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No necked gremlin giving his natural screech.

YouTube Favicon.png OfficialGATG (AKA Andrew Stout) is a monotone ranter known for his Tl;dw worthy rant videos that are known to go after the same targets as every other ranter. Didn't have enough watching Gineriella rant about Blood on the Dance Floor and Onision?

Don't worry, Stoutmeister is here to repeat the same fucking points that this dried up prune has already made and somehow make them even more uninteresting by stretching out the point for over 50 fucking minutes. If that wasn't sleep inducing enough, his attempts at originality are boring enough to even deter his own friends from watching his videos all the way through.



Stoutmeister (yes, Andrew actually calls himself this among other cringey nicknames) made his start here on YouTube by making Reaction videos and rants on Justin Bieber with one of his Autistic friends who dresses up in a Ghostface mask. Remarkably; people actually gave a shit about the videos he was making so this gave him an excuse to push into further endeavours and in turn more lulzy hypocrisy.

Such as, going after Reply Girls by dressing up in what is most likely a family relatives bra to really drive the point home at how he doesn't like them. His reasons for disliking them are the same reasons that every other person who has ever ranted on them ever has ever said: They're stupid, they only get attention by showing off their boobs. So to retort, Andrew fights fire with fire.

Somehow his Autistic reaction videos done with his internet buddies are (apparently to him) more interesting than these reply girls because him and his friends don't resort to showing their tits, instead finding other views to abuse the YouTube algorithm while calling out these reply girls who doing the exact same fucking thing that he himself does.

Andrew also doesn't account for the fact that dressing up in his mother's bra on the internet to combat girls with big cleavage that disgust Andrew is also the same thing MrRepzion did to go against reply girls. Not only is Stout hypocritical, he's also an unoriginal plagiarist - something he claims to be against.


Aside from making hypocritical videos that anyone and their mother could point out as exactly that, when he does like to steal video ideas from other people he likes to make the video length 10x the duration of the video he's stealing. This comes with having an inflated head off being born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and seeming to think of himself as a fucking genius. Due to an abysmal real life he compensates by droning onto his subscriber base because he loves the sound of his own voice.

Despite no one outside of himself thinking that, it leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth - including his fans/friends who watch his videos out of pity. This is provable as many of his friends have agreed with people who have went against him and even said they can't bother to sit through his droning nonsense.

Unless you're RanterInShades, who loves Stoutmeister's content and has admitted to cracking out all his snacks to indulge into his videos.

A one hour rant: Watch at your own risk.

A snore inducing 30+ minute response to a girl who trolled him.


For such a swollen headed person it's easy to see there's nothing in it as the most minor criticism can pop his ego and cause him to pedal into defensive mode to protect himself from the people who say mean things about him. For example, teenagers who say that his YouTube channel is irrelevant or 50 year old cuckholds that call him a methhead cause him to flip his shit and passive aggressively handle the situation with a shitton of forced humour and desperate attempts to show to the people he's going against that he really doesn't care and to prove that he sends out millions of passive aggressive smiley face/love heart emojis to show them he doesn't care by handling the situation the same way a 16 year old girl would handle being criticised.

An eight minute video, done by a teenager, to explain why OfficialGATG is irrelevant.

Over 6 times the length of the OP video proving the kid's point by making a boring response video.

OfficialGATG's parodying FunWithLogic, to act unphased.

How Stout Deals With Trolls[edit]

It's no surprise that with the way he responds to teenagers and fat cucks making fun of him that he'd be even worse at handling trolls. One person he always finds himself unfortunately running into is a person called Marbles: Goes by the name "Devilsfoodcake69. Marbles first started calling out OfficialGATG for doing a painfully forced video on the topic of someone in Lost prophets raping a baby, and still doing a poor job at sounding genuine in being upset/mad. Naturally after seeing this video, he takes it to Facebook to share the video by pretending that he doesn't care when it's ever so clear that he does. So Marbles returns by doing a follow up video to fan the flames.

The video that initially rustled GATG's jimmies.

A response giving a rebuttal to GATG and his fanbase.

Because OfficialGATG is a fucking retard he ends up getting into round two with this guy out to bait him. Marbles responds to one of his videos addressed to Kanye West: A seven minute video, cheaply edited in Movie Maker. To respond, OfficialGATG brings backup with his enraged bipolar manchild friend YouTube Favicon.png someguy827 to do a forty minute response video where basic jokes fly over their head due to their condition and lots of hilarious anger from his friend someguy827. This is because Marbles was one of the many people to release two videos of someguy827 verbally abusing his wife. So they both go on an aggressive tirade about how Marbles is actually the horrible person. Someguy827 ends up overstaying his welcome and turns the situation around to himself, as usual.

Marbles doing his seven minute video against OfficialGATG.

A video near five times the length of Marbles original video.

Damage Control[edit]

Last Thursday, OfficialGATG made a piss poor video on the Brock Turner situation. In the video he did a collaboration with one of the many girls he is friends with Andrew has tied up in his basement who he forced to collaborate with. Both Andrew and the very forgettable collab partner basically said there wasn't enough evidence for this self confessed rapist to really be guilty. Interestingly; for someone against being Feminazis playing the victim card, both Andrew and his collaborating victim did exactly that.

Both claiming that while there isn't enough evidence to believe the victims in the Brock Turner situation - there is enough evidence to believe Andrew and his female friend victim were actually raped in the past. After Coughlan666 did a video responding to Andrew, and one of Coughlan's friends doing a video on him he got very emotional and claimed in a hissy fit video that he was taken out of context.

Coughlan's response to OfficialGATG's video on Brock Turner.

Coughlan's friend, Marbles, weighing in on the situation as well.

OfficialGATG's pathetic attempt at damage control.

Skype Confrontation[edit]

Due to Andrew's utter retardation he thought it'd be a good idea to join a call with the person he's been making passive remarks about and getting into flack with. Unfortunately for him, the call was recorded. In it consists Andrew venting about Emery Bowman for talking over him, Marbles getting him unprepared on the topic of the Brock Turner drama, evading questions and reluctantly accepting defeat. As you can tell by the end, the unedited call was around the same length as an average OfficialGATG video; The call had since been condensed to a finer 10 minutes.

Health Problems[edit]

For some reason, Andrew feels that the internet is a good place to unleash all of his personal problems that he encounters. Including the fact that he suffered from a kidney stone ... nuff' said.

Drama With Brooklyn[edit]

Despite Andrew making the dubious claim that he doesn't want this drama to be out there, he surely does do a good job at trying to repel it by telling anyone who inquires (including his enemies), as he believes anyone deserves to know ... but don't go leaking it, fellers! The drama that went down was OfficialGATG was friends with benefits with Brooklyn Taylor a fat whore who sucks the cock of any ranter desperate enough and aims to fuck every ranter. Although, Andrew found out this slut was also a basket case filled with daddy issues and problems in the open relationship she was in.

Her cuck-hubby, John Taylor, was abusive according to her and would say that she was a bitch. So to combat she would break down crying in a Facebook group Andrew made for his friends to console each other from his mean words and try to get her help. As much as you can through the internet. Then she pulls a random 180 and starts dating Andrew's fat, greasy, Indian friend Saket Kumar and decides to turn him into her rebound cuck-material, but claiming to be in a monogamous relationship. She and Saket promptly click the banhammer on Andrew and slowly but surely lose all their friends. Despite no one but Andrew caring, he will be sure to yammer on about it for as long as a typical OfficialGATG video lasts, so please be warned if you go to ask him about it.

Obese Cunt[edit]

Compare his weight to the skinny lady he's paired with.

After getting rejected by the lady known for cucking all of her partners he decided: Who needs women, amirite? And decided to swallow all of the women that he asked out that promptly rejected him. Andrew's big head was very swollen at the time of concocting this idea but it had something to do with evening the weight between his giant slumped head.

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