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An abbreviation of "Oh My God", OMG is the internet' equivalent to "holy shit". Usually notes total and complete astoundment. OMG can also be used as a greeting in the place of "hi" or "sup". As of the newly released Web 2.0, ZOMG is now the accepted abbreviation.

To fat fucks who can't stop thinking about food, it stands for "zero milligrams" when seen on Nutritional Facts on any food item.


Alternate Meanings

While OMG means "Oh My God" 99% of the time, it can be used to mean other things depending on context. Here is a partial list:

  • Oh My God
  • Oh My Goddess (also Discordian; also Wiccan; also lame)
  • Oh My Goddess! (anime)
  • Oh My Goodness (Christian variant)
  • Oh My Gosh (Christian variant)
  • Oh My Gold (Jew/Leprechaun variant)
  • Old Man Genitals
  • Overly Managed Garden
  • Over My (Fucking) Garage! (a final warning before murdering someone; this person isn't messing around)
  • Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
  • Object Management Group
  • OW My Genitals
  • Objecting Massive Grapes
  • Other Meanings [are] Gay
  • Oh Eme Gee (alternate pronunciation)
  • Old Man Gangbang
  • Only Men Gangbang
  • On My Gigantaur (On my seriously massive penis, eg "hey why don't you try that On My Gigantaur")
  • Original Midget Gangbang (Famous Hentai for Wapanese)
  • Octopus Mongling Guru


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