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Not that kind of razor

Occam's Razor is a principle in logic that states that the simpler solution is usually the right one. It is not a hard and fast rule. All it does is suggest that if a theory or idea requires too many impossible or difficult scenarios to happen for it to be true, then it is most likely incorrect.
An example of this would be one person arguing that ancient Egyptians had some basic understandings of physics, engineering and trigonometry that allowed them to discover techniques to build the pyramids and a retard crying out that it was aliens that built them.
By the rule, the first example would be considered right, or more so, the better example because it requires a simpler burden of proof, as other cultures have discovered these skills on their own, it is plausable that Egyptians could have as well.
On the other hand, the second has such a high burden of proof, for starters you have to prove that aliens exist, have been to Earth and most difficult, they owned construction companies that specialized in making triangles out of 20 ton square stones. This isalready difficult to prove but put together become nearly impossible to prove as a plausable scenario for how the pyramids got built and why everyone is pointing their finger and laughing at the assburger fucktard that even suggested it.

Where you will most likely see Occam's Razor come up[edit]

When a butthurt Crybaby is making a last ditch attempt at looking clever to try and save some face for your destroying their Cryptozoology post with a simple thing called logic. They will most likely respond with something like, "It's always the simplist answer with your kind. I hope you don't cut yourself on Occam's Razor.

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