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that line saves his awesome genes
Witch of Jerusalem
mommy talks live for nimda
Ha chaim gadol shalom
jew rabbi
Oven the jew scum
Final face of nimda
Miserable Eggie
Jesus save me!
The power of Christ compels jews!
wtf eggie
Just do it eggie spergling
Eggie Asspergers
no life basement dweller
He is dead!
Jew rhino rotting in basement 24 hrs 365 days each year
"Nimda virus" is a horribly depressed suicidal lunatick!
Eddie Jackson
Eddie o saurus
The Big Fucking Goblin
welcome to israhell silly goy
How do you persevere when there is no hope and you feel so basement dwellery permashuttiny?
Look at that cock dont be afraid of it eddie
Faces of nimda
Admin of filmboards look at his language
What kind of an admin talks like this to a general user?
World record holder for most time spent in front of screen. Greatest basement dweller of all time.
Back to the oven
Let nimda blow you to control you
Nimda in granny porn
Lifecycle of nimda: Does it come back from hell?
Steve Lake being doxxed and harassed by the Pissraeli baboon
A night of desert loving desert dwellers jew and paki with hrabaki
Croc of shit
Nimda virus killed filmboards via self cannibalism
I don't know why nimda is crying
Nimda spies on limited users
Nimda's mom
Orc of Israel
Nimda caught flirting with his local police to avoid prison. He hides his criminal records. Such criminals belong in prison for life.
Nimda gets no respect at all!
Nimda gets no respect at all. Damn!
Nimda admits that he spies on users
retarded race
Nimda is a miserable suicidal piece of shit
Slave boi nimda
Nerd jew ashamed of itself
Join filmboards for Zion!
Can't handle women
Jewish pest
The jew thing
Rumors are that nimda is a filthy jew zionist!
Dying jew nigger
Jew tranny clown creature
Jew nimda crying his photos uploaded
Second holocaust?
Jew parasite asocial, criminal, sick, degenerate, reject of society
The Great Autist
Autistic screeching nimda
Antisemitism increases!
Nimda flirting with a homosexual filled filmboards user

Nimda is a worm on Microsoft Windows and one of the first capable of running itself without the user even opening the email with the worm. It is also the first to modify sites to offer copies of itself for download. Nimda of (often regarded as the asshole of IMDb offshoots) however was a unibrowed pubes plastered on his face down syndromed 40 yr old autistic no life jew virus who lives with his very jewish mom in the middle of nowhere in dumbfuck Ohio, a failure at life, was unmarried, a jobless criminal, a permashutin, an "admin" of an IMDb message board wannabe website full of epic fail and faggotry that was created for the intention of discussing hot or political issues, instead it is used for thinly veiled doxxing. Retarded neanderthal of zion freak used to stay online 24/7 365 days a year. Its whole life was/is spying on the goyim living vicariously through them. It is a perfect jew specimen, a virus on humanity. Jews like this kike justified the first holocaust, second holocaust will happen because of him. World antisemitism increased because of this jew, studies have revealed.

Nimda hacks computers of his limited users then harasses them. Filmboards = failbore doomed to failure like the State of Israel. That's how jews behave when given any semblance of authority. Hitler did nothing wrong!

tl;dr He is the jew responsible for the second ovening!

Nimda's gay encounters with his users[edit]

Nimda is in love with various gay men who visit his It is rumored that only gay men visit his site. Women are banned from posting as soon as they post except fugly hambeasts such as Twizlee.

Recently nimda was seen licking asshole of a faggot named Patrick from NYC. Patrick is a twink who prefers being called a pansexual queerboi of Gameboy, a perpetual ass kissing machine, thinks he is clever, is as obstuse as a jew in Israel surrounded by its enemies thinking it is safe.

Nimda is obsessed with another smelly user's ass. This time it is a paki sandnigger terrorist "ben" from pakistan. It is said that nimda stalks on this poor guy 24 hrs each day. It seems he craves ben's ass. Ben has a phat juicy ass he exclaims. He offers ben his mother to fuck in exchange for ben's ass.

Nimda also offers his ass to gameboy on a regular basis, in an effort to make gameboy bring users to his ultra fail site. Gameboy laughs at the poor jew son of a hog playing him while fucking his asshole raw.

Nimda is a criminal[edit]

Nimda was recently caught flirting with his local police to avoid prison. He hides his criminal records. Such criminals belong in prison for life.

Nimda mooches off his dad[edit]

Nimda hasn't worked a single day in his life, lives off his dad who is sick of his existence. He is a parasite on his family. His parents hate him. He is 40 years old. All day everyday instead of working he wastes his life away, is a nuisance on the people who made a mistake of clicking on filmboards, because he hacks them, then jews them non-stop. Without his father he's practically a homeless bum, a beggar on the streets. A leech on his parents, a leech on humanity, this jew will die miserable after a miserable hrabakic existence.

Nimda is forever jobless[edit]

Sources reveal that nimda is unhireable. Currently he is seeking jobs in his local village yet no one hires him. Last time he had a job nimda was seen eating shit from a toilet in a local golf club after which he was fired. For the last 10 years he is seeking a gullible employer to hire him. People of his village are well aware of his antics. This loser will stay jobless till he dies.

Nimda is a very proactive zionist[edit]

Nimda Hrabak [Czech and Slovak (Hrabák): nickname for a greedy or miserly person, from a derivative of hrabat 'to rake in or hoard'] the looner loner is fighting an unholy war against the jew hating world. Wherever they go, they are despised and hated because they try to control everything because they are G-d's chosen parasites upon humanity. It does not realize that its slimey behavior will result in the second shoah which the tribe will milk for profit and sympathy for the next 100 years thereafter.

Nimda cannot handle women[edit]

Nimda claims to be a shy and introverted nerd. He is also autistic. He is a permashutin too.

Nimda's constant harassment of his limited userbase[edit]

Recently an ugly hambeast from shitfuckistan killed herself after nimda harassed her into suiciding itself. He hacks the computers of the unsuspecting victims harasses them whenever they come online. He is always online. 24 hrs a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year, for the last 20 to 30 years of his "life."

Nimda harassing some random user by posting his face on the poster. Do not visit failbore!

Nimda has Oedipus Complex[edit]

The Oedipal complex, also known as the Oedipus complex, is a term used by Sigmund Freud in his theory of psychosexual stages of development to describe Nimda's feelings of desire for his or her opposite-sex parent and jealousy and anger toward his or her same-sex parent.

Nimda has hots for his mom!

Nimda is an unhappy person[edit]

Nimda talks about killing himself whenever given chance. He is a suicidal depressed shutin. He wishes to make everyone as miserable as himself. He is a "kofer" (jewish word for a miserable life hating wretch)

Nimda's Lie[edit]

On 15 January in the Year of our Lord 2019, Nimda made a false statement about another user's message forum. He claimed that the founder created the forum merely as a means to "get IPs" and also censored the name from appearing on his forum. But the owner of the website made no such statement, nor has dropped any hints indicated such. It was a complete falsehood by Nimda with no backing whatsoever. There are several other forums, and while Nimda has criticized those forums, he has never accused the founders of the asme. Oddly enough, this forum is one of the most aesthetic with numerous categories and a cool layout. Time and effort was put into building it. It'd seem absurd to believe someone would spend time building a eclectic, aesthetic forum merely to get "IPs." It makes no sense! All a user has to do is visit a page one time and their IP is logged. Thus, if a person just wanted to "get ips," they'd create a half-ass forum and send people to a blank page.

Nimda lying about another user's forum. Why though?

Typically the person who makes such claims has a guilty conscious himself. He who smelt it dealt it. Could Nimda be using his forum to get IPs? Why did he manage to think of that all by himself?

Nimda's site is pro-homosexuality[edit]

fail admin nimda's failbore is filled with literal faggots!

Nimda and co-admin Gameboy[edit]

Gameboy is an admitted sexual deviant who loves to piss on young men and make them lick the brown ring of his asshole. It is rumored that he is registered sex offender and he has never denied such allegations. Out of all the people on the Internetz, Nimda chose Gameboy to co-admin his website with him, which could only mean Nimda has been bullied and cyber raped by Gameboy.

Gameboy has been inconsistent with his age on numerous occasions. He claims to be in his "mid-30s" despite joining The_Soapbox in the early 2000s, which would put him at junior high or high school age when he first began; yet there was never any reference to him being a kid in the early days: he was already old when he started! He uses outdated terms like the redundant Mr. T-esque "fool" and 50s gay slang like tea rooms that no basement dweller in their 30s nor gay man under 50 would ever say. Gameboy is a fossil! He's scared to show himself like a scared little bitch LULZ! And probably because he has warrants out for his arrest for sex crimes, too. Gameboy has publicly said rape is not a big deal, and a suitable punishment for rape is to rape back your rapist. Ted Bundy also shares the same opinion as Gameboy on rape punishment. EPIC LULZ!

It has been alleged that recent voicemail has been released where Daddy Gameboy can be heard threatening Cuck Nimda. A mean, loud, smoker's voice can be heard shouting, "You better make me admin of your forum and don't you ever remove my position."

A recent visitor to Gameboy's house has testified that Gameboy loves to dress Nimda up in a little girl's skirt and top and call him "Strawberry Shortcake" while he fucks him in the ass.

Gameboy's Two-Faced like Nimda the jew[edit]

Gameboy is a hypocrite and two-faced!

One time, when a sexually vulgar post was deleted by a moderator, Gameboy initially disagreed with the decision and posted a thread of vulgar sexual nature himself to get under the moderator's skin for being uptight killjoy.

Then, when Gameboy discovered it was Chickaboom who deleted the original post, MY OH MY how Gameboy changed his story! He suddenly pretended to be against sexually vulgar posts, and said the reason he posted his was to show "how stupid it was." WHAT A LIAR! EPIC LULZ!

Gameboy has always been consistently supportive of posts of sexual nature. He was ready to criticize and taunt any other mod for deleting the post, but when he found out it was his ol' buddy Chickaboom, he changed his story as not to look like he was the defending original poster and belittling Chickaboom, contrary to his original intent.

What a two-face fake! LULZ

Nimda dies of leukemia[edit]

Oven it
Get back in the oven hrabak
or did he?The worst jew evar!

“Nimda,” the owner and admin of Filmboards, passed away Saturday, April 24, 2018 at his winter home.

Nimda lived his 35 years doing what he lived, absolutely nothing white eating Cheetos and browsing the Internet all day.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be mad to the Internet Addict Rehabilitation Center of Wherever the fuck he is from.

Nimda survived the holocaust[edit]

Nimda survived the holocaust!

It is rumored that nimda is none other than the wandering jew that mocked Christ at his crucifixion. It is also well known in the pro-Israeli spirit cooking jews of the molech worshiping variate over at Bohemian Grove where they sacrifice gentile babies for their god remphan that nimda survived the holocaust. Provided in this page are some of his photos during that awesome period for mankind, i.e. the holocaust of the jew parasites.

Nimda burns in hell like a typical kike[edit]

And you will surely find the jews the most greedy of people for life – [even] more than those who associate others with God. One of them wishes that he could be granted life a thousand years, but it would not remove him in the least from the [coming] punishment that he should be granted life. And God is Seeing of what they do. / beware! spyware on![edit]

Nimda house nuked

Edward Sperling, owner of filmboards, is a spying criminal who has installed spyware on his website to stalk and doxx his users.

"Warning, this app contains a virus

Cleaning is recommended

This came from my anti-virus software"

"Nimda or whoever see this, it contains a [censored]ing virus!!

It almost [censored]ed up my phone!!"


Thank god for my anti-virus software!

You're still getting spied on" - edward sperling directly enables and promotes paedophilia, stalking, cyberbullying etc. on his website. 

   Terrible site. It is like a cesspool on the General Discussion boards. It is mostly a group of homesexuals from the old Soapbox on IMDb, who constantly fight with each other about who's cybering who, and go into graphic detail about their sexual acts with other men. Totally disgusting.
   Nimda the administrator has put malicious code in the browser add on that they push people to use. It puts a backdoor on your PC. He also reads the PMs and shares personal info gleaned from the PMs and the IP addresses with the mods, who use it to doxx and threaten users. The mods are out of control randomly ban users they don't like but who have not broken the rules, while condoning and even encouraging their friends to doxx other users.

   @Grue Edward is way more than that. He is a fugitive from the law Thomas bribes his local police each time he commits a crime and he commits them almost on a regular basis there is no cure for such a persistent criminal, only permanent imprisonment.

Faces of the jew virus[edit]

Evidence piles up against Nimda[edit]

Nice projection weird looking weirdo

Nimda deletes a page on him on complaintsboard[edit]

Nimda deletes a page on him on complaintsboard.jpg

Falasha nig
Jew alien from outer space
Beatles fan this retard nimda
ProjectError was the author of this retarded page


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