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Neuro is Anonymous Iberoamerica's own Daniel Brandt. He loves to dox everyone in a channel, no matter the cost.


So I heard you liek helping the partyvan?


In 2011's summer, at AnonOps, there was an admin of Anonymous Iberoamerica/Spain (#iberoamerica/#hispano/#hispanon) called Neuro, and he was racist as fuck. For example, he banned another admin because he gave the @ to a spic. Neuro was told to GTFO by all Anon Hispano staff, after which he proceeding to get butthurt and started to dox all the admins, getting around two of them v&.

OMG Sexy video of an admin

This is how our journey begins.


Our supreme overlord itzela, created an Anonscript version (shitty mIRC adaptation for spics) that when it detects any of Neuro's nicks (Risper/loreal/neuro), it ignores him and sends him a notice, but with the vagina powers of OVER 9000 spics with the script, it floods all the shit out. Also, it has got a nick q:line and he is a badword in almost all channels.

Around April of 2011, AnonOps was DDoS'd by Ryan. The spics made their own IRC Network, "AnonWorld". It was unstable as fuck, and almost all admins there had their VPNs offline, and a retarded admin used his own computer as a server. Finally letting that network with one server (of five) in only one month, Ryan and Neuro DDoS'd AnonWorld.


OHAI 24th G-line

Neuro somehow managed to get another admin's dox, that of 'Nico_Robin'. He engaged in social engineering with her and gained the dox of the other admins, also obtaining ops for a short time.

Revenge 2: Electric boogaloo[edit]

The spics were in chaos with no server to go to, two of their admins found an IRC network for making new channels, IranServ. After yet again bringing all the admins they could find, they started a new channel, #iberoamerica. Neuro came flooding and ddosing IranServ when he could, renting botnets for flooding the shit out of all the channels he could find, and dropping dox for every channel operator he could find. Additionally, he published fake "Sexy Photos of GlynissParoubek," an admin.


The video is in Spanish


Your arms up! If you move I will dox you.


—Neuro in disguise.


Neuro helps the partyvan About missing Pics
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