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A nu-male is a specific type of moronic (supposedly male) subhuman that has surfaced in the 2010's in an attempt to redefine what manhood means, specifically white malehood, in the wake of the Civil Rights movement and Third-Wave Feminism. But in the process of doing so, they've become a humongous joke, and no one outside of liberal Hellholes like San Francisco takes them seriously. Despite their permeation in modern Western society, they exist simply to show people how one should NOT live if they wish to be treated with respect by their peers, and especially women.

So where did they come from?[edit]

The Greatest Generation begat the Baby Boomers[edit]

The Great Depression taught the Greatest Generation that being a pussy means death, while World War II taught them that exposing your emotions to the enemy meant death. There was simply no time for them to complain about shit, because they were too busy trying to survive to do any of that. That's why back then, men were real men, women were real men, and children were real men. Even degenerates like Ed Wood were real men; he admitted to wearing women's bra and panties... all while killing Japs in the Battle of Tarawa during World War 2. And so the bitterness of the Great Depression, WW2, and the Cold War ensured that the Greatest Generation would raise their children—the Baby Boomer Generation—with the same level of harshness they grew up with. It's what made them into the heroes they became, so it only makes sense in order to keep the hero train a'rollin'.

Not pictured: nu-males of any sort
"When I become a parent, I'm gonna bring my kids to one of these, because my dad never did!"
The Baby Boomer Generation, on the other hand, while still raised properly, hated the fact that they were raised so harshly. Their parents from the Greatest Generation never took their kids to a baseball game, told them how well their artwork looked, etc. All they did was complain about their kids whining about shit like toys and crap... which was nonsense as far as the parents were concerned, because a roof over their head and food on their plate was far more than any of them had during the Depression. Toys? Baseball?? I don't give a shit about your fanfic about Howdy Doody meeting Captain Kangaroo. Just be glad you aren't picking sand out of your food, you ungrateful little assholes. Thirsty? Drink your spit. Oh, and I don't want to see you playing with that nigger kid from across the street anymore.

Worse, because of pediatricians like Dr. Spock, the rising influence of Feminism, the increasing shift of work away from rural areas and towards urban ones—with the family following the work—and even all the new ideas being piped in through the television, it became harder and harder for the Fathers of their Baby Boomer-generation children to be positive male role model, which also made it hard to instill upon their children—particularly their sons—what it means to be a Man. Whereas in the early years of the 20th Century, when the whole family was involved with maintaining the family farm, and/or were all home schooled, this tight-knit family situation provided equal parts of both positive male and female role models for their children. But because of all the changes happening in post-War America, the Father was simply not around to teach their children much of anything anymore, not for lack of trying. Therefore, young Baby Boomer boys simply lacked positive male-role models, as they were growing up either around their Mom (who ran the house when Dad was away), their teacher (who was usually a woman), or their friends (who were just little kids). This situation was magnified by television, with shows like I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver depicting home life as run by their mothers and usually devoid of their fathers.

Further complicating the fatherhood situation was the rise of the Welfare system, like with the Food Stamp Act of 1964, it would start to encourage new mothers that the Government could be their new husband. Because unlike some deadbeat guy, the Uncle Sam (er, well, Papa Sam now) will never leave them, never come home late, never get drunk and hit them, never cheat on them, never leave their children, and she'll never have to give up sex just to get her money. Plus one less person means one less mouth to feed, money wasted on his beer, bacon, potato chips, and hot dogs could be invested on her instead, no need to wash and fold his work clothes and make him lunch every day without a single thank you from him... and now that birth control had just been made available (1960), whenever Mom needs a good fucking, she can just sleep with some random guy and never have to see him again. Goodness gracious, what a useful situation! Who needs fathers anymore, right?? This would be an arrangement which might not have affected the Baby Boomer generation right away, but the seeds of a father-less family were planted during this time, and this would undoubtedly create problems later on down the road... but we'll get to that later.

Of course the Baby Boomer generation dealt with all of these changes to society and the nature of the family, because they didn't know they didn't need to; it was all normal to them. The 1960's eventually came, and started filling the heads of the Baby Boomer generation with Peace, Love, and Happiness. Later, with the Civil Rights Movements of the 60's and 70's teaching the new generation about fairness and equality (while at the same time also teaching them about how white men were the cause of EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM EVER in the history of the WORLD), the Baby Boomer generation ultimately decided that, when they have children, they're not going to be the stoic brick wall their parents were, but would instead be their children's best friend. When the time comes, it'll be the Baby Boomer's chance to raise their children right, with the right music, right thinking, right history, right everything. This time they WILL take their kids to a baseball game, they WILL tell them how well their artwork turned out, they WILL let them make friends with non-white kids. In fact, their kids get a TON of awards for their artwork and achievements, just to make up for the ZERO awards they got when they were a kid. The children of the Baby Boomers will get everything the Baby Boomers never got.

"Hey son! Do you wanna go to a Deadhead concert with me? I'll drive!"

The Baby Boomers begat The Gen X-ers, Millennials[edit]

Baby Boomer and their son child (did you just assume their gender?!)
So in comes the 70s, and the earlier Baby Boomer Generation finally started having children: either Generation X—born between the 70's until maybe 1983—or Millenials—born between 1984 until the the 90, with the Generation Xers themselves filling in the second-half of the Millenials. Either way, the Baby Boomers gained more and more seniority in their respective workplaces around the same time, such that, by the time the post-Gen X generation, the Millennial Generation, reached school age, the Baby Boomers had completely taken over the positions of authority their parents and grandparents once held. No longer did the Baby Boomers need to challenge the authority of their parents as children or as young adults, THEY were now THE Authority, and so now it was THEM who decided what would be taught and what would be expected from others. In due time the Baby Boomers make good on their promises to give their children the life they never had, by being far more friendlier to these children than their parents ever were to them. The Baby Boomer Generation relished in the joy of finally being able to teach people that it's OK to cry if you got a little sliver playing in the tanbark playground, and nobody would question it. And as they got older, the Baby Boomer Generation—sometimes in tandem with the Gen X-ers—taught these children more hippie and feminist values, like how it's OK for a male to cry, that there is NO EXCUSE to hit a woman, that one should stand up for their beliefs, races and genders were equal (though non-whites are more equal than whites) and so forth and so on. And at the end of the day, the Baby Boomer Generation were happy that the children were finally being taught the right thing.

Unfortunately, none of those lessons were tempered by any kind of common sense (y'know, like, it's OK for a male to cry in PRIVATE and not as a means to achieve a goal, that if women are equal to men then there's just as many reasons to hit a woman as there are for men, etc). Worse, where as the Greatest Generation almost completely lacked any positive doting behavior, the Baby Boomers were TOO doting. Years of being told that they were perfect in every way, that their artwork was simply ALWAYS award winning, and graduating kindergarten was worthy of celebration started to mold the young Millennial's minds into thinking they could do no wrong, that everyone loves them, and authority is nonexistent. All of this was magnified by decades of a lack of positive male role-models and the realization that they didn't have a clear idea of what it meant to be a Man... and although they were there for their children in ways their parents were, this became a case of "the blind leading the blind": how the hell could a generation who knew little about being a Man raise a new generation of boys to become Men? There was no answer... and thus the Baby Boomer parents felt that, as long as their boys and girls were at home watching Care Bears and My Little Pony G1 (but not G.I. Joe because that was too violent) and not out smoking crack or whatever, then that was enough to be a good parent. And so it's no surprise that, as the Millennial Generation grew to adulthood, they simply became the world's newest generation of pussies.

The Millennials begat no one[edit]

"My life is SOOOO hard!"
Of course the real world is far different than the world that the Baby Boomers and Gen X'ers raised the Millennials in, which years of Care Bears did not prepare them for. Everything you do is wrong, nobody loves you, and authority is everywhere. This is exactly what the Greatest Generation learned, and taught their Baby Boomer children... but in the process of tossing out EVERYTHING their parents taught them in lieu of "more correct" rearing (among other things), the Baby Boomer Generation basically left out those lessons when raising their children. But whereas the Gen X-ers at least still had their Greatest Generation grandparents to give them a different outlook on life (at least whoever was left after years of social drinking and smoking gave them all liver disease and lung cancer), the Millenials had no one left to turn to. Now, these Millennial adults are being sent into the world without the proper tools to deal with shit, and in turn have simply become gigantic pussies because of those missing tools. But hey, at least they know that there is NO REASON to hit a woman, right?

Now this usually happened with white people, as pretty much all generations of non-white people to this day still have to deal with enough bullshit in life to temper them enough and prevent them from becoming gigantic sissies. Like, black folk—save for the very most recent #BlackLivesMatter generation—had to deal with racism (and white people trying to latch onto them for some political end), Asians were too busy escaping communism and other leftist regimes to support American-style liberalism much, etc. But for white Millennials, who had a pretty easy living as there was nothing left in life to temper them like their grandparents during the 1930's and 40's (and, no, marching against the Iraq War, joining an Occupy collective, and tweeting #BlackLivesMatter doesn't count), and because their Gen X-er parents and Baby Boomer grandparents left them ill-equipped to deal with the realities of the real world, while also being over-burdened with tons of white guilt, the conditions were such that an average white Millennial male devolving into a nu-male was almost inevitable.

If you look and feel like this, seek immediate help

And that's where we are now: We have an entire generation of pussies who are a complete 180 from the Greatest Generation. Their great-grandparents are rolling in their graves seeing their male descendants acting concerned about how being on the receiving end of their girlfriend's strap-on may make them feel "unmanly":

The Next Generation[edit]

If this is what white kids are being taught in school these days, and/or what white kids think they need to say to impress their elders... then God help us all.

How to spot a Nu-male[edit]

nu-males can be spotted by their glasses, premature balding, and white knightism
No one person exhibits ALL of the symptoms associated with nu-male-ism. Rather, nu-males share certain common traits, though which traits they share is dependent on how they were raised, where they live, etc. However, the first trait listed below is perhaps the one single trait that absolutely does define the nu-male.

They're a White male with White Guilt[edit]

This is perhaps the single most important attribute of the nu-male, as everything else about them is based on this fundamental aspect. The root of this stems from the Baby Boomer Generation, in their attempt to correct the historical wrongs that white males have done in the past (such as colonialism, imperialism, slavery, sexism, racism, etc). Specifically, the Baby Boomer Generation raised both the Gen-X Generation and the Millennial Generation to be hyper-conscious of history, and to do whatever they can to not only prevent it from happening in the future, but to be willing to pay for the sins of their ancestors. This overall instilled upon the nu-male an insane amount of white guilt: without that guilt, there is no nu-male, as that guilt in turn drives the nu-male towards doing the most stupid and ridiculous things in their desire to repent for their assumed sins.

This picture is dripping with white guilt.
Of course, this is under the assumption that only white males are guilty of colonialism, imperialism, slavery, sexism, racism, etc., which is hardly true (Imperial Japan is a really good example). However, don't try to bring this fact up to a nu-male, as they'll justify it by claiming either:
  • white males made those non-whites and non-males be terrible (because non-white, non-male people are completely incapable of acting on their own)
  • that BECAUSE they are non-white or non-male, all the wrongs and evil deeds they did doesn't count against them... or are even justified in some way
  • Perhaps that non-whites were being oppressed by whites so much that murdering millions of white people, or even other non-white people, was just them trying to free themselves of said oppression.
  • That's right; Mao Tse-tung's "Great Leap Forward", which killed tens of millions of Chinese people, or the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge... it's all white people's fault.
  • or—worst of all—that that non-white group is/were actually "honorary whites" and thus justifying their white guilt even further.

It is possible that a non-white male can have "white guilt" (and thus be a nu-male), but it's very rare, and likely because they've become absolutely disconnected to their non-white side (becoming a banana, coconut, Oreo, etc in the process).

They sport a beard, glasses, and/or are prematurely balding[edit]

Mind you, having a beard, glasses, and/or a receding hairline alone doesn't make you a nu-male, but nu-males tend to have beards, glasses, and/or a receding hairline more often than not. Why this is is still under investigation.

Bonus points to go any nu-male who wear glasses which aren't even prescription glasses.

They greatly seek approval and validation from oppressed people[edit]

Thanks for pointing that out!
Like sporting a beard and glasses, all people desire validation from their peers; it's only natural. But what differentiates a nu-male from a normal human being is that, because of the massive amount of white guilt nu-males possess, they seek out the approval and validation specifically from those they feel white males have historically wronged.

When it comes to seeking the approval of women, nu-males tend to be white knights and/or self-proclaimed "male feminists"; they'll jump to any woman's defense on the internet, despite not ever receiving any rewards or personal benefits for their good deeds. Despite this, they also try to be a "nice guy", maybe because they felt (or have been convinced) that they have treated women wrong by thinking of their own needs in a relationship (like the TOTALLY WRONG idea that it's OK to want to have sex with a woman), and therefore believe that being "nice" is paramount in any romantic relationship. ALL of this is likely because they believe that these actions is what women expect them to be, despite never actually talking to women to begin with and trying to get a consensus of what women would ACTUALLY like to see from them. This is also why nu-males also donate money to at least one Patreon female; it's clear toxic masculinity has tortured these poor women and destroyed their emotional state... so giving them money is a good way to right those wrongs once and for all.

See women?? This joke about how some men pretend to understand your issues means *I* totally understand your issues. Don't you see how much of an ally I am to you now? I mean, this is what you want me to say, right? Please, just tell me what you want me to do!

Trying to gain the validation from non-white people means completely agreeing with everything a non-white person says or wants, no matter how irrational or idiotic it actually is. Shit, white people have done crazy shit to non-white people over history, so it's only fair for non-white people to want to do something equally crazy. Therefore, nu-males tend to be Social Justice Warriors, agree that the US government should pay reparations to the African-American community, and are in support of various race-specific campaigns like #BlackLivesMatter. In fact, they'll almost zealously support these race-specific campaigns, sometimes far more active than an actual person of that particular race, and maybe to the degree where the white nu-male will criticize and lecture a non-white person for not sharing the same attitudes. Y'know, because—as a white person—nu-males know more about how to fix the issues facing a certain non-white community than an actual member of that community.

Politically, since ALL women and non-white people are OBVIOUSLY liberals who always vote Left, combined with the fact that conservatives are INHERENTLY toxic to non-white, non-male people, nu-males therefore attempt to show solidarity with them by being liberals just the same. Another way nu-males show solidarity is, when a non-white, non-straight, non-male person reads them the riot act (especially over something some white male did in the past, as opposed to what that nu-male did specifically), the nu-male will completely roll over and take their punishment; after all, they're white males, and it's their burden and responsibility to be hated by all the groups that their white male kinsmen have wronged throughout history. Again, this is done OBVIOUSLY because this is what non-white, non-straight, non-male people expect out of white males. Instead of, y'know, actually talking to non-white, non-straight, non-male people and getting a consensus about what they REALLY want to see happen. Again, it's because nu-males know more about what non-white, non-straight, non-male people want than they themselves know!

Fashion-wise, the nu-male's approval-seeking tendencies also ensures that they are trendy, as adhering to a fashionable trend is the very heart of one's desire for approval. How can someone be liked by other people if they aren't wearing the right kind of clothing?

They "Listen and Believe", despite zero reason to do so, and even to their detriment[edit]

White Guilt Anonymous; Nu-males welcome!
Yeah, this is a serious problem. I mean, why do these scummy people pretend to be "male feminists" to begin with?
...ohhh ok, I guess that makes sense
Related to their desire to seek approval and validation from "oppressed" people, nu-males are suckers for any way they can prove how much of a great ally they are to those "oppressed" people. One of the most important cornerstones of SJW ideology and identity politics is "Listen and Believe", which requires men to listen and believe any time a woman says that she was sexually assaulted, no questions asked, and despite the lack of evidence, credibility, etc. In fact, any feeling that this isn't right is simply their White Privilege showing through, and so they need to check their privilege by listening and believing. Doing this is not only the right thing to do, but it also guarantees that they'll be seen as they wonderful allies they are.

You can see this behavior play out in real time; in fact it's a sure-fire way to see which one of your friends is a closeted nu-male (assuming it isn't already obvious). Suppose a woman announces that a man has sexual assaulted her—say, Harvey Weinstein, Cosby, or College Campus "rapes". What's the nu-male's reaction? INSTANT: "Listen and believe. She's automatically right." No amount of evidence or arguments in favor of the man will convince the nu-male otherwise; as far as he's concerned, she's automatically right, and any evidence of the contrary that you provide them will only convince them that you're a racist. And even if the law later determines she was lying and she's wrong... well, that still doesn't mean we can't Listen and Believe next time.

But why act contrary to logic? I mean, other than because the fact that allies are the only kinds of men that modern women will suck the dicks of. It's simple: to nu-males, their self-hate is so strong that they've not only become willing to accept that men are always wrong and women are always right, but they've also accepted that the kind of extreme shift away from men-power and towards women-power that "Listen and Believe" represents is simply a fair way to even things out after centuries of men running this patriarchal society. And if "listening and believing" helps, well, it's the least men can do to help facilitate this extreme shift.

Unfortunately for nu-males, this earnest desire for free blow jobs for allies! doing the right thing came without much thought for the long-term consequences, as they neglected to take into account what might would happen if THEY were the man being accused of sexual assault by a woman. I mean it's not like these nu-males only became "male feminists" in order to hide the fact that they are actually horrible scummy sexual predators, right?

Anyways, by accepting this ideology these nu-males set themselves up for failure: if a woman publicly accuses a nu-male of sexual assault (which is frankly a matter of WHEN, not IF), then there is no way out for the nu-male. Why? Well, since the nu-male is on record for having accepted the woman's automatic innocence and the man's automatic guilt, then either:

  • the nu-male will be forced to pay the price for something he didn't actually do... in fact he might be SO blindly tied to the narrative that he'll be willing to commit social suicide in order to keep up appearances: "I didn't do it, but because we should listen and believe the woman, then I guess I DID do it!". OK, maybe not to THAT extreme, but you can bet they'll be having problems trying to come to terms with the idea of either accepting their undeserved guilt, or being concerned for what this could mean for future "listen and believe" situation should he try to claim that the "victim" is actually wrong
  • he'll actually try to fight back against the accusation by actually suggesting that people DON'T actually "listen and believe" the woman, in spite of all the times he said otherwise. Worse, this will undoubtedly cause people to question his entire history as a "male feminist", and it might actually ruin things for other "male feminists" as people begin to realize how much of a fake they were.

In either case, the nu-male is screwed... but screwed by their own actions. In fact, a number of "male feminists" have since been discovered to be utter creeps (surprise surprise), including:

  • NeoGAF's Tyler "Evilore" Malka — he proved how much of a "male feminist" he was by raping a drunk girl
  • Ain't it Cool News' Harry Knowles — he respects women!
  • Devin Faraci — Trump is sexist for grabbing women by the pussy... said the guy who grabbed a woman by the pussy
  • Screen Junkies' Andy Signore — supports the Feminist Agenda, so long as they don't look into his past
  • Andrew Dobson — well, he would need to have risen to great heights in order to have a "fall from grace", not to mention his attempts at being a "LGBT ally" are clearly just a ruse to anyone with eyes, especially after calling actual LGBT folk "Nazis" for not agreeing with him
  • Vice President Joe Biden — lol his campaign

Ultimately this proves how wrong this ideology is, as it puts ideology and dogma above critical thought and evidence. People are condemned for a crime they didn't commit, but that doesn't matter so long as some nu-male can use it to prove how much of a great ally they are to some random "woman" online.

They are extremely self-hating[edit]

This is also absolutely due to their white guilt. Being a white male is an extreme burden to the nu-male, so they will actively point out how horrible it is to be white and a male any chance they get. Part of this is also done in tandem with their desire for approval from non-white, non-males; they actually believe that all their self-hating impresses non-white, non-male people... or, worse, that the language nu-males uses is what non-white, non-male people want them to say and believe... but in reality, non-white, non-male people are totally laughing AT you dipshits.

Self-hate is maybe the most obvious sign to other people that you're a nu-male.

Some nu-males will go so far as to dress up as a woman or pretend to be gay in order to eschew the "toxic masculinity" that they feel they have too much of. The amount of self-hate nu-males have for their white male-ness almost rivals the level of self-hating Jews have for themselves.

They are VERY active on Twitter[edit]

While on Twitter, they will constantly use buzzwords and stock phrases like "problematic", "toxic masculinity", "you're a white male!", and regularly references what the current year is. You can also spot them giving lectures about the right ways for other white males to act, or fighting battles for women and non-white people (sometimes, ironically, lecturing to women and non-white people about how wrong they are for not siding with nu-males like them).

However, while nu-males can use any other social media service to complain about pointless shit, Twitter's 140/280 character limit is the key factor in why nu-males use the service; it allows them to bitch and moan without actually backing up anything they have to say. Furthemore, because brevity is the soul of wit, the character limit gives whatever they write an aura of intelligence, and therefore it makes THEM appear smarter than the av-er-age white males. Of course, it makes them APPEAR smarter in the same way fun-house mirrors can APPEAR to make some fat ham-beast look like a skinny fashion model.

But the most important reason why Twitter is used is because it also prevents their opponents from BTFO'ing their opinions in a very public manner. The thing is, nu-males can't handle dissenting thought; the idea that other people could be disagreeing with—let alone be against—them is foreign to them, so the character limit ensures that an opponent can't give nu-males a good lashing without looking desperate for using more than 140 characters. But if that doesn't work, the next easiest thing for them to do is to just mute/block them, though it's not uncommon for them to work themselves into a rage in order to rid themselves of people who don't align themselves with their views.

They are almost always submissive, passive, boring, but outspoken[edit]

Again, many times their desire for social justice and feminist equality encourages them to tell women and non-white people what to do, despite being against all the many times in history where white males told women and non-white people what to do. But apparently it's different when THEY do it, because they're actually trying to HELP women and non-white people by trying to speak over them.

Being outspoken is another common attribute for nu-males: how else would we know that they're sorry for being a white male if they're not constantly and publicly self-flagellating themselves?


They use "the Fear Grimace" to denote that they are submissive and non-threatening to others[edit]

A primate showing "the fear grimace"; note it's similarity with the face nu-males use.
Fish mouth syndrome like of female feminists

The "Fear Grimace", aka "soy smile", aka "Soylent Grin" is a primitive facial expression used by primates in order to denote submissiveness and to show that someone is not a threat; this is done by showing at least all of their top teeth, if not all of them. In fact, because we tend to anthropomorphize animals, when we see a chimpanzee or gorilla show their teeth, we think they're smiling, so we smile back. But the reality is that they want to tell you that you're actually threatening them and they don't want to start shit, so they show you their teeth like that to make it clear they're actually not a threat to you.

Notice the above pictures of nu-males and how they ALL basically show their top teeth; because we tend to anthropomorphize nu-males as well, we likewise treat that as a smile as well. But in reality, they use that face because of that instinctual need to show that they're not a threat to anyone.

The Fear Grimace is also the nu-male version of the "fish mouth syndrome" used by feminist and SJWs.

PICTURED: Non-nu-males not showing the "Fear Grimace", as they are not Nu-Males and thus do not need to depict a submissive, non-threatening stance.

They have switched to a soy-based diet[edit]

Nu-males are known to be attracted to foods that require as less chewing as possible due to their fragile jaws, likely due to all the ice cream and candy they're eating for dinner ever since they were 6 years old when they promised themselves to start doing that when they grow up. Some of these soft foods include: GMO soy, baby food, leftover cum from wife's lover (mined straight from the source!), Doritos juice, tofu meat replacements, 3-min ready noodles, and other soft junk food.

But this goal to eat easier foods doesn't end there. BEHOLD!, their next upcoming superfood:

Other attributes common to nu-males[edit]

  • attempted to be an indie dev at some point (evidenced by pixel art avatars)
  • considerably more functional in society than average beta males, one step above fedora lords; therefore, their lower position in the social order comes from their shitty opinions, not their inability to function in society (as opposed to autistic folk)
  • think they are all unique individuals, despite looking exactly the same
  • Twitter bio and Tinder bio are identical
  • will take his wife's last name
  • pronounced consumption of soy products
  • extreme joy at the sight of a Nintendo Switch

How to undo the nu-male curse[edit]

This is what being ashamed of being a male looks like.
If you somehow manage to be convinced to do something like this, realize that it doesn't fix nor change anything, it doesn't make black lives any better knowing this happened, and so all it does is personally humiliate you.
Good news! Depending on where you live, being a nu-male isn't a certain death sentence. Unlike autism, you can actually choose to stop being a nu-male. You can't change your whiteness or maleness, so don't bother with that; in fact trying to change it might push you further into nu-male territory. But what you can still do is:
  • first, maybe seriously just kill yourself... but if you're too much of a pussy to even do THAT...
  • rid yourself of your white guilt:
  • it's not your fault that other white men have done shitty things, as if non-white and/or non-men have NEVER EVER done anything shitty in the history of the world (read up on Indira Gandhi, Elizabeth Báthory, Operation Blue Star, or Burundian genocide for starters). You don't need to feel guilty for shit you didn't do, so it's not your responsibility to correct things you didn't do.
  • and frankly, you're really not impressing anyone by feeling so guilty about history; non-white, non-male people see through it very easily, and most in their right mind don't even blame YOU personally for history, or even the present state of affairs. The ONLY thing that people may blame you for is if you personally do something to make things worse, but that's about it. Otherwise, the ones who blame other people for historical shit do it only because they want something out of it (like free money)... and so any time someone makes you feel guilty, it's only because of some ulterior, self-benefiting motive.

...that's basically it. White guilt is something that is so pervasive with nu-males that getting rid of it means eventually shedding the rest of that bullshit that is associated with it.

Well fuck you, Mr. Racist-Sexist! I think I'll "Enjoy the Soy" just to spite you all![edit]

Psh, fine, whatever, don't listen to me; I'm just an ED article. But if you wanna stick to your nu-male ways, you'll just keep looking like this guy, being proud of your soyness.

Why Nu-Males Rock

As we delve further into the subject of toxic masculinity, it’s also important to cover the joys of being a non-toxic male. Yes, you heard me – it is possible to be a male, and not be toxic. We refer to such males as nu-males, a term originally created by the alt right to denigrate softer, more effeminate men who don’t meet traditional standards of masculinity, but has nonetheless been adopted as a proud label by beta males, white knights and a variety of other men who refuse to be caged by their toxic masculinity. According to the Urban Dictionary, a nu-male is defined as follows:

''''Nu-males are men (with “men” being used as loosely as possible) lacking self-respect who are completely devoid of any masculinity and will jump at any moment to defend women online for feminist brownie points while falsely believing that in return, they’ll receive sexual favors. They’re a step above “Nice Guys” in terms of beta they are.

Nu-males are almost exclusively white (although some exceptions exist), ultra liberal, hipsters, wear some form of thick framed glasses with a matching obnoxious beard, submissive but outspoken (only online), in their 20-30s, harbor any form of self-hatred (white guilt, male guilt, etc.), either are thin as a twig or are overweight and very active on social media. They’re often pseudo-intellectuals and will opt to blocking as their form of arguing online to any opposing opinions or valid criticism in order to protect their fragile egos.''''

Putting the derogatory language in that definition aside, what exactly is wrong then with being a nu-male? So they lack self-respect – okay, well why should they have self-respect when they are white males? White males have nothing to be proud of, as the progenitors of every evil on the planet and nothing of value. Devoid of [toxic] masculinity? Good. Defend womyn online? Awesome. Block hateful right wingers and Nazis online? Good. Nothing in this definition is bad according to progressives. Only right wing morons think that letting people bully womyn and being toxic is a good thing.

Two of the other defining characteristics of nu-males, in addition to the definition above, are their hipster dress code and a tendency to smile in a silly, self-deprecating way to make people laugh and to garner sympathy from others. When generation Zyklon is putting Jews, nu-males and people of color in concentration camps, maybe when they see that hilariously submissive smile, they’ll crack up and say – this guy is just too adorable to arrest!

Here are some pictures that demonstrate the nu-male dress code, faux-masculine beard and adorable smile that the alt right have cynically dubbed “cuck face”:

*some obvious gay pictures with numerous open mouths posted*

Don’t these nu-males just look sooo cute! They’re so approachable an un-threatening – you just want to give them a big hug, put them in a pram and give them a bottle of milk. What womyn wouldn’t want a cute little teddy bear as a boyfriend who lets them have sexual relations with other men? He’ll never contradict you, he’ll never criticize you, he’ll always be there for you (unless you tell him to piss off and get a real job), and he’ll always have a smile on his face, no matter how humiliating his circumstances are. Come on girls – nu-males are a catch! 

Is that what you want? Is this the future you choose?


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List of nu-males[edit]

If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all!
I totally fight for race and gender equality! Except for when it means giving someone else more qualified my job.
Nu-male consuming movies made by other nu-males.

Borderline nu-males[edit]

These guys aren't white, so they aren't true nu-males... but they tend to side with white nu-males often, or act in a similar way:

Nu-males support[edit]

Nu-males also tend to support any of the following (bonus points if they donated to their Patreon or any other e-beg service):

Nu-male organizations[edit]

Meanwhile, these organizations were either formed by, hire, or otherwise have nu-males in their ranks:

Videos of nu-males in action[edit]

The nu-male Anthem (starring Peter Coffin); yes, this is a sincere and honest song (read song analysis)
Typical nu-male wedding (starring Anthony Burch)
Aren't you glad you're not Anthony Burch?
Bob "MovieBob" Chipman underlines nu-male thought on gender issues.
Phil Fish's Twitter meltdown is typical of what happens when you disagree with a nu-male.
Nu-male in their natural environment: lecturing others on how to act, but not living up to their own words
Info about Nu-Males and their big mouths when smiling
Nu male gives a recipe for fake soy ribs
Nu-male lecturing a dude who was dancing with a woman that that wasn't cool (reuploaded)
Info about Nu-Males and their big mouths when smiling (reuploaded)

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