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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Can you tell the difference?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (otherwise known as OCD) is psychological quirk which causes the victim to self-destructively repeat routine actions like washing, dusting, grinding, checking Facebook, touching his or her dirty parts several times a minute or replying to a troll who is baiting the obsessive-compulsives in a discussion group by answering all posts with misspelled non sequiturs printed in several colors and fonts. OCD is the main force that holds most Wikis together (as well as many other parts of the internet).

As A Ploy For Attention[edit]

OCD - Obnoxious Cunt Disorder.jpg

 Much like Asperger's Syndrome, OCD is frequently used in self-diagnoses by attention whores. In modern filmography (fucking Monk), certain character quirks are often accounted for by OCD (among other disorders), because the writers are usually too lazy to concoct an actual back story. You do not have OCD.

Actual Diagnosed Patients[edit]

It mostly manifests in compulsive routines and rituals, possibly a result of being raised Catholic or as a result of child abuse... although quantifiable those are basically one in the same. Like all mental illness it's seemingly more prominent in women than men, mostly as a result of men keeping their psychological weaknesses on the down low so as not to look like a bitch titted cuck case. Where as women tend to carry their baggage around like a badge of bravery, demanding pity pats and praise for how strong they are in the face of their debilitating first world problem.

You might have OCD if...[edit]

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Things That Irritate People With OCD About missing Pics
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See Also[edit]

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