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"No Human Being is Illegal" is an utterly retarded catchphrase that is mindlessly parroted by bleeding-heart liberals and globalist shills whenever actual human beings make the mistake of referring to illegal immigrants as "illegal immigrants". The phrase was originally uttered by fake holocaust survivor, sexual predator and professional Jew, Elie Wiesel, after winning the Nobel Peace Prize for lying about being an Auschwitz survivor and helping to send multiple "Nazi war criminals" (i.e. German guards who DINDU NUFFIN) to their deaths and wrongful imprisonment at the hands of post World War II kangaroo courts.

Because modern liberals are so unbelievably fucking stupid, they actually seem to believe that the "illegal" in "illegal immigrant" is supposed to refer to the actual person and not the crime that they committed by illegally entering and residing in a country that they are not a citizen of. What liberals don't seem to comprehend is that a paedophile is still a paedophile even if they aren't currently molesting children, a murderer is still a murderer even if they aren't currently in the act of murdering someone, and Zaiger is still a dirty fucking Jew even though he no longer has any control over ED and can no longer attempt to sell it for half-a-day's worth of drug money.

No I-Word is Illegal![edit]

The Drop the I-Word campaign is a retarded publicity stunt by a group called Race Forward that began in 2010 with the goal of banning the use of the word "illegal" when referring to illegals. Race Forward offered the following bullshit excuses in an attempt to validate their anti-free speech censorship campaign.

It’s Racially Charged (Despite illegal not being a race)

It’s Dehumanizing (Despite illegals not being actual people)

Race Forward also released a hilarious video that treats the word "illegal" like the FCC treats all other lulzy words in the English language and bleeps all occurrences of the word until God Emperor Donald J. Trump bravely bypasses the censors and destroys all censorship in the universe.

No Illegal is Illegal![edit]

No Gallery is Illegal![edit]

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