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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Olinkalex, Asperger's Activist
Alex is easily confused by things like "hi" and "time"
Typical case of Terrible Liar. Notice how his evil half is part black person.

Olinkalex is your typical 16 year old teenager. With one exception, he is diagnosed with Asperger's, and breasts. When not masturbating to cartoons and playing it off as his "half autistic" side acting up, he can be found listening to musics that don't irritates him. Some of his favorite musics include: Linkin Park, Bowling for Soup, All American Rejects, and the sound of his mother crying herself to sleep. Check out his music videos that he made in, "paints," so you can understand that even people with Asperger's can do everyday things like waste bandwidth and listen to bad music.

"In My Mind"

In an effort to explain to, "people like you," the social hurdles and problems people with Asperger's face, Alex created this video presumably in a classroom he broke into, because the sped rooms usually have padding on the walls. Note the imaginative illustrations he created in "paints."

Memorable Quotes

But its really hard to probably understand the mind of somebody who has Asperger’s. Cause even though we can communicate with you people, we are not fully 100% exactly we can communicate.


—At least that's true.

Since we look or behave exactly like you, sometimes when we act in our autistic way, it just seems like what you can’t really understand us.


—Failing to understand there's something wrong with him.

What actually makes it difficult for me is about going through school, as in I think I might have friends but I don’t know if they really are my friends.


—They're not.

I get headaches from loud noises, and um and some people always think that when I’m talking to them about please stop making bad loud noise, please stop singing, they think I’m probably making an excuse. The truth is I’m not, because 'people who have Asperger's are terrible liars.


—Lying his ass off.

Usually people move forward through time as in they grow up and get mature, but most of cases I go backwards.


—On discovering time travel.

Now what sometimes gives me a problem as well, is in fact reading, as in, I can’t read. I can read, as in I can read a word, and uh, but, I can’t understand the word.


—Books are too difficult for my highly-advanced asspie brain.

But, if I learn through television and the picture or the puzzle fits the table. So in most cases people say books are good for you and TV rots your brain. But its the opposite to me.


I am too thick to read and prefer to watch television.

Now one thing I do have to say, is there if there was an antidote to Asperger’s, I will not take it, because I will not get rid of what makes me who I am.


—Once again proving that having autism does not actually exist.

So I do appear to fit in, but not exactly, and really it makes me hard that it happens like that.


—He gets boners from being rejected (See below for details)

I hope is that because of this video and I showed you the way I learn and how I express how I feel, is that you guys can probably understand me much better and actually treat people with Asperger’s as equally and give probably more respect to and treat them right and not consider them to be just plain old people who want to get what they want. And maybe i'll finally know, and actually have a break once in awhile.


—In My Mind ...

"Sweet-natured Asspie Seeks Slave ..."

File:Olinkalex bondage 1.PNG
Also failing to realise S&B usually involves something gross happening to the body.

Recently Olinkalx has joined the S&M crowd on the hunt for a slave who will do anything and everything for him - because of his autism. Unfortunately he has listed himself as Dominant, failing to realise that women who seek real men don't want to help him learn how to read or change his diaper.

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