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Information icon.png Message from XILD: OneLessGod is not connected to the Internet. He has moved and must ride, by flying-monkey-powered bicycle, three hours to get to the Internet Cafe to communicate. I have also stupidly been calling him and he's been "watching" videos over the phone through me. I've probably run up a bill of hundreds of dollars doing this before getting on a long-distance calling plan (I'm stupid about long-distance calls until recently). ???Xcuse Me WHAT!!!!!!!!!!??
OneLessGod converts pdoeman to the A.S.U Movement
OneLessGod is going to murder all Xtians on YouTube, as well as all the moderate atheists and agnostics

OneLessGodFedora icon.png is a very frightening and dangerous man who scares this young man shitless. OneLessGod is part of the breakaway revolutionary movement Atheist Scum United (ASU) who formed because the laughably serious YouTube Atheist Movement was not serious enough.

It has been suggested by some that this communal wankfest is simply a comic parody on a group who takes themselves too seriously. OneLessGod, together with ASU figurehead TheAmazingAtheist cybersex plaything Xild combat this using typical internet tough guy tactics like CAPSLOCK, making physical threats on the internets and calling their detractors "prissy pants".

OneLessGod is a firm believer that the insult "prissy pants" will stop any man (especially Brett Keane) in their tracks.

OneLessGod is a Jew but chose his username because he believes in one less god than Christians, Muslims, and the few of his fellow Jews who believe in Yahweh instead of just Mammon and tribal identity.

Xild: ASU Breaking News - We don't care that OnelessGod is a Psycho he watches youtube videos through long distance video phone calls to me until he gets his internetz back!!!

YouTube's Murderous and Psychopathic Atheist[edit]

OneLessGod enjoys the company of fellow extremists

OneLessGod, a 37 year Dutch man, is currently frightening and spoiling the party of the already too serious YouTube Atheist Movement. OneLessGod guarantees that YouTube atheists will never meet up IRL as they are all petrified that he will murder them - a justifiable fear considering he is a murderous psychopath that puts TheRedSkull to shame. OneLessGod typically vlogs in an incoherent and dead-pan manner; the comprehension of his vlogs is further hampered by the fact that his microphone (even though he uses a geek-favored headset) picks up strangely large amounts of static that is probably attributable to the excess electricity (enough to power a small African community) that is buzzing around his bald and oddly-shaped head.

The Atheist Scum United Movement[edit]

Xild - YouTube Atheism is Serious Fucking Business
OneLessGod relaxes at home.

The purpose of Atheist Scum United, who see themselves as the Black Panthers of the YouTube Atheism Movement, is to take YouTube Atheism MOAR SERIOUSLY. Their neckbearded and obese figurehead TheAmazingAtheist (who lives at home in his mother's garage with his camera-shy younger brother) together with his 40 year old cybersex buddy Xild set up the A.S.U with OneLessGod to reject the "idiotic" idea of rationally discussing atheism with theist friends in a friendly manner, and replace it with extreme and militant tactics that seem to revolve around making frightening aggressive and unintentionally lulzy serious videos with the sole purpose of enabling OneLessGod and other atheists to be able to openly admit being an atheist.

It is not unreasonable to assume that OneLessGod's violent attack on pdoeman's mild-mannered dinner party chat about atheism is motivated by OneLessGod's jealousy of pdoeman's capability of having polite conversation with his theist friends. OneLessGod has said that he is too frightened to openly admit his atheism to his boss and cannot have conversations with his theist friends because he has murdered them.

One can concur from the fact that the Atheist Scum United was set up to enable OneLessGod and other atheists to be able to openly admit that being an atheist in the 21st century is like being gay in the 1950s.


TheAmazingAtheist - " - Double A's YouTube Channel

Xild - " TheAmazingAtheist's Cyber-Sex Plaything (Closed)

OneLessGod - A.S.U's Murderous Psychopath

HardCaseOwnsYou - the A.S.U's fallen prophet HardCaseOwnsYou deleted his YouTube videos days after his life spun dangerously out of control after he discovered his ED article (to which he made a 28 minute rebuttal). Combined with the cyber fatigue he suffered following his draining cyber-sex sessions with the insatiable and ever-horny Xild, the strain was simply too much.

Notably Unintentionally Lulzy A.S.U Videos[edit]

<center>OneLessGod will give you nightmares</center>
<center>Xild takes YouTube a little too seriously</center>
<center>TheAmazingAtheist's clarion call to atheists</center>
<center>OneLessGod scares this young man shitless</center>


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