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Info non-talk.png Did you mean Theresa May?

Net Nanny is a software that was created by a Jewfag known as Gordon Ross in the year 1994 because some pedos to were too horny. So, Gordon decided to create "Net Nanny" it pretty much blocks every single page that exists, even if it is a little fag's game known as Club Penguin Where you walk around as a gay ass looking penguin and stare at Jews. Unfortunately, Net Nanny would soon become #1 Pornography Blocker worldwide. So it will become extremely difficult to remove it. Even an expert at computers may have trouble removing this piece of FUCKING GARBAGE!

Despite the difficulty of removing it, there are some ways to get around it... but it's hard to send it back to that Jew known as Gordon Ross. So that all of his motherfucking plans of making a kid's internet experience the "Best" thing would fail. Really about 70% of the websites you could view on a Net Bitch free computer, would be blocked. It even forces safety mode on YouTube . Making it extremely painful to find a video that you actually like to watch.

But things got even worse. Not too long after Gordon Ross, the Jew created Net Nanny. It was bought by a shitty company known as ContentWatch. These Fags were the ones responsible for making Net Nanny very hard to get around.

Butthurt , An example of a very unlucky kid that was affected by such a cruel software. He begs his parents to remove it, but he or her was ultimately unsuccessful...

A kid once got a trojan virus from pirating an illegal copy of a mod for the game known as Blockland . So his parents punished him in the most unworthy way possible. Yep, that's right you big faggot, NET NANNY!!!! He spent years trying to figure out how to remove it. and still, to this day he has it...

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