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History of NZFG[edit]

Original photo
EFG showed up later, too.

New Zealand Fail Guy (NZFG) is a meme which was born suddenly on 10th of February due to epic fail during the Scientology IRL raid in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Since the original photo was posted, many shoops of NZFG appeared immediately due to oh exploitable. In addition to that he was just totally asking for it.

NZFG's polar opposites are Gas Mask Girl and New York Nurse, the far hotter more media-friendly mascots of the global anti-Scientology movement. Some believe that he is an Anon Messiah for his miracles in transcending fail to create epic win, whilst others argue that he is just plain ole' fail.

NZFG on JewTube[edit]

NZFG enjoys his fame already and hosted a video on YouTube recently. Sadly he fails also in buying a decent Webcam and in using microphone boost. He has thus become the living embodiment of the classic meme "You even fail at failing"


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