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Nerd Cubed (Real name: Dan Hardcastle; also known as Nerd3, Nerd3 and his YouTube username, Official Nerd Cubed) is an unfunny let's player and a limey, British fuck. He apparently studied astrophysics at an unnamed university, but then he dropped out and decided to make videos for the internet instead. His videos normally consist of him playing a shitty simulation game for 20-40 minutes while making shitty jokes and/or coughing his brains out (because like a true professional, he makes videos regardless of his state of illness). Due to the inbred levels of retardation from his fanbase, and the butthurt, one-sided retard fights documented in the comments, he disabled them on his videos. And he really hates them...

Hardcastle, though slightly smarter than other let's playwhores, is still pretty fucking stupid. He has done his fair share of white knighting, selling out, and more selling out, and even more selling out. He recently made a shitty game called "How To Snooker". You might think that's a grammatical error, but given the level of comedy in his videos, it might be a horribly failed attempt at a joke.

The disgusting mass he calls his face.


Typical Nerdcubed Video

Something you may notice about Nerdcubed is how piss-poor he actually is at playing games. He frequently disregards tutorials (and then blames the game for having controls he can't figure out) or doesn't notice important information, leading to much butthurt (as happens in the video above). He claims it's difficult to talk and play at the same time, which would be a legitimate excuse... if he was actually talking about anything relevant.

Other Channels[edit]

Like any other good money whore, Hardcastle has multiple channels to keep the ad revenue a-comin'!

IRL Channel[edit]

Where Dan uses his shitty comedy in real life situations. Incredibly, it's even worse than his gaming channel. Also, he occasionally attempts to act like he knows something by making "editorials".


Where his old father makes videos. Surprisingly, they are far funnier than his son's crap (although that is a low bar).

Comment Drama[edit]

95% of Nerdcubed fans have brains that are either mostly or completely dysfunctional. 4% are teenage American girls who cum their pants whenever they hear a British accent. 1% are Guantanamo Bay prisoners undergoing advanced interrogation techniques. Dan himself eventually came to this realisation and shut off comments for his own sanity's sake. Of course, normal people didn't care because they were too busy watching the news. But this caused severe butthurt in much of Dan's fanbase, and mountains of lulz for those who watched.

Dan on Politics[edit]

The one thing you will learn about him is he claims to be always on a middle of the road guy on most political subjects however he has made multiple videos about how Tories are the next baby eating Nazis. In his Cities Skylines series (specifically part 28) Dan starts to ramble about how he agrees with left-wing politics far more than right, bemoans England being a conservative country, and shows a complete lack of understanding of world politics by assuming one crazy world leader can start the nuclear war to end all mankind (his solution is for every country to magically be friends and get rid of their nukes simultaneously). So rest assured, he is in fact lying to not divide his viewership. In a video he made about Gamergate he made graphs to find out which side was the most harassing. What makes it mind boggling is how he did it. He went to the subreddit of gamergate and gamergahzi and went to see what the top posts were about (without reading what said posts were about) and came to the brilliant conclusion that gamergate is about gamergate and neither side wants harassment not taking in to account 1) if you are in reddit about gamergate of course that's what you're going to fucking talk about. That's like going to MANBLA and being Captain Obvious claiming it's about old men who want to fuck boys. 2) Harassment is usually not talked about publicly for the obvious fact that it leaves evidence. Dan was smug about this claiming he did was what David Attenborough would do not realizing that this makes him look like a retard and a pussy for not taking a side since he is afraid of upsetting people and losing out on that precious Jew Gold.

Dan on Gaming[edit]

It is well known that Dan despises triple-A releases (despite investing ludicrous amounts of time into Grand Theft Auto V) and loves Indie-games. Many of his most recommended games look like they were made in MS paint and have objectives as difficult as "go from point A to point B while avoiding a tiny obstacle" and "float around watching things happen". Dan recently plugged a game his friend was involved with and gave it a great review while in the same video mentioning that he was "blacklisted" by the big game companies. He gets extremely butthurt when anything even remotely controversial happens in a game, especially relating to women (for a perfect example, see his initial review on Metal Gear Solid V).


Dan says a lot of stupid shit. We would show you some of it, but thankfully, there's already a guy who did that for us!

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