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Now is the period of history after before the internets. In other words: A point in time already being permanently gone when recognizing it is/was there. Cannot be used to codecs too well whether it works fine as IRL-command term. Persons alive at this time include:

Some argue that now is a key component of applicable quantum physics in the field of time travel. Let's do an exercise to prove this point; go to the talk page, add a comment and sign it. It will log what time 'now' is.

Now do the following:

  • Get off teh internets
  • Go outside
  • Run around screaming about your crabs
  • Go down the shops for a bit
  • Eat some pie
  • Bring democracy to the USA
  • Come back OL
  • Post another comment
  • You just lost the game

You will find that the time now is different to the time 'now' that you posted before. OMG YOU LIEK TRAVELED THROUGH TIME!!!oneoneone

Got it now ?

An Illustrative Dialogue[edit]

Prima: Now, you're looking at now, sir. Everything that's happening now is happening now.

Secunda: What happened to then?

Prima: We missed it.

Secunda: When?

Prima: Just now. You're at now now.

Secunda: Go back to then.

Prima: We can't.

Secunda: Why not?

Prima: We missed it.

Secunda: When?

Prima: Just now.

Secunda: When will then be now?

Prima: Soon.

Secunda: wat