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Word superiors, fighting the power
Map of the brony community and the impact made by those damn bum-drillers

Ask any brony and they'll tell you that the Niggest Crook Force are "a bunch of troll accounts by YouTube Favicon.png Warvancrusade (yes remember his username) to for whatever stupid reason get lots of bronys accounts taken down". In actuality, the NCF are a mere reincarnation of past trolls and their success, dedicated to cleansing the internet of all things friendly and magical, while at the same time spreading the gospel of Allah and saving souls from eternal damnation. Their ministry has been aided through the blessings of DMCA's used to strike down the Lord's enemies, and proceeding to contact them about their sinful deeds.


Damn dirty trolls...

The arrogance of YouTube users has long been one of the driving forces of the NCF. Thanks to Google and their user-friendly DMCA forms, the NCF has been extraordinarily successful in ridding YouTube of infidels such as CelticBrony and YouTube Favicon.png DJAlexs with the help of SOPA's little cousin.

DJAlexs just can't seem to get a break
Got some real e-fame goin down right here bitches

Gaining notoriety brought out those who, for whatever reason disapproved of the NCF, and thus began several cute "take down campaigns". One such coming from Celtic "I honestly don't care" Brony who, despite claims, cared enough to inform Google that, "They're reporting videos to troll and are trying to close peoples accounts to be trolls. They already got my main account and I tried filing a counter claim against the false copy right but the staff are too stupid to see that it's just trolls being idiots", and additionally, "The YouTube Staff should do something about these guys but I doubt anything will happen".

He then proceeded to drool uncontrollably.

NBF War[edit]

A casualty

Because the destructive loss of YouTube videos will always lead up to a point where total war is completely necessary, the bronies decided it would be a spectacular idea to take up arms against the NCF. Creating a channel dubbed YouTube Favicon.png NiggestBronyForce (since repossessed by the servants of God), they had planned the defeat of the NCF to be set for December 28, 2011.

By any means necessary...

One such supporter, DxLelouch, rallied for bronies across the net to join the almighty NBF, and stop those evil trolls once and for all. Unfortunately, Mr. Jeremy Beavers disappeared from the internet, after his mother received this mysterious, and very legitimate, call from Hasbro's legal team.

They must be stopped![edit]

Oh, you're attacking NCF? I completely agree. One of those buttholes just commented on my channel. I hope he dies.


Hey MrGabeNewell Firstly, stop impersonating a succesful person, you low piece of scum Secondly, learn to spell, i believe you said "Autist" the term is autistic Thirdly, learn to spell again, his name is Gabe Newel, god you trolls are getting even more retarded


@RocknRollman1995 actually we've been owning the NCF so far and they haven't done anything to us!


Just to let you know, I boxed you on my channel :) Bronies forever


Just been spam supporting this cause... I suggest everyone else does the same. MORE THE BETTER /)


FiMFiction Compromise[edit]

The result
Read the full disclosure here
The site's host, looking a bit like GreenReaper -200 pounds. is the largest database of MLP fanfiction on the net, which by default made it a target for NCF cleansing. Causally entering and taking delicious cookies from the not-so-good-with-computer site owner, NCF/GNAA agents were able to briefly promote their core messages, most notably, awareness of JEWS DID WTC.

Jan 27 20:19:17 * Topic for #fimfiction is: - Send bug reports to | - Chat rules! | Please tag all NSFW links! | Calm down about the hack! We're fixing it right now. Cheers!


Knighty doing what he does best

knighty, the site owner, being the extremely competent admin he is, decided to completely disconnect the mysql server instead of preforming a simple mass-logout. The site continued to be closed for hours while knighty searched tirelessly for one of the most basic web-app vulnerabilities known.

<knighty> Silicas it's my fault

<knighty> dont pay me for beign a bad coder


The reaction[edit]

Srs bizz guise
FIMFiction seems to have been hacked, I was on it just before it went down and a bunch of conspiracy crap about Jews and 911 showed up followed by the DB server and then the whole site going down, hopefully by the admin taking it down to prevent further damage and begin repairs.

I am not (too) worried by the fact that it now redirects to as is apparently a virtual domain with the "real" server for the site being (several stories from EqD use links that go to that URL rather than If anyone has the contact details for the FIMFic admin(s) (or knows someone who does) it would be a good idea to fire a message their way to find out exactly what is going on though.


Stupid hackers. Got nothing better to do than to take down a good site like FimFiction. Thanks for ruining my weekend hacker.


  • See knighty's slightly sincere apology here



Typical irchighway activity

irchighway is Freenode's top competitor for being allowed to remain on the internet as long as it has, while still being completely useless. Being home to such channels as #fimfiction, #foolrulez, and #katawa-shoujo, the entire network was in desperate need of salvation, as well as cleansing of the undesirables. The opers being a bit quick to jupe channels such as #gluefactory with akill on join, failed to realize that their own users became extremely susceptible to the kills set up for NCF trolls. Even after most of said chans were unjuped, Niggest Crooks were able to report "spammers" and have them promptly killed, without fear of the incompetent opers checking if the chatter in question was a long-term user. Such a case can be seen below:

13:54 <@yitz> OK. Thanks
13:54 <@yitz> Will fixc
13:54 <@yitz> Will fix
13:54 -!- Fission [] has quit 
          [Autokilled: Spamming people is bad]

Additionally, most irchighway channel opers are far too stupid to properly operate IRC, and prototypically connect through web-based clients such as mibbit, which can also lead to a great deal of lol.

[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '   SO WHAT IF I LIKE __         '
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '    FUCKING HORSES\ /..\        '
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '         n##n,      \O_/.       '
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '        /" /##     _.'  \       '
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '       (__/ ##_  ='.__/  \      '
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '          |  # ```  ?`\_. \     '
[Jan 31 18:39] <@Twighlite> That's just a small fraction of the fandom
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '          \   /  /   /'  .'     '
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '          || /_,-\   \ \"       '
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '          |||     >> >\_\       '
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to '         //_(    //_( ''-'      '
[Jan 31 18:39] * _nco9 changes topic to 'PERVERTED REPUGNANT MANCHILDREN '

zomg 1337 haxor bronies retaliate![edit]

Watch out, we're dealing with a badass here!
<phobeus> hello, i'm monitoring NCF and GNAA's IRC
<phobeus> we've got some hostmasks
<klaxa> oh that's pretty awesome
<phobeus> NCF:   #ncf
<phobeus> <phobeus> GNAA: #gnaa  ... they're that bastards glue factory
<klaxa> i'll pay a visit as Anonymous1234
<phobeus> okay, why not
<phobeus> i've got some log of GNAA
<phobeus> they're attacking some other server now
<phobeus> we, in our czech bronies geek wing writing bot which we'll send there for monitoring logs, hostmasks and some security bugs
<klaxa> make sure to hide your identities
<phobeus> no problem :) anonymnous shells somewhere in siberia
<phobeus> we're good at it
<klaxa> that's nice
<phobeus> but... GNAA have other project now, so bronies are second or third with priority
<phobeus> it's just group of flip flop trolls
<klaxa> i don't get them anyways...
<phobeus> nevermind
<phobeus> so.. hold on bro

NCF calls Lauren Faust[edit]


Wikia Rape[edit]

Perfect for destroying any given Wikia or wiki in general, has caused complete destruction of numerous Brony hangouts.

Minecraft for Niggers[edit]

midas' Minecraft mod.


Other rebels against God's Word[edit]

Pure Faggotry[edit]

Durrhurr I'm IHM look at me namedrop all these "big-name" trolls and troll groups and ED (yes I'm friends with ED and dont forget it!). Am I cool yet??



Niggestcrookforce ncf.jpg

Source: Official NCF pastebin


#InternetTerrorism About missing Pics
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