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Nickelback is a very popular band with many fans.
The winner
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Nickelback is a garden variety mope-rock band from Canada that, in 2010, was owned by a pickle.


Cock goes where?
Kroeger's butthurt message to the page's creator

By 2010, comparison of the popularity of ordinary objects (especially food) with the popularity of awful musicians was already a trend on Facebook. In February 2010, some hipster chick set up a Facebook fan page to see if an ordinary pickle could gain more fans than Nickelback. To comply with Facebook rules, she misspelled the band's name as "Nickleback".

Within weeks, the pickle had more fans than Nickelback. This caused extreme butthurt in the band's leader, Chad Kroeger, who sent this to the page's creator:

your page will be closing in 2 weeks


—Chad Kroeger

Removal of the fan page

As promised by Kroeger, the fan page was removed from Facebook. Hipsters everywhere didn't notice. Several replacement pages were created and exist today, but none has more than 2,000 fans.

Nickelback pickle screenshot.jpg


Revenge of the Pickle


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