephilimFail sees himself as a highbrow intellectual with wisdom to impart on the unwashed masses of sheeple.

....okay, as soon as you are done gut-laughing, I'll continue....

  1. NephilimFail sees himself as a highbrow intellectual with wisdom to impart on the unwashed masses of sheeple.
  2. He is also a deeply (self-)convinced proponent of Young Earth Creationism.
  3. Unfortunately, he is also a drooling imbecile.

Yeah, I know that facts 2 and 3 seem like they are two ways of saying the same thing. Fact 3 is actually the reason for fact 2. Neph'tard's irrational attraction to Young Earth Creationism gives him an excuse to pretend he is a Misunderstood Prophet Sent here by Jebus to bring the Good News of Noah's Arc to all us smelly nobodies.
He tries to spread this "Good News" through "Debates".
Which is sad and tragic because he has no understanding of how a real debate works; and he's defending a position that is hopelessly indefensible due to foundational retardation at its core premise. (And foundational retardation at the core of his tiny brain.)
Even crafty and intelligent people look like fools when defending Creationism, but Neph's innate ineptitude has made him a laughingstock even amongst his fellow Creatards.

Neph's Moron Operandi[edit]

Here's how Neph tried and failed to push his agenda.

  1. Challenge other, much more intelligent people to debate him about "Creation"; Refuse to clarify what the specific premise Neph is going to debate about.
  2. Experience a shock when someone takes him up on his offer.
  3. Suddenly make irrational demands about broadening the scope of the discussion until a Gish Gallop becomes inevitable.
  4. Suddenly make irrational demands about when, where and how this debate is to take place.
  5. Experience a shock when someone accepts his unjust demands.
  6. Suddenly make psychotic demands about the scope and venue of the debate.
  7. Change them as soon as any agreement is reached. Repeat the previous two steps until the other debater is enraged.
  8. At the last possible second, pull out of his debate.
  9. Call his opponent a coward and unilaterally declare victory.

Also, between each step, he repeatedly trolls everyone's comment sections with overconfident boasts of victory and chicken clucking noises. Anyone who doesn't know Neph will misinterpret the chicken clucking noises as a childish way of implying his opponent is "chicken". Not so. It is because Neph is a birdbrain and he can't resist the instinctive urge to cluck.

Neph's First Wave of Failed Debates[edit]

Tries and Fails to Debate Evolution: The DonExodus2 Saga[edit]

So, Nephilimfree wanted to debate evolution. He made the challenge and DonExodus2 took his challenge. Suddenly, Nephy, in fear of the inevitable truth-spanking he was about to receive, kept changing the terms of the debate...

Nephy Even Fails at Failing to Debate Evolution

"This time I wisened up and got it in writing.....twice."


-- DonExodus, showing the patience of a saint.

NephilimFree, being a man of integrity, decided to take the fight to DonExodus2's comments since he's blocked all of youtube from his own channel. Perhaps unaware that he has already made himself look like a retard, he gave us some choice quotes just to drive the point home. As one can see from the following quotes, his delusion knows no bounds.

"What would you do if I actually showed up to your imaginary runf for the border debate? I think you'll run from it won't you. Admit it Whit. You're scared of me aren't you?


—--NephilimFree, refusing to agree to his own challenge and retarded demands

"There isn't a scientist in the world that can defeat me in debate on evolution and creation.


—--NephilimFree, claiming that 2 YEARS OF INTERNET RESEARCH makes him the ultimate authority on the subject.

(This spot would've been filled by the video one of the three videos of Neph baaaawing about how he wanted to have it on ShockofGod's Creationist Radio Show; and threatening to call off the debate if he didn't get his way, but Neph removed the video.)

So, instead, Imma gonna put up a rebuttal/debunking/pwnage version of one of his three whinefests instead:

Nephy can't open his mouth without shoving his entire leg into his piehole.

"If I can't get DonExodus2 the change his mind, I have to be ShockofGod's "toilet" again....and that makes me feel sad.


Way to Negotiate from a Position of Strength there, sporty.

So, how does Neph respond to the time, date and place being finally set back to the time, date and place Neph originally agreed to? He decides to have it at ShockofGod's place and time anyway. So now, there are two 'debates', both happening simultaneously, in two different parts of the interwebz. Neither combatant will show up at the other debate, both will claim the other combatant chickened out, and both will claim victory.

Update 6/6/2010, The Aftermath of the 'Debate'[edit]

Nephilim Fails to Show
On Sunday 6/6/2010, Nephilimfree cowered in his bunker while Atheist Science-fetishists DonExodus2, AronRasputin, Andromeda's Wake and Thunderf00tfetishist took calls from creationists.

TruthfulChristian shows he has bigger balls than Nephilim
Nephilimfree suffered an even bigger kick to the eggpouch when one of his neophytes, the truly hopeless TruthfulChristian, showed that HE had enough courage to go to the debate. TruthfulChristian, of course, made a fool out of himself with random nonsense. Such as, he made the unsupported assertion that people used to be huge and lived for 900 years, he based this on the size of pinecones. Everybody in the chatroom took turns giving him ironclad examples that everyone used to be smaller in the past and lived barely 40 years if they were lucky. When asked for where he's getting his statistics, TruthfulChristian, of course, stated that his Faith in the Bible was his source.
(Just for the record, this digression all started with TC's assertion that pine cones are getting smaller. In the immortal words of Shaggy2Dope "Fucking Pine Cones! How Do they Work?")

Masochism in Action
Even after the debate, TruthfulChristian still wanted more spanking, so he tried to debate DonExodus2 again, later that night in dprJones' BlogTV chatroom. This time he left his pine cones on the mantelpiece, but showed he couldn't understand that the Ida fossil was not a tiny little leprechaun-person.

Why DonExodus2 Wanted to Debate Nephilimfree

"He'd bring a bag of his shit with grated parmesan cheese on it."


Update 6/6/2010, The Aftermath of the FAKE 'Debate'[edit]

Even after being "disappointed" with how his ShockofGod moderated "debate" turned out (he complained that he only got to talk for under 7 minutes.) he still wants to "debate" some Eeeevil-oooshunits. And just like last time, he wants to dictate all the terms.

Nephilimfree Not Happy Until Somebody Publically Spanks Him

"I'm very disappointed with the uh uh whua...the 'time we spent' because I thought it would be a question 'n answer show..."


Using secret masonic reptiloid satan-magick, the terms of the next debate have been discovered. So far the terms Nephilimfree demands are:

  • The Next Debate will take place during a tent Revival Meeting.
  • The subject is "Why Evolution is a Damned, Unamerican Lie from Satan!"
  • Evil recording technologies such as Skype and BlogTV will not be tolerated.
  • There will be no cursing or raised voices; but if a true believer feels the Holy Spirit take them over and they have an uncontrollable urge to denounce the Godless Atheist as a Witch, that is the Will of God and has to be allowed for reasons of Community Cohesion.
  • ShockofGod, Geerup and Sablechicken will Moderate. Mr. Pleasant Preacher will be Master of Ceremonies, and Krazie316 will stand on the sideline a jeer mockingly at the Godless heathen's "evidence".
  • Each debater will start with a 10 minute opening statement, followed by a 20 minute opening statement by each moderator.
  • Each debater will then have 3 minutes to offer evidence for their position. And by evidence, we mean divinely inspired revelation that can be backed up with canonically correct scripture.
  • Each debater will then have 3 minutes to rebut any evidence offered by their opponent. Any heretics who offer an answer that shows disrespect to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) will suffer an immediate scourging.
  • Each debater will then have a 10 minute closing statement, followed by a DMCA filing, a faith healing, an exorcism and a good ole fashioned Witch Burning.
  • Anyone who complains that this is "not a level playing field" is a secret al-Qaeda operative and should suffer immediate citizens arrest, followed by public stoning. Amen. The Lord Has Spoken.

Special notice: Anywhere above where it says "minutes", it is assumed that the Godless Atheist will use normal, standard Terrestrial Minutes (each minute being 60 standard seconds long), whereas, the Enlightened Saved will use Biblical Minutes, which follow a Celestial Standard (each minute being as many seconds as Yahweh allows them to have.)

Nephilimfree, ever the competent debater, Showed up an Hour Late for his own Debate

Liar, Liar, Eternal Soul on Fire!


Neph's Second Wave of Failed Debates[edit]

Tries and Fails to Debate Evolution...Again: The True Pooka Saga[edit]

Failing to learn the first time...he tries the exact same bullshit a second time. This time someone came out of the woodwork to directly challenge Neph.

Update 10/10/2010, A Challenger Appears....and He's Super Effective!![edit]

'Tuber TheTruePooka challenged Neph to a debate...and was blocked by Nephie in order to stifle the debate attempt.

Nephilimfree, Failing to even fail at Failing to Debate

Neph's too busy performing Lunar Bukakke Theory experiments in his basement to come to the phone right now.


and so, how does Nephy react to TruePooka's Challenge? He ignores it and challenges Thunderf00t, someone severals orders of magnitude past his league. Why? So he can say he's too busy dealing with Thunderf00t to deal with TheTruePooka?

Nephilimfree, META-Failing to even meta-fail at Meta-Failing to Debate

"Wow, even compared to an guy who jacks it to thoughts of turning the Middle East into a Glass Parking Lot....I still sound like a Kook!"


Update 10/30/2010, Show us what You got, Nephie...[edit]

ThunderFruit called Nephy's bluff.

Needless to say, Neph never did show up on the MagicSandwich Show to defend his position.

Update 11/09/2010, The stupidity is strong with you...[edit]

His stupidity knows no bounds. Having gotten over his DEBATE ME NOW MOTHERFUCKERS stage he's know back to his normal shit.

The Video and the correct response

Neph's Third Wave of Failed Debates[edit]

Everybody Debates Neph (Against his Will) Saga I[edit]

After seeing birdbrain chicken out twice, YouTube itself decided to call his bluff en masse.

Update 11/11/2010, Mass Debating Commences! (It was Super-In-Effective!)[edit]

When the Happy Cabbie found out that NephilimFraidyCat scheduled a BlogTalkRadio session for Saturday November 13, 2010 at 2pm Central Time, he realized that it would be a perfect opportunity to FORCE a debate to happen.

Countdown to a Clusterfuck! The Creatard Panty Raid of 2010 Begins!

"You're nuts. I never offered to or accepted a debate offer from that guy!"


-- NephilimFree transforming from Homo Sapiens Sapiens to Gallus Gallus Domesticus right before our astonished eyes.

Update 11/13/2010: Nephilim's Adventures in Solipsism[edit]

Nephy found a novel way of avoiding the debate he claimed he wanted.
He hosted a call-in show....where he didn't take any calls.
Him and a sycophantic yes-man performed a 1 1/2-hour audio circlejerk and, Later on, when Nephy ran out of moronic lies to repeat (and didn't have the creativity to invent new moronic lies) He handed control over to SchlockofFraud.
All the while, Neph stuttered his propaganda out with a frantic, desperate, hunted tone to his voice. It's like he knew the barbarians are at the gate, and they were demanding tribute and human sacrificial victims.

Yet another Creatard Attention Whore, Thickshades, annointed himself the sideshow/undercard of the chatroom. Every fifth line in the chat window was ThickSkull yelling "Happy Cabbie! Unblock Me!" or "Happy Cabbie is a Fatass!" or "Happy Cabbie, Unblock me Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top!"
So what you heard was three creepy creationist liars mutually mastrubating, while the chat window whizzed by at 100 miles and hour, looking like this:

Lapkine: Where's Pooka?
ThickShades: Cabbie! Unblock Me!
SvenManning: Neph Probably Blocked him.
ThickShades: Cabbie! Unblock Me!
nolatitude: Pick up the Phone Neph!
ThickShades: Cabbie! Unblock Me!
PinkProgram: When is this Primate going to take some calls?
ThickShades: Cabbie! Unblock Me!
TheCurmudgeon: WTF!? When's the circle jerk gonna end and the debate begin?
ThickShades: Cabbie! Unblock Me!
anontarded: TAKE CALLS!
ThickShades: Cabbie! Unblock Me!
MartianGrundy: This is bullshit. I'm outta here.
ICamefortheLulz: BEWBS!

Here's the TL;DST2HLtCFgeoLPEwtT (Too Long, Didn't Sit Through 2 Hours Listenting to Creatard Fuckwits giving each other Live Prostate Exams with their Tongues) version.

Cutting off his Nose to Spite his entire Idological Position

"Ah, I Figured it Out...It's LISTENING to Facts That Causes my Pwnages. No Listen. No Pwn. No Brain. No Headache."


-- NephilimFraidyCat mistakes the symptom of his Fail for the Cause of his Fail.

Everybody Debates Neph (Against his Will) Saga II[edit]

Maybe Neph felt a faint inkling of shame as how cowardly he seemed during his call-in; or maybe this was the last glimmer of his egotism telling him to finally "take down" all these Eeeeviiiil....utionists. The result, of course, was inevitable.

Neph gets his Wish: The 12 Hour Skype Gangbang Call[edit]

In a rare sighting, NephilimFree actually made an appearance outside of JewTube and finally got the debate he was creaming in his pants for. For twelve painstakingly long hours, NephilimFree was bent over and raeped by several YouTube users on Skype. For added lulz, the call was broadcast live on one of the callers' BlogTV channel. Nephy made a complete ass of himself and was mentally and verbally pwned by YouTube users dprjones, csbair, lefayad1991, AngryWomble, and SoundofScilence among many others.

Lolz inevitably ensued as Nephy was proven wrong again and again making claims that fossilization is common as well as making claims that every animal (including human beings) is getting smaller. NephilimFree ragequit multiple times, much to the amusement of all the other callers. For two hours of the Skype McGangBang, NephilimFree demonstrated that he and his new prison bitch Mycah had no understanding of DNA and couldn't tell the difference between mitochondrial DNA and Nuclear DNA. Lolz ensued.

If you can stomach NephilimFree's painful ignorance, here are parts of that Skype call:

Needless to say, Neph hasn't publicly demanded a debate since then.

The Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls[edit]

'Want more Creationist Troll Aktion?'
BEHOLD! the Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls!

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