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A Nutshot is that special conversational skill that a girl has to remind you, or anyone else that they might be talking to, that they've overstepped some boundaries and she has decided to immediately end the conversation.

It usually follows an Autistic style, less-than-subtle remark, from someone like you regarding the girl's appearance or reputation. An example would be her fishing for compliments and asking you if you think she has a big ass. After taking a look at it for a few seconds and devoid of societal norms, answering with the entirely objective and truthful statement of YES. Another example would be making a less than tactful comment on a more than obvious flaw of hers, for instance saying that she needs to grow bangs to hide her huge fivehead.

Now-a-days, thanks to ideas that include inclusion, it has become permissable for sissy boys and Wanna-be girls to use this conversational skill of hot chicks to let you know that they want you to SHUT THE FUCK UP as a fighting tactic because as they have no empowering male presence in their home, they have learned their limp-wristed, helicopter flaying style of fighting from their mothers.


The proper technique
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Anyone who has ever played Take A Bow with a friend or some retarded fuck that is being outright annoying knows that a slap or brush to the nuts is more than enough to double a man over and momentarily paralyze him.

Likewise, Wimmins have been taught since the age of three that a shot that maximizes surface area and also hits the pubic bone increase their chances of getting their point across that they are no longer in the mood to talk.

The proper technique requires a girl to do a quick axe kick at the person who isn't getting the hint that the conversation is over, aiming the region of their ankle at the taint of the person while connecting the lower leg at their balls and flattening them against the pubic bone.

Done right, this maneuver can cause someone to simultaneously shit themselves and throw up while they roll around on the ground in an agonized mess; screaming for their god's assistance.

Some argue a swift knee to the groin as a way of getting an obnoxious person to quiet down but there are some flaws with this technique as a whole:

  1. For proper leverage, the girl must be shorter than the person she wants to quiet down. If the talker retreats or bends at the knees all the might be given is a swift knee to the stomach. A reasonably firm attack, but one nowhere near as devastating as a proper nutshot.
  2. Distance. A knee to the groin requires the person asking the talker to politely quiet down to be in close proximity to them. This often leads to quick rebuttle with the dreaded Tit Hit , head butting, or a punch aimed right at the nipple of the girl.

The Cunt Punt[edit]

Cunt punt 567.jpg

Some ignorant males like to argue that the Cunt Punt is a waste of time in conversation because girls have nothing down below to hurt by any gymnast that has fallen on a balance beam and lost her Virginity to it will say, It hurts like a Motherfucker as, like a male, there are whole mess of nerve endings located in that area for making sex pleasurable (In your case, masturbation ) and to prevent injury.

The cunt punt is often performed as an opening when girls need to start an immediate and volatile conversation with another female about how she could bang her boyfriend when they have been friends for so long.

It is looked down upon when men attempt it and men should never do it, reserving the time-honored bitch slap for any situation that one would consider doing a cunt punt. If the man is of Proper society, the chosen technique that should be employed is the same one that has been taught to men by our elected god emperor, the cunny grab.

Ways To Avoid Nutshots[edit]

  • Wear a cup at all times.
  • Practice covering your nuts when someone asks, "What's the capital of Thailand?"
  • Quit hanging out with frat boys.
  • Quit trying to sexor your sister.
  • Stay away from kids with baseball bats or any sports paraphernalia for that matter.


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